Monday, February 20, 2012

Obama's Theology of Leftist Ideology: Obama Is Not a Christian (Rick Santorum: Guest Hero--for Calling Leftist Ideology a Religion)

"Global warming' is a RELIGON (with a THEOLOGY--ee Al Gore). This blog has explained why for the entire tieme this blog has been in existence (8 years or so, in one placce or another). The "global warming" religion is complete with HERESY, and teh equivalent of burning witches at the stake for going against the orthodoxy of that religion. It is no accident that Al Gore called "global warming" not just a scientific issue, but a MORAL and SPIRITUAL issue. You may not blieve he said that, but I posted a blog article IMMEDIATELY (because I really could not believe it), and I can assure you he did say it. What more evidence do ou need that there is a THEOLOGY on the left, and that President Obama is one of its high priests. Yes, this article is about the mainstream media DISTORTION (deliberate--being the lying hypocrites that they are) of the perfectly reasonable assertion by Rick Santorum that leftist ideology is a kid of theology--a theology totaly independent of the great religions of tehe world. Again, this blog has told ou that for years. I am an agnostic. I outght to know. No, Santorum did NOT say that Obama is not a Christian, and this blog has talked about leftist theology long before I came to the conclusin that Obama is not a Chrisitan. That is MY conclusion, and what Santorum said cannot reasonably be construed that way.

I have a B.S. in physics from New Mexico State University--although I never really worked as a physicist, outside of a "go-op" semester at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque. My actual career wsa in law, with a J.D. degree from The University of Texas School of Law (with high nonors, which was also true of my undergraduate degree in physics). I mention the degree in physics, because I want you to understand that I am fully aware of what "science" is all about (the HARD sciences, and not the social sciences infested with the RELIGION of leftist idology), "Science" is a PROCESS--not a body of "knowledge" ruled by a priesthood. Science is all about SKEPTICISM, which means CHALLENGING "orthodoxy" at every opportunity, to TEST the validity of hypotheses and theories. That is the exact OPPOSITE of the RELILGION of "global warming". Is there some element of "science" lurking in the RELIGION of "global warming"? Sure there is. IT si POSSIBLE that such a thing as "man-made global warming" exists, on some relatively small scale, but every PREDICTION of the RELIGION of "global warming" has proved FALSE (the death knell for a true scientific theory). By now, the ice caps were supposed to have MELTED. Sea levels were suposed to be on their way to rising 12 feet, and flooding coastal areas around the world. The Himalayn glaciers were supposed to be melting to noting. Ski resorts in the U.S were supposed to be going broke. Ever more powerful hurricanes were supposed to be devastating the U.S. EVERY YEAR (there not being a turly bad year since Katrina, hich itself was not that powerful a storm, with the main damage coming from teh levee failure around New Orleans). Yet, any HINT of SKEPTICISM about the outrageous claims of the RELIGION of "global warning" has been met with cries of HERETIC (in effect). Cotton Mather could not have been much worse in his sermons on witchcraft, and scientists who have had the nerve to question the religious orthodoxy of "global warming" have suffered the equivalent of being burned at the stake (figuratively speaking, without intending to eqate attmepted creer assassination with physical torture and murder). And "global waming" high priests have been CAUGHT fudging their dataa, with their claims turning out to be vastly exaggerated (if not tottally false).

Nevertheless, this RELIGION of "global warming", which has nothing to do with "sicence"--being the very OPPOSITE of "science--has been used by high priests like Gore and Obama to try to DESTROY our industrial civliation. Obama has conducted a WAR ON OIL, as he has conducted a war on religions who do not advance his leftist ideology/theology,. Obama, as Liarl-in-Chief has said what absolutely everyone knows is false: that he has encourged lthe production of more oil in and around this country. The Keystone Pipeline is only the most obvious item in this Obama war on oil, along with that ridiculous MORATORIUM on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, even in the face of Federal court orders. Even now, it is like uling teeth to get an aCTUAL PERMIT for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Then you have things like ethanol, the subsidy of whcih has taken FOOD out of the mouths of the poor and hungry. Did I just telly you that Obama and environmentalists have KILLED losts of people with their RELIGION of "global warming"? yep. that is exactly lwhat I just told you. The present skyrocketing price of FOOD (and BEER) is solely the result of Obama policies---especially the policies resulting from the RELIGION of "blobal warming".

