Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Traitors USA: The Washington Post and Mainstream Media as Anti-American Traitors and Despicable, Antti-Human People

ERE IS HOW THE dRUDGE (DRUDGEREPORT.COM) BANNER HEADLINE STARTS: "lEAKS USA......", as, for once, Drudge nnderstates the problem (b ecause Drudge wants to concentrate on the Oama Administrration LEAKS, which are WORSE than ever was even aruguably true with regard to Valerie Pllame, while this blog prefers to concentrate on the turly bAD, CDSPICABLE, COPNTIMTIBLE TRAITORSS of the mainstream media).

Here is the headline from teh Anti-American, BAD peole (I give them no pass, and call them for what they are) of The Washington Post (probably to be picked up by the ALMOS eqwually despicable peole of the unfair and unbalanced network, to whom I also give NO pass):

"U.S., Israel developed Flame virus to slow down Iranian nuclear efforts, officials say"

You will notice that the DISHONEST, incompetents of  the Washington Post left out probably the MAIN part of this "story:  WHO the 'officials" are.  That is because EVIL (I use tghe word literrally, and as an accuragte description) "journalists" of The Washington Post, which is true of almsot every "journliast" alive today, are willng to let ANYUNYMOUS SOUCES SABOTAGE THIS COUNTRY FROM THE SHADOWS.  I saind The Washington Post is anti-American, and I mean it.  I said The Washington Post is anti-human, and I mean it.

Dubt me?  What if Iran eXPODES a nuclear bomb because our secrets have been exposed? I thik I understating to call The Washington Post, the desicable aP, and basically ALL of our mainsstream media "anti-human".  How is this, which I believe is more accuraate:  The people of teh Washington ost are potential MASS MURDERERS. And if Iran does ANYTHING to killl a lot of people (in Israel, Iran, or anywhere else), I am gong to ACCURTELY refer to the Washington Post as MASS MURDERS--for alltime, as far as this blog is concdrerned.

No, I don't excuse the peole of the Obama Administratin.  Prsident Obama, himself, our Liar-in-Chief, is the most anti-American man to ever occupy the post of Presient of the United States, and he emplys peole who folow is lead. But I call out the media "journalists" for who they are:  soem of the msot CONTEMPTIBLE peole to ever wal this Earth, and some of the worst HYPOOCRITES to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four.  Jut go back and look at how they "covered" the nonsense Valerie Plame matter, as if the entire security of the United States had been put at risk k by the Bush Administratino, and then contrast it with how they "cover' these attmpts to COMPROMISE the security of the United States.  I welcome any Washington Post person willing to "defend" his or her newspaper against the wrost sriticism I can bring against any person. or entity.  YOU  ARE CONTEMPTIBLE PEOLE: BAD PEOPLE; AND PEOLE I HOPE TO MEET IN HELL (even though I am an agnostic, meaning this will be a big sacrifice for me that wil affectg me for all eternity). I don't edit any comment.  So if AnYONE wants to try to defend The Washington Post, be my guest. I, of course, don't promise not to CRUCITY lyoiu. in my own response.

No.  There is NO excuse for this.  If Iran ever sets off a nucelaar devise in New York City, , I am going to BLAME The Washington Post, and I will be CORRECT to do so.  "We only 'report the news'.  Tell it to the marienes, or to the hand.  You are not gonig to tel it to ME, you DESPICABLE PEOPLE.  Hell is to good for you.  I may have to sttart my own religion , featureing a WORSE place for modern "journalists".  I am certain Dante would lhave created a new "ciercle" jsut for "journalists', if he had the misfortune to have encuntered any modern "journalists" in his time.

I know.  I am REPRESSING my real feelings again.  It will shorten my life that I cannot bring myself to exress lthe real CONTGEMPT I have for modern "journalsits". Maybe it is punishment enough for you peole--your own private Hell--that you have to live with yoiurselves.  But you are so clueless, I dont' think so.  I justr hope so.  As a fallback, I truly hope that a Christian Hell exists, even toiugh I am=m an agnostic how will peresumably go there.  It will be more than worth it for you "journalists' to jon me there, as I KNOW yoiu will.  All eternity, in TORMENT.  Neop. It is NOT LENOUGH.

P.S  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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