Friday, June 1, 2012

CNN, The Liar Network: Dishonest to the Core, Ignoring Employment Numbers (If Obama Does Not Hear a Tree Falling, Has It Really Happened?)

It was haalf an hour after the TERRIBLE emplyment numbers had been released this morning.  What was the bg "news" on CNN?  Well, there was John Edwards.  Theren here was the unveiling of the Bush piture at the white House yesterday.  Really, NO MENTIN, as we reached 9 a.m. on the east coast, of the ARMAGEDDON of the emplyment numbers (and other bad economic news). 

What is going on here?  I now.  CNN was WAITING FOR OBAMA. CNN does not "report the news".  These (entire mainstream media) are not really "journalistss". They push a STORYLINE.  Here, they were waiting for Presdient Obama to provide them with the STORYLINE.  CNN is just not interested in what is happening with the econom.  They are only interested in the OBAMA REACTION.  To CNN, The Liar Network, the ONLY 'news" is the OBAMA REACTIN to the economic numbers: not the numbers themselves.  In the end, all cNN is interesed in is the NARRATIVE by which Obama will be REELECTED President of the United States. Sure, CNN will eventaully report the GOP "charges" about the econoy, but it will all be keyed off of a NARRATIVE putting forth the Obama point of view.  In the end, CNN will be all about why Obama cannot be "blamed" for this, and why things are not really as bad as lhey seem (or why Obama needs MORE TIME to set things right).    It is the NARRATIVE that matters, and not the FACTS.

CNN is The Liar Network. 

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RogueLiker said...

Just because a station does not start talking about something it doesn't mean they're ignoring or hiding it. Just because I don't go out of my way and tell people I'm not a suicidal terrorist sent here to bomb the nearest school, doesn't mean that I'm a suicidal terrorist. CNN does not take its orders from Obama or some other Democrat, it takes its orders from it's CEO or whatever. But while we are on the subject of "Liar Networks" we may as well throw FOX News in there too. Not only do they get out of date information (inviting a radio talk show hot to talk about a Sim City game from 5 years ago about how it was turning kids into liberals), but also due to "dishonest" information occurring frequently, with one of the bigger instances being footage of Sarah Palin's book signings actually being from the 2008 presidential campaign.