Notice taht all of the above has NOTHING to do--aside from the singel reference to my own correct conclusoin that Obama is not a Christian--with "social issues'. You would not know it from CNN (The Liar Network),, or even the unfair and unbalanced network. I saw CNN run a clip of Santorum talking aobut the THEOLOGY of leftist ideology as if that ewere an example of how Santorum is all about "social issues'> Hogwash. This RELIGION/THEOLOGY of "global warmign" is threatening to DESTROY the economyhy of this country , If you can't pay for gasoline this summer, it will be largely because of this RELIGION/THEOLOGY. CN LIED. They said this had nothing to do with the eocnomy (Santorum's assertion that leftist ideology is a religin, when it does not have the foundation of the great religions of the world based on personal and spiritual conduct. Contrary to Al Gore, and probably Obama, "globla warming" has NOTHING to do with "spiritual" and "morral' issues. The core of religion is reliance on FAITH, and not REASON. However, FAITH is not appropriate for things that are supposed to be gased on REASON (such as science, and the SKEPTICISM of the scientific method). Leftist Ideology is all about EMOTHION and FAITH in the gods of the left, like Big Government). What is the invariable response to the latest failure of CENTRAL PLANNING? Right. MORE CENTRAL PLANNEING by ever bitgter and more powerful government. As this blog has repeatedly told--and shown--you, the idea that you can "run' the econmy with CENTRAL PLANNING has been proven false in BOTH theory and practice. When you ingore that, you are in the realm of RELIGION/THEOLOGY. This has NOTHING to do with "social issues", and CNN LIED when it tried to assert that Santorum was proving himself all aboutg social issues. What CNN is doing, of course, is what this blog PREDICTED it would do (along with the rest of the left, including the rest of the mainstream media): Ignore whatever Santorum says on the economy, and eve DISTORT things like this reference to leftist theology, and quote ONLY those things Santorum says which relate--in CNN's view--to "social issues'. This, itself, is a kind of LIE--appropriate for The Liear Network.

Oh, is abortin a RELIGION for Planned Parenthood? How can you doubt it? Palnned Parenthood has always supported NO RESTRICTIOS on aboriton UP TO THE MOMENT OF BIRTH (as is also true of high priest Obama). Even my FEMINST older daugher, who voted for Obama, cannot stomach this positin There is NO scientific or moral doubt that the SAME creature exists one second berfore and one second after the cutting of the umbilical cord. Did I jsut say that Planned Parenthood favors LEGAL INFANTICIDE> Of course I did, and so does Barack Obama. What do ou think "partial birth abortion" was all about? Note that this is apart from abortion in general. My older daughter wants to go to the idea thqat it depends on how old the fetus is--ignoring that there is NO point on the lifeline of a human being, before birth, at which you can say that there is a DIFFERENT creature on one side onf that point than on the other side. But that is why my own position, agnostic though I am, is that ALL abortions are the moral equivalent of infanticide. That is NOt what I am referring to when I say that Planned Parenthood is a RELIGIIOUS/THEOLOGICAL organization. When you are willing to ignore the obvious scientific fact that the cuttin of an umbilical cord does NOT change the nature of the creature you are dealing with, you are a RELIGIONS, FANATIC organization with no interest in reasoned argument. Yep. That is true of Barack Obama, as well, who has been on the same page with Planned Parenthood all of his career. You might argue that this, alone, means that Barack Obama is NOT a "Christian", as most people understand that eterm, but Santorum does not make that asssertion. I DO make that assertion, but not based on abortoin alone.

