Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bailout Ben Bernanke: The Worst Failure in the History of World Finance (Wall Street: The Stupidest People on Earth)

Thgis blog likes to pioint out from time to time that Bailout Ben Bernanke is an "emperor without clothes".  Wall Street--CNBC says this every day--thinks he has "their back".  And, in a sense, I guess he doess Bailout Ben has made sure to "bail out" (why do you think he is known as "Bailout Ben") the BIG BBANKS (here, and all over the world) and WALL STREET.  In fact, Bailout Ben is "proud" of making sure that the stock market does reasonably well--lol, as if it makes sense for the Federal REserve to concentrate on "saving" a computer gaming casino.

Meanwhile, Bailout Ben PRESIDED over the Great Recession: the worst recession since the Great Depression.  Only this blog tells you that Ben Bernanke wa appoin nmted Fed Chairman in relatively early 2006. He did NOTHING to help us avoid the Great Recession. He was THERE for ALL of the relevant time, when things could have been done.  He did NOTHING. 

Then what did Bailout Ben do?  You know this one.  He bailked out Wall Street (the very worst message he could have give these Stupidest People on Earth), and has KEPT bailing them out EVERY DAY since the original bailouts.  Youi may not realize it, becaluse this blog is the only cource that really tells yuor directly--without sugar coating--but Fed policy has concentrated on BAILING UT banks and Wall Street every single day since the "financial" crisis".  By no coincidence at all, Bailout Ben has made a "real recovery" IMPOSSIBLE.  Thus, and this is objective FACT, Ben Bernanke has presided over the WORST RECOVERY since the Great Depression.  Tell me, if you darem, taht the headline is wrong. Asserting powers that no other Fed Chariman has asserted, Ben Bernanke presided over BOTH the Great Recession, and the WORST RECOVERY from any recession since the Great Depression.  Remember, the Fed had no such "powers"--these 'bailout" powers that Bernanke has asserted, or even the more modest powers previuos Fed chairmmen have had.  Thus, Bailout Ben supposedly had the TOOLS to "control" (really a bad thing) more than any previous Fed chairman, and he has FAILED ABYSMALLY.  Tell me exactly why you think Bailout Ben Bernanke is NOT The Wort Failure in the History of World Finance.  Can't do it, can you?  Yet this is the man wose mere WORDS enable the computer gamers on Wall STreet to "make money" with HYPED RALLIES (lke the one today).

Wall Street is now runing totally on COMPUTER GAIMING HYPE; more, even, than it operated on total fantasy in the late 1920s. The coomputer gamers on Wall Sttreet-economic fascists all, looking for a "partnership" with central bantking and politicians that they can HYPE the way they want--are poenly rooting for Bernanke, and European central bankers and politicians, merely to SAY WORDS that they are going to CONTROL things in such a way that all of tlhe BNAKERS/WALL STREET-TYPE people are ALWEAYS bailed out (no matter what, and no matter what happens to YOU in the future).

Nope, Bailout Ben, you ARE The Worst Failure in the History of World Finance. History will RECORFD you that way.  If historians have ny sense, they will pick up on The Maverick Conservative's name for you:  Bailout Ben Bernanke.  This will be the name historians should use to desciribe the man who DESTROYED the free market economy of the United States, xuch that htere was no way for our economy to recover (without major collapse).  Bailout Ben Bernake wil go down in history as a FAILURE, and  no man deserves it mroe.  The emperor has no clothes.

Yep.  Wall Street is again looking to Ben Bernanke to again tell them that he "has their backs", and will bail them out (no matter what it does, ultimately, to our economy).  These are the three thigs Bailout Ben Bernanke will be known for in history:

1.  The man who did NOTHING as our economy descended into the Great Recessin--the man who can be regarded as the one single man mosst RESPONSIBLE for theGreat Recession.

2.  The man responsible for the worst recovery since the Great Depression.

3.  The man responsible for the WORT ULTIMATE COLLAPSE since the Great Depression ,No. This one has not happened yet, but it will.  It is entirelypossible that Bailuot Ben will go down in history as the man responsible for the SECOND Great Depression .

There is that fourth thing that Bailout Ben will be known for, of curse, but that will be accomplished merely by EVERYONE (not just this blog) rferring to "Bailout Ben". Bailout Ben Bernanke is responsible for this PSYCHOLOGY that The Federal Reserve can CONTROL ur econnmy such as to BAIL OUT ("save") our "financial system' (Wall Street) whenever it is necessary . This is really MORE DANGEROUS than even a second Great Depression:  the idea that CENTRAL PLANNERS can PRINT MONEY, and BAiL OUT the big financial players whenever they need it.  If tthis idea is accepted, it does not matter what IMMEDIATE things happen with ur eccomy.  So long as this "theory" is accepted--so long as the "philosophy" of Bailut Ben rules the world--no  ecnomy can ever avoid disastrous FAILURE. 

Exactly what is it about the RECORD of Bailult Ben that makes you think he can be your "savior"?  Read the above article again if you somehow still tink that Bailut Ben has SUCCEEDED. in AnYTHING, excpet to BAILL OUT bankeers and Wall Street.  (such that they are COUNTING on him to keep doing it)., 

Wall Street computer gamers may HYPE Bailut Ben as their "great savior", for their own urposes. You know the truth:  that Bailut Ben Bernanke is The Worst Failure in the History of World Finance, and still going strong proving it. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  I think Bailut Ben is suposed to "talk" tomorrow, which is what he does best. ignore the talk, and look at his BODY.  You will notice that he does not have on any clothes.  Hacker Boy, in a drive by hackkng:  "Skip, you really are getting totally blind."  Skip:  "Okay, I don't quite mean that literally. Figuratively, however, it is true."   

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