Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bill Clinton Is Out of Control

The headline is not mine.  It is a direct quote of th headline on the LEFT WING Politico (politico.com)--political 'journalists" that his blog has previously, accurately creiticzed as both leftist and dishonest.  Drudge (drudgereport.com) is repeating the same headline as the BANNER headline on Drudge.

You will remember that this blog has referenced the ORGASM that CNN had over Bill Clinton toing into Wisconsisn to support the union-backed recall effort agaisnt Governor Walker of Wisconsin.  CNN carried Clinton's speech LIVE, as if Clinton were still President of the United States--even to the pont of crrying part of Walker's opponent's speech LIVE waiting for Clinton.  And Clinton was all over CNN on Friday, and over the weekend.  He was being Bill Clinton: charming and disarming, while pushing Bill Clinton as hard as Donald Trump has ever ushed Donald Trump.  I have said before that I wish i had voted for Bill Clinton, instead of George Bush, and that is true, even thoiugh I know that Clinton is a charming sleazeball interested mainly in the promotion of Bill Clinton (not, of curse, unusual in a politician, and Bill Clinton does it better than anyone else). 

Ha sBill Clinton's obvious self-promotion, at the expense of Presdient Obama, gotten the noses of Obama and his people out of joint?  This "hit piece" on Politico would seem to so iindicate.

The piece attacks Bill Clinton in terms strong enough for Rush Limbaugh. "Bill Clinton has to be the smartest man in the room, even when he is not in the room."  The Politico article notes--and this culd only come from the Obama camp--that Bill Clinton is not on the Obama campaign staff.  Bill Clinton has no official positn with the Obama camaign.  And Bill Clinton, according to Politico, is not even a "trusted advisor" to President Obama.  Take THAT, Bill Clinton!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Politico article then says that, despite lthis lack of any position with the Obama campaign, Clinton is able to SABOTAGE the Obama campaign strategy. (emphasis added)

What has Bill Clinton ben doing to provoke this attack?  He has been out there, including in connectin with his trip to Wisconsin (where the President deliberately failed to go) , sayng that it is a MISTAKE for the Obama campaign, and Democrats in general, to attack the concept of venture capitalism.  In other words, Clinton is out there sayng that the Obama campaign attacks on Mitt Romney about Romney's days with Bain Capital are a MISTAKE.  Since the entire early strategy of the Obama campaign has been to attack Romney as a "heartless" taker of jobs away from working people, Politico rightly considers this as SABOTAGE of teh Obama campaign strategy. 

Clinton has done what Clintonalways does:  focus attetin on HIMSELF.  Bill Clinton is definitely an asset for HIMSELF. He may have even been an asset for the country.  It has always been a mistake to consider Bill Clinton an asset for the Democratic Party.  That is why I wish I had votged for him.  I am morally certain that George Bush would have been more of an asset for leftist Democrats, had he been elected again, than Bill Clinton was. Bill Cltinon, in fact, was one of the best Presidents--in terms of RESULTS--taht CONSERVATIVES have ever had in the White House.  This blog has said this many times, and Politico is very LATE in crecognizing this.  But yu know that leftists are not quick on the uptake. 

Note how truly bad the mainstream media is.  The outragoues Obama attacks on Romney and vbenture capitalism may not have ben working. But the media, as usual, was pretty much ignoring GOP attacks on those adds.  Then a Democrat mayor questioned that ads.  Since the mainstream media only pays attention to DEMOCRTATS (or GOP politicians CRITICIZING conservatives), as people having any crediblity, this gave the media some puuse. But then Bill Clinton stepped in.  Bill Clinton has AUTOMATIC credibiity with the mainstreammedia, or at least major parts of it.  This DOOMED the entire Obama attack on venture capitlaism. And everyone knows that Bill Clinton knew exactly what he was doing. 

Problem for the mainstream media.  The main AGENDA of the mainstram media remains the electin of Barack Obama to a second teterm.  Now Bill Clinoton is clever enough to emphasize that he thinks Obama will win the electin, and that Obama just needs to make the electin abut the contrast between the Obaama plan for the country and Romney's plan for the country.  In other words, Clinton is giving ADVICE to the Obama campaign, as the "smartest man in the room" (to qluote Politico again).  Doesn't matter.  Politico is right. Bill Clinton is SABOTAGING the Obama campaign.  That raises a big problem for many in the mainstream media (not, obviusly, for Politico):  Do we TURN ON former President Clinton to PROTECT Barack Obama? 

Stay tuned.  Tis is actually an interesting drama. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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