Saturday, June 16, 2012

Will Cain: "Cooper Indian" on CNN

A "cooper Indian" is what Mark Twain called James Fenimore Cooper's fictional verison of an American Indian (Native American)  that Cooper described in his "Leatherstocking Tales".  This refers to Twain's famous critical essaly on Cooper's fictin.  Twains' pont was that a "Cooper Indian" bore no relationship to a real American Idnian.

I have previusly said that basicaly ALL "conservatives" on CNN seem to bear no relationship to real conservatives. This may be becaus CNN corrupts them.  Bu, whatever,the reason, a "CNN conservative" bears the same relationship to a real conservative as a "Cooper Indian" bears to a real Indian in the French and Indian War (at least as Twain describes it--I would be more kind to Cooper, who was hardly trying for "realism").  Will Cain IS a Coope Indian (or a CNN conservative--if yo prefer).  He bears no real relatioinship to a real conservative.

I have thought that for some time.  But I made the mistake of surfing CNN today, and saw the introductin to their "business" report show. Will Cain was PRESENTED (I kid you not) as a "conservative" who agrees taht we shuld not "cut spending now", because the ecoomy is in such sad shape. 

I am sortty, Mr. Cain. You CANNOT be a conservative, and have  that positin.  The idea that the AMOUNT of Federal Government spending cannot be cut in a bad economy is abusrd.  It does not matter if yyou agreewith that or not.  The pont is that it PORVES my pont about "CNN conservatives" (who evidently KNOW what they have to say to stay n CNN, as panel members or whatever).  Noope.  You simply CANNOT be a"conservative ' and have this position.  Can yo be a Wall Stret econmic fascsist with this position?  Sure you can.  But you can't be a real conservative, who actualy beleives in a SMALLER Federal Government in ALL times, and al circumstances (beynd, maybe, an all-out war like World War II). 

Sorry, Will Cain. Three strikes and you are out.  No, I am not even going to describe the first tow strikes, and I am not interested in the "nuances" of Cai's "position"  Will Cain is NOT a "conservative".  He is a "CNN conservative"---not at all the same thin (at least as fictional as James Fenimore Cooper's Indians).

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