Obama is NOT a Christian. Here, I have left Santorum, who has consistently said that Obama is a Christian, in favor of telling you the TRUTH. Now I have said--as I must, since I am an agnostic and can hardly tell ou that such a qulity "disqualifies" someone from being Preisdent--that the details of a person's religoin should NOT be a "political issue" (short of a belief in human sacrifice or the like). But the anti-Christian hypocrites of CNN, and Obama himself, are lperfectly willing to make religoin an issue in politics. For example, the HYPOCRITGES--the worst hypocrites to ever waalk the Earth, on towo legs or four--at CNN were perfectly wiling to make an ISSUE of Sarah Palin having once been a member of a church which is part of that Christian sect that sometimes" speaks in tongues' (despite no evidence that Paline ever did that, but he EFIL here from the eFIL peole at CNN is that it is an "issue' if Palin HAD olled on the floor and spoken in tongues). I tis CNN, and the rest of the media, who have made an ISSUE out of Romney's Mormon faith. It is really CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media, who want to make an ISSUE out of Santorum's faith (the DETAILS of this faith, and how he really eblieves it--which they DO NOT, and do not believe that Obama believes his faith, whatever he ven professes it to be). Notice the PASS that Obama gets here, DELIBERATELY (liears and hypocrites all). Obama has NO specific religion. His ONLY specific religion has been the DISCERDITED "religion" of Revernd Wright. Obama simply claims to be a "generic Christian", without having to "defend" ANY specific "beliefs" (even the specific beliefs that might be expected of a generic Christian, such as--dare I say--the qquestin of whether the Theory of Evolutin FULLY EXPLAINS the development of human beings on this planet). CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media, are perfectly willing to make relgion an ISSUE for the GOP. That is EVIL. No, it is NOT TURE thant Santorum, and other GOP candidates, ordinarily make the DETAILS of religon an "issue'. It is NOT Santorum how has made Romney's Mormonism an issue. That is mainly people in the media, such as the aP write--in 2008--who put out that EVIL story about how Romney's great-grandfather was a POLYGAMIST (as was, probalby, Obama's grandfatherJ). Sure., Santorum, and GOP candidates, will emphasie their FAITH, but that is exactly the point. OBAMA is emphasizing HIS FAITH, when he thinks it is to his advantage to do so. And the mainstream media is doing so, as well, even though they would not--almsot all of them--know a "Christina" if one bit them on the ass. Waht they see in Obama is a person LIKE THEM, who does not really beieve in any religion at all. What business is it of the media whether Rick Santorum, Netw Gingrich, or an other GOP olitician "blelives" Barack Obama is a "Christian". Why should they have an opinion, one way or another. This, again, is an EviL attempt to suggest that it is up to GOP candidates to TELL peoople what Obama's faith is. A person's faith should NOT be an "issue' in a political campaign, but neither should a person's "opnion" of ANTHER CANDIDATE'S faith be a factor in a political campaign. That is what I wuld say, if I were a candidate. However, I agree--for once--that Santorum cnnot say that. Free advice to Santorum: Do NOT get in the positin of calling people who do NOT blelive Obama is a Chisrtian--like me--names. Simply say that eveyrone is entitle dto their own opinion, and tit is really imossible to know fully wat a person really believes. The details of a person's religious beliefs simply should not be an issue in campaigns, BUT a person's POLICY toward religin SHUOLD be an issue in political campaigns. That is what Santourm should say, and he should segue from that into a criticism of Obama's WAR ON THE CRHISTIAN RELIGION (or parts of it). Santorum should say this; I don't care if Preisdent Obama is the most devout Christian, in his heart, who ever lieved. His POLICIES aer what matter, and his polcies (as is true of his policies on non-religious issues) are ANTAGONISTIC to religions with whom Obama does not agree.

Bill Maher and I agree that Obama is a "scular humanist" (although I am still interested in someone telling me whether Merh has ever BAKCKED off of his comment that Obama is nto a Christian, as I suspect he has, since I don't follow Bill Maher and the media is not interested in pusing him on this issue). For Bill Maher, "secular humanism" is definitely a RELIGION. Bill Maher makes a RELGION aout of being anti-religioius (as I do not). Did I not say above it is an EvIL thing to make the details of a person's religon, or lack of religoin, an "issue' in a political campaign (wich is NOT the same thing as saying that a voter is perfectly free to vote for a person who he or she thinks shares his religioous beliefs, and that a canddiate is free to talk about his personal faith, without attacking the faith of other candidates)? Yes, I said that. But WHO is making Obama's relgion specifically an ISSUE in this campaign? Right. It is the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, and Obama himself, who are EMPHASIZING the LIE that Obama is a believing Christian. I am not a Christian. I don not turn the other cheek. Thus, if CNN and the rest are gong to MAKE religion an issue, I am perfectly willing to DISCUSS my conclsuions on Obama's relgion (or lack thereof).

Can a person leave "by their Creator" otu of his qutoing of the Declaration of Independence, TWIOCE, and still be religious at all> I don't thinks to. Can a person say, as Obama did in San Francisco, that small town America "clings to their guns and their relgion, while takng out their frustratins on people different from themselves" (paraphrase, but pretty much Obama's wrods), and seill be a Christian? I don't think so. Can a religious person, much less a Christian, firtst issue REGULALTINS telling Cathlics lthat they canot folow their religioin on providing health care to employees, and then announce that the problem of "consicence' is "sovled" because teh ORDER (so much for freedom) will be to insurance companeis and not to the religgious employers themselves, and still be a Christina. I KNOW that you cannot even be religious and take that kind of positni. YOu don't UNDERSTAND religius "conscienece" (as Nancy Pelosie said, but this lbog PROVED long ago that Nacy Pelosi is a THEOLOGICAL leftist who does not beliecvve in any religon). Obama has NO understanding of a ture religious conscience (See "A Man for all Seasons"--obviously not about the GOP). That is because Obama does nto have one. As Bill Maher and I agree, Obama is NOT A CHRISTIAN, but a secular humanist. Both Maher and I should know, since neither of us believe in religion (although I am a SKEPTIC of my own non-belief, while Maher is INTOLLERANT of other views, like Obama).

