Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reuters and Yahoo "News": Some of the Most Dish0nest People Who Have Ever Lived: Bad People

Here is the offending headline: 

"Most Americans oppose health care law, but like individuall provisioins"

That is a paresent "featukred" headline on the desicable Yahoo "News"/AT&T defaklut page for the AT&T internet service.  It is an outright LIE.  In fact, it is an Orwellian Big Lie straight out of George Orwelll's "1984". It is pure propagqannda, as the mainstream media puts on a full court press before the expectreed Supreme Court decision.  No, I think even the idiots of the mainstream media realize that the Supreme Court decilsion is ALREADY MADE (just has not been announccedl).  So this PROPAGANDA is aimed directly at LYOU (people iin the country)--no matter what the Supreme Court may say. This is an attempt to SUPPORT BARACK OBAMA, as Ovama's electioin (and suport of the left wing agenda on heaalth care) is the mainn media goal here. 

Oh.  Why is the above headline a LIE?  Will, it is obvious. Therefore, I am--for now-going to leave that as an exercise for the reader, before I tell yuo in another article tomorrow. 

For now, consider these items:

1. The individual mandate--the key to the entire bill--is the EXCEPTION to the headline (read body of article).  A heavy majority (really about 2/3) of Americans OPPOSE the individual mandate, even according to this obviously biased "poll".

2..  Do most Americans KNOW what the "individual provisions" of the bill are, byond the publicized "opposition" to the individual mandate, and the publicized propaganda in support of the bill based on the POPULAR provisions of the bill?  Hell.  Does AnYONE know khow this bill is going to 'work", unntil iits major provisions are to be implemented in 2014.  Right now it is all about lthe indivvidual mandate, simply because that has been the focus.  The media propagandists, of course, do not even TRY to
explain" what the entire bill will do, when implemented, or the COST.

3.  The bill is NOT referenced as ObamaCare, or even as "Barack Obama's health care law", in the headline, which is a clue that this is PROPAGANDASA.

Again, I will give you a full analysis of  why this particular headline, and article (which I labored through most of in diisbelief at the DISHONESTY) , represents one of the most DISHONEST "news" stories ever written by DISHOENST people. In the meantime, see if you can folow the (rather obvious) path of my reasoning, with the hints I have given you.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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