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George Zimmerman and CNN: The Liar Network Covers Its Lies

George Zimmerman had another bail hearing, as the stae of Florida continues to PERSECUTE Zimmerman.  Nope. It was absurd to ARREST Mrs. Zimmerman for lperjury (almost NEVER done for upposed "lies" in a BAIL HEARING, in the abasence of a conspiracy to FLEE).

Again, the PURPOSE of bail is NOT to 'puhish", and esepcially not to take away every dime that the accused has.  The purpose of bail is to assure that the accused shows up for trial.  Look at how absurd this situatin is!!!!  All teh Zimmerman family had to do was DEFER any "defense fund" until AFTER BaIL, or make sure all funds went into some kind of "trust" they did not diretly control.  $250,000 seemed to me to be a reasonable bail--even a little hihgh--UNLESS your entire goal was to KEEP ZIMMERMAN IN JAIL.  Was that the goal?  Seems so.  And NO, whatever "deception" thaere was at the bail hearing has NOTHING to do with whether Zimmerman committed a crime, and should not be acmissible to "prove" that he did (despite the DESPICALBLE lpeole of the unfiar and unbalanced network, who said ltghe opposite).  Sure, yu MIGHT have "punished" Zimmerfman for the bail hearing "deception" by RAISING THE BAIL.  But to ut him back in jail, and keep him there, calls into question the inttegrtity (racism?) of the state of Florida and the judge.  The ACLU, for example, would ordianriy be OUTRAGED for someone to be DENEID bail (at a time a person is PRESUMED innocent, since a trial has not occurred, and obviously no conviction). 

All of the above is mere background to what prompted this article.  As part of teh bail hearing, the defense attorneys called an EMT (emergency medical technician) to testify: yes, one of the "frist resonders" to see Zimmerman.  This EMT testified that Zimmerman's face (and head?) was a MASK OF BLOOD---covering at least 40% of his face. The EMT testified that Zimmerman's nose appeared deformed, and probably broken.  We know, of course, that the ONLY "injuries" on Trayvon Martin, otther than the gunshot would, were SCRAPED KNUCKELS on his hands (presumably from hitting Zimmerman).   The EMT testimony, of course, was designed to show how UNFIAR it is to hold Zimmerman in jail, without bond, when there is a substantil chance that Zimmerman is INNOCENT. 

I heard one of the DISHOENT woman anchors on CNN (The Liar Network) report the above factgs(in the previous paragraph, wtith the exceptioni of the known facts on Martin's LACK of injury, except to his knuckles)..  But here is why the CNN report CONFIRMS that CNN is The Liar Network.  The CNN anchor said lthat the EMT testimony contradicted the "PUBLIC PERCERPTION THAT GEORGE ZIMMERMAN WAS NOT HURT."

Say what/  Do you understnad NOW why I say the people of CNN are  among the worst, most disoenst hypocrites to ever  walk the Earth, on two legs or four?  To the extent thtat there is a "public perceptin" (mainly, I think, a CNN PERCEPTION) that George Zimmerman was "not injured", that is because of the LIES spread by CNN (and the rest of tgeh mainstream media).

No, this is NOT "hindsight" on the part of this blog.  This blog TOLD CNN, and the amainstream media, that their use of second-hand, stale, and SPECULATIVE "gossip" to say that George Zimmerman was "not injured" was EVIL stuff being spread by EVIL LPEOLE (the lpeole of CNN and the rest of teh maisntream media).  You can go back and look at this blog's articles.  I TOLD CNN SO, IN FORESIGHT.  I said that there were 3 DIRECT sources of informatin as to the actual INJURIES of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin:

1. The autopsy on Trayvon Martin, which would SHOWE whehter Martin was likely the aggressor in the FISDT FIGHT (as it has done, indicating that Martin was the aggressor and that Zimmerman did NOT strike Martin in any way that actually INJURED Martin). 

2. The first hand observations of the "first responders" who SAW George Zimmerman, and OBSERVED his injuries, right after the indcident occurred.  As this blog previously stated, these were PROFESSIONALS, wh necessarily paid professional attention to Zimmerman's injuries.

3.  Any medical reports on Zimmerman's injuries, and the medical report from examination the next morning has been released (supporting head and facial injuries). 

llMessage to CNN:  you have just cnvicted YOURSELFES of being EVIL liears, and CREATING a FALSE "public perception" of the FACTS.  CNN, and other mainstream media sources, had no business putting out SPECULATION as to the INJURIES, and things like who was "yelling for help", without the FACTS that either were availble (or would be). What CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media, put out was EVIL GOSSIP, rathr than facts.  And now CNN has the outrageous GALLL to slay that the EMT testimony contradicted the 'pubic perceptin" CRFEATED by CNN.  Nope. These are EVIl, BAD PEOLE.  I am ttalking here about the people of CNN, and not either Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman.  Why did CNN not LOOK for the facts to start with, including linterviewing lpeole like the EMTs?  In fact, that should lhave been the FIRST thing CNN did, before even TALING to--for example--Trayvon' Martinn's LAWYER (who CNN put on the air time and time again to say taht Zimmerman had "obviiusly" "knocked this innocent kid down".  Day after day ,CNN put out "evidence" (specualatin) that it was MARTIN who was "caling for help".  What CNN SHULD have been doing, and what this blog SAID CNN (and the rest of the mmedia) SHOULD have been doing, was to look for the FACTS (such as what peole like this EMT saw).  But the eVIL epole of CnN (Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer and all of the rest) wwer ONLY interested in the NARRATIVE (their narrative).  They were UNINTERESTE$D IN THE FACTS.

Nope again.  CNn is The Liar Network.  These are NOT "journalists". They are "back fence gossipers" spreading evil gossip based on an AGENDA.  I refuse to back off on this charge, and would be glad to go on CNN as say it to their faces.  As usual, I invite ANYONE who wants to "dfend" cNN to comment on this blog. The only 'editing" will be Google's.  I will not "edit' a word. (Notice, as susual, my use of the CNN/mainstream media PLOY that is no more "sincere" when they do it than when I do it. No, it cannot do CNN any goodto put me on the air, or comment on this blog, just as it cnnoat usually do any person ATTACKED by CNN any good to ogo on CNN and have the ATTACKS REPEATED--usually in a "bullying way".)

P.S.  No prooofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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