Okay. Obama is not a Christian. The assertin he is is an orchestrated lie by both Obama and the mainstream media. But you want to know what I mean when I say I am a TRUE SKEPTIC. I am of the school of the Roman philosopher Lucian (see Will Duran'ts "Caesar and Christ"). Lucian was a SKEPTIC, but a skeptic not only of religion but of his own skepticism. To me, that is the only TRUE skepticism. Readers of this blog know that I hav estrong opinions, and that I am smarter than the average bear. Further, this blog has an audited accuracy reating of 99.9%. It has been FOREVER since this blog was shown to be wrong about any material thing. Still, I am open to the POSSIBILITY that I can be WRONG, even about my skepticism. Is ti POSSIBLE that there is a Christian God who is the SOURCE of all goodness in the universe, and that there is a LACK in me that prevents me from opening my heart to that God? Of course it is possible. It is entirely possible that believing Christians (not Obama) are right and that my very skepticism is wrong because it prevents me from opening my mind and heart to the Goodness behind the whole universe. That is why I respect people who TRULY BELIEVE in a religion. I don't much respect peole who jsut profess to "believe" for covenience, or self-interst (see Obama and the fictional Elmer Gantry). By the way, "journalists"should STOP askng religiouis questions--whether of GOPP candidates or Democratic cnadidates. Nothing about the "Theory of Evolution". Nothing aobut whether "homosexuality is a sin". Nothing aobut whether even abortin is a SIN (the questin being whether it is INFANTICIDE, however ou arrrive at that conclusion). Nothing about whehter Mormonism is a Christian religin. Nothing aobut whehter OTHER candidates beliecvve Obama is a Christian, or whehtr Mormonism is a Chrisitan religin. Notnig about whether the Bible is the literal Wordof God. Nothing aobut whether you enganged in premarital sex, in violation of your religin (as Sixty Minutes asked Mitt Romney, in another EVIL moment in a mainstream media recent history full o fthem).

But what does a cndidate do about INTERNET attacks? My own advice is to IGNORE them. I am perfectly fine with a candidate. like either Romney or Obama OR Santorum, gong out and saiing that a POLITICAL campaign should not be about the DETAILS of a person's religin, or lack of one, but about POLICY (including policy toward eligion, such as on the issue of religious conscience). Obama has NO BUSINESS going out trying to PROVE he is a "Christian" (especailly since it is surely a LIE). The media has no business PUSHING the idea that Obama is definitely a Christian. Wo says? Obama? the Meida, of course, wantst to BOLSTER this with INTIMIDATIN---"making" GOP politicans DEFEND OBAMA'S RELGION, and even trying to make them attack their own voters. GOP politicians should NOT fal into this trap. STAND UP to the media, for once. It is NONE OF OYYOUR BUSINESS WHETHER OBAMA IS A CHRISITAN, or whether people believe he is noot a Christian or not. There is no infallible "test" fasto whether Obama really believes in a "real" Christian religin. It is absurd to ask the opinion of OTHERS on a subject that can NEVER be conclusevely proven one way or another (absent another "private" tape where Obama admits he is NOT a Christian--it NEVER being possible to "prove" he IS a "Christian".

You can see I am perfectly willing to discuss religin, and you can expect this headline to recur until November (alnog with many other headlines about relign): Obama is NOT a Christian. 95% certain. Bill Maher and I should know.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). No, there was NOTHING wrong with what Snantorum said, which had nothing to do with whether Obama is a Christian, and I hpe Santorum does not get too defensive about it. I am TIRED of GOP/conservative candidates being INTIMIDATED by the PROPAGANDISTS of CNN and the rest of the mainstream media. Waht, by the way, if Newt Gingrich said something like what I say in this article, and actually came out and said that-kn his opinion--Obama is NOT a Christian. I would love it. I mention Gingrich because he has little to lose. Santourm will never do it, and for god reason. I really don't think Gingrich will. Bt it is one of those things that woululd make my year: for gingrich to say what he has ALREADY said aobut Obama's war on the Christina religin, and folow it up with the statement that he does not see how such a person., with such olitices, can be a Christian (unless, maybe, he jsut hass no understanding of what being a Christian is all aobut). Oh, do I believe that BELIEVING Christians should vote for Obama? Nota chance. But that has nothing to do with whether Obama is a Christian, and everyything to do with the POLICY ANTAGONISM Obama has shown toward Chrisitan religions. I do think Christians would be well advised to vote for ME. Tis last statment--the idea that I might ever run for office--is enough to cause heart attacks and screams of horror. That is why I like to throw it in from time to time. My brother--the pharmacist in the Dallas area-still remembers the leftist students at the University of Texas at Austin FOAMING AT THE MUTH because of letters/articles ublished in The Daily Texan abkc around 1971. My younter brother and I were there at the same tie (he in pharmacy school and me in the School of Law).

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