Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obama and Illegal Immigration: The Most Arrogant President--th eMost Arrogant MAN--Who Has Ever Lived

Roman emperors declared themselves gods, and were not this arrogant. 

Look at what President Obama has done on illegal immigration!!!!  First, Homeleand Security simply STOPPED deporting people--even un nder a depportation order--unless they are "known" "criminals" (of the kind Obama disapporves.  This was eferenced by Justice Scalia,in his dissent, where he "blasted" Prfeisdent Obama for his "deportation stay", and his policies on illeagl immigration.  If you are an illegal immigrant, not actaully CAUGHT at the border, then the Obama Administraton is not going to deport you (even if yu are CAUGHT--so long as it is away from the border, and you are not "cuaght" actually trying to get into the country). That is, you will not be deported unless the OBAMA ADMINISTRREATIN considers you "undesirable".  The law be damned.  (Scalia's dissent being referenced above being his dissent in the Arizona illegal immigration laws case--SEE taht dissent for the criticism ROMNEY shoululd be makng of Obama, but really is not.)

Then there is the "Dream Act"--a POLITICAL PLLOY to try to USE "innocent children" (and the "idea" of "innocent children") tas a lever toward general amnesty.  Obama and Reid couuld not get it passed, mainly because they WAITED TOO LONG pushing ObamaCaer with BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION. Plus, the "Dream Act" was NEVER the goal here: general amnesty is the goal.  But the "Dream Act" became a POLITICAL necessity for Democrats after they SACRIFICED illegal immigratin activists (not Hispanics in general, who do not really want to be treated as if illeal immiggrants DEFINE them, and their concerns) to ObamaCare.  Still, Obama couuld not get it passed.  Leftists,, of course, don't care aboutt he law.  They urged Obama to ignore the law and simply DECLARE the 'Dream Act" to be the "law" (Obama's law).  President Obama, a year ago, said he did not have the authority to do this: to simly declare that Homeland Security act like the "Dream Act" had passed even though Congress had refused to pass it.

Then in the past few weeks, Obama went further into his "I am God--Roman emperor mode (in the inteest of his election, which is all Obama presently cares about), and Obama reversed himself (making this about 100 times he has done that, or maybe 1000, as Obama makes Romney look like a man of steadfast principle in comparison).  Thus, Obama ORDERED Homeland Security to simply treat OBAMA"S VERSION of the "Dream Act" as law.  Obama's version is actually a very strange version, seemingly trying t convince "young people" that he is 'on their side".  Obama's strange version says that an illegal immigrant who came here before age q6 suddenly receives "Obama status" in this country, so long as he or she graduates from high school and is NOT YET e0 yuears of age!!!!!!   Saly what?  You mean that th eLONGER lyou have been in this country, the LESS Obama tinks you "deserve" to stay here? 30 1/2, and you are OUT.  29 and 1/2, and you are IN (nder "Obama's law"). EXCEPT. This is all a FRAUD anyway.  Presumably it does not applly to "criminals".  Read the first paragraph again. Under Obama lpolicy, NO ONE is really being 'deported".  This was all a further POLITICAL STUNT aimed at getting Obama elected for a second term, when the most arrogant man ever to live will have NO CHECK on how much PoOEER he can ASSERT.  My mother and one of my brothes think Obama will find a way to declare himself 'President for life".  I don't think he can go quite that far, but the LAW will certainlly not stgop him.  He does nto care aobut the LAW. As far as Obama is concerned, HE is the LAW.  I just don't thinnk even Obama can believe he can get away with becoming the Hugo Chavez, or Valdimir Putin, of the United States.  That is the ONLY limit, however, on Obama's arrogance: what he THINKS he can get away with doing.  And it is obvius he thinks he can get away with ALMOST ANYTHING.

Look at the Supreme Court decisin on the Arizona law.  This was a DEFEAT for Obama, in that the Supreme Court said that Obama was WRONG to BLOCK the ONLLY portin of the Arizona law that Obama had PUBLICIED: the provision directing police to check into the immigratin status of  peole stopped/detained for some other reason.  You remember what our Liar-in-Chief said:  that if you are Hispnaic in Arizona you can be picked up gong for ICE CREAM merely because of the way you look (always a LIE about the Arizona law). Well, the Supreme Court obviusly thinks Hispnics don't need ice cream!!!!   Actually, of course, the Supreme Cuort saw that the LAW did not actually say what Obama had asserted it said, and saw no problem with the law on its face.  What is wrong with REPORTING to the Federal Government that:  "we have an illegal immigrant here who has run afoul of the law; come and get him." 

By notw, you now what is "rong" with the Arizona law, form Obama's point of view.  It vioilates OBAMA LAW.  "Obama law" is that the Arizonal law is a challenge to the arrogant Obama, and to where OBAMA wants t take this country (law ro no law).  Therefore, as Obama did with court rulings that INVALIDATED hi s 'moratorimum" on drillng n the Gulf of Mexico, Obama simly gave "the finger" to both the Supreme Court and Arizona.  Obama has simly DIRECTED that Homeland Security, and other Federal officials, lpay NOT ATTENTIN to Arizona. In othe words, here is how the conversatin is gong to go: "Hey, buys," an Arizonala law enforcement source twlls ICE (or whatever "fed" they would ordinarily report this to), "we have an illegal immigrant here for ou to ick up"  Respons, pursuant to "Obama law" "So?".  "Didn't you hear us, we have this illegal immigrant here.  It is our JOB to enforce the law."  Reponse from feds:  "No, it isn't. We only enforce OBAMA LAW.  We don't enforce the laws of lthe United States.  Don't call us again.'

I kid you not.  President Obama has simply told Arizona that the "feds" will NOT COOPERATE with Arizona, no matter what the Supreme Curt says about the Arizona law, and no matter what the laws of the United States say.  Arizona is being SHUNNED by the Obama Administratin, which is what I have suggested everyone do to our MEDIA for putting out notthing but eveil propaganda (including propaganda supporting  Obama in this idea of "Obama law').

It actually gets worse.  The Obama Administratin has INVITED people to COMPLAIN abut Arizonal law enforcement. Yep.  Obama has put a TARGET right on the back of every Arizona sheriff's officer and olice officer by TELLING epole to EMAIL the feds if they even THINK that they have been "profilked" by an Arizonal law enforcement officer.  Not that Obama is puttin g'Obama law" WAY above the laws of the United Sttes, includng the OBAMA ASSUMPTION that Arizonal law enforcement lpeole will not omy with "Obama law'.  "Obama law' HERE is that ANYONE who "complains" abut an Arizonal law enforcement officer is CORRECT, and that even ONE individual msitake by an Arizona law enforcement officer INVALIDATES the Arizona law. This, of course, is OBAMA LAW, annd NOT the "law" as Anton Scalia and the rest of us have known it.  Ordinarily, you give a law a CHANCE to work, and it is ony if there are SYSTEMATIC indications taht the law is being misused, and subject to misuuse, do you ASSUE the law is bad. Here, under OBAMA LAW, the ASSUPTION is that the Arizona law will be misused.  And even it it is not, ACTiISTS will make sure and COMPLAIN.  In any evevent, it does not matter, because Obama is SHUNNING ARIZONA under OBAMA LAW.

Sad, sad, sad:  that our country has come to this. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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