Friday, June 8, 2012

Yahoo: Citizen of the World (Boycott Yahoo and AT&T

Did you doubt my previous article, when I basically told lyou that Yahoo 'News" has made a deliberate choice to "feature" WORLD "news", rather than U.S. "news"?  Yep.  Obama and Yahoo: both "citizens of the world,", along with the family of Cuban dictator Raul Castro (who support Obama on that ground).  Read the prevoius articles no Justin Bieber (lol) and Japan.

What am I talking about?  Well, I am summaring my obversations over MANY MONTHS, and it is getting much worse day by day.  Eric Holder stonewalls Congress on giving guns to Mexican drug cartels?  Not mentioned as a "top story" on Yahoo.  Obama's "ever-expanding kill list", and his campaign to use drones to kill an ever increasing number of people in MANY countries (without trial, of course)?  Won't learn abut it on Yahhoo or AT&T.  The LEAKS form the Obama Administratin--to make Obama look good as to that very "kill list")?  You won't learn about that from Yahoo.  Obama, Time and CNN suddenly realize that Obama COULD LOSE the electin (banner Drudge headline)? ; Won't learn abut that from Yahoo/AT&T.

Just before this was written, there were 7 "top stories" "featured" a onmy Yahoo "News"/AT&T "default" internet "welcome" page, as I sign on.  5 of the stories--really 6--had nothing to do with the United Staets.  The seventh story was about the U.S. APOLOGIZING for Afghan deaths from our air strikes.  In other words, there were ZERO "important" stories from the United States, and it is not like the foreign "news" was that important (or important at all).

There was the story about "Eruo 2012", headlined as "Poland vs. Greece" (to try to make an UNIMPORTANT story seem important, I guess).  There was the story abut Venezuelan "court decisions" "shaking" 2 "msall parties" in Venezuela.  Give me a break.  "Court decisions" are not the real story in Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez rns things.  Naother totallly unimportant story.  There was the usual story about SYRIA.  Yesterday, there wa a NOTHING story headlined:  "Aman blames Syria for failure of peace talks.."  Another "dog bites man" story of NO--I really mean NONE-impportance. If the U.N. guy had "blamed" the REBELS, that might be "news".  As it is, the story was a disgrace to "journalism".  I don't even know what todya's story is (about 4 stories a day on Syria--most of them the same as the previuos ones). Frankly, my eyes glaze over.  Then there was the truly imortant (sarcasm disease recurring) story abut how Bahrain police are trying to contain the biggest protests in WEEKS.  I swear I culd not make this stuff up.  For this to be worth being labeled a "top story", it DAMN well had better have been the worst protests in MONTHS--ready to topple the government.  Then there was the story about Canada "adding" 7,700 jobs in May.  So what?  Even for Canada, that can't be "great news",.  Canada's economy is not THAT small, even if it is much smaller than ours.  This is of course, of NO ssignificance to the people of the United States (unless it fits into some larger patttern NOT mentioned in the headline).  This blog told yu yesterday-in news pretty much ignored by Yahoo/AT&T, that the U.S. is LOSING 380,0000 (gross) jobs PER WEEEK.  No. It does not matter that the 7,700 is "net" jobs.  This is still an INSIGNIFICANT number, in terms of any effect on our economy.  Sorry.  It is nNOT a "top sttory". 

But I realy LOVE the seventh story!!!!!!  That headline read:  "Stocks slip as Fed chief disappoints".  This one is a perfect example of why you should BOYCOTT YAHOO AND AT&T.  I will tell you anything abut them yu need to know--sacrificing for YOU as usual.  This is actualy a REPEAT of a headline LAST EVENING, referring to WROL STOCKS (especailly Asia).  U.S. stocks did "slip" early this morning, but ONLY IN THE FIRST 15 minutes.  Otherwise, U.S. stocks have been UP (because Wall Street is composed of The Stupidest People on Elarth acting totally on momentum, hype and computer programs) ALL DAY.  This headlline, for your information, was on Yahoo "News" at about 2-3 p.m. Eastern time. At the time , the U.S. Dow was UP 64 lpoints, and had been consistently UP since the brief dip at the open.  In one sense, this headline was a straight up LIE.  In another sense, it shows just how focused the desppicable peole of Yahoo "News" are upon the "world" (as "citizens of the world"), and how little they worry abut the USA.  Oh.  You wonder about the AGENDA behind that headline--last night and repeated as a LIE this afternoon?  The agenda is actually the WALL STREET/OBAMA agenda.  Both Wall Street an Obama ("partners" in so many things, including continued bailouts) want Fed Chariman Bailut Ben Bernane to "save the world" by PRINTING MORE MONEY.  Bernanke, yesterday, DISAPPINTED Wall Street and Obama by failing to "commit" to "saving the world" with more bailouts of Wall Strreet, bands here and in Europe, and "stimulus" for the U.S. economy.  Trust me.  That is the agenda bhind that headline, and the "disappointment" with Bailut Ben (who failed to quite live up to his name, although he promised he would "save the day" if he HAD TO). 

There yu have it.  You will have to take my word for it that this is TYPICAL of the type of "top stories" on Yahoo day in and day out.  No wonder I have to rely more and more upon CNN (aside from those on CNN I have ezxiled to the outer darkness), Limbaugh,, Drudge and other sources to get my daily understanding of leftist "talking points".  Yahoo is hardly useful even for that, except to prove the stupidty of this "citizen of the world" mentalitiy.  Again, these stories are simply NOT IMPORTANT. 

I now.  I have no life. But if I did not do this, yo might make the mistake of acutally payng attentin to some of this "journalism'. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  .

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