Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama to Arizona; Drop Dead--I Crossed My Fingres When I took an Oath to Faithfully Execute the Laws of the United States. I Only Enforce Obama Law.

President Obama's reactin to the Supreme Court decision on the Arizona illegal immigratin laws tells you more about the man than almost any other ingle event.  The only "law" which President Obama regards himself to be bound is HIS "law". 

Sure, President Obama "won" the Supreme Court decsision on the Arizona laws.  More of the laws were "struck down" by the Supreme Court than were upheld.  However, Obama LOST the part of the Arizona law about which Obama had made the big issue: LYING by saying that Arizona Hispanics how "wnet out for ice ream" would be sjbect to being picked lup by the police merely becaue of the way they looked. The Supreme Court said that Arizona could ENORCE the part of its law that said that police should CHECK into the immigratin status of peole stoopeed, arrested or detained for OTHER REASONS, and about whom there was "reasonable suspicion" as to immigratin status (after the stop for another reason).  You might note that if people cannot CHECK "immigratin status" (including the police), it is IMPOSSIBLE to ever enforce our immigratin laws (the actual GOAL of proo-illegal immigratin advocatges AND Obama).  In this age of comoptuters, and matching names and Social Security numbers, it is INSANE not to CHECK any discrepancies in employment enformation (and not to use 'e-verify" for major memployers).  But por-illegal immigratin advocates want it to be IMPOSSIBLE to ever CHECK who is in this country illegally:  whether we are talking abut employers or government.  It does not matter WHAT the immigratin "laws" are if ONLY OBAMA LAW IS ENFORECED.  That is what Obama's reactin was to the Supreme Court LOSS as to this 'key" part of the Arizona immigratin law (on "checkng" for illegal immigrants, and then HOLDING them for the Feds). 

Obama does not accept "defeat", because he ONLY recognizes OBAMA LAW.  Thus, Obama told Arizona that he does not care what the Supreme Court said, he (Obama) would not RECOGNIZE whatever Arizona proposed to do about illegal immigrants it was holding for the Feds.  In ohter words, Obama will NOT "faithufully excecute" the laws of the Unitted States, when a "call" comes from Arizona about illegal immigrants they are hoilding.  Essentially, the Federal Government will not take any calls from Arizona about illegal immigrants they have "discovered". 

Instead, Obama set lup an EMAIL ADDREESS for peole to COMOPLAIN abut Arizona law enforcement officers--putting a direct TARGET on their backs as surely as if Obama had aimed a rifle at them holding a reomote trigger.  Obama is teling ACTIVISTS in Arizona:  we will HARRASS police and sheriff's officers for you , so lnog as yu take advantage of our INVITATIN. 

Arizona still haas a law that the Supreme Court has said it can enforce, because reasonable peole canot ASSUME that the law will be wrongfully enforced. But Obama is NOT a "reasonable person".  No, he is NOT a LIKABLE person.  He is one of the most ARROGANT, dislikable persons of whom I am aware.  Obama simply has indicated he does not care whether the Arizona law is LEGAL.  Obama simply erfuses to LET Arizona enforce its LEGAL law, just as Obama refulse to LET the government DEPORT illegal immigrants (unless "cuught" right at the border).  This s the same thing Obama has done on the "Dream Act", where Obama has violated what OBAMA had previusly said were the limits of hiss authrotiy.  Again, ALL Obama recognizes is OBAMA LAW.  Obama, in ffect, will not accept cvalls from Arizona askng the Federal Government to merely EXECUTE the laws of the United Sttates (after Arizona has done the HARD stuff).  But President Obama thinks nothing of VIOLATING HIS OATH OF OFFICE.  He, Obama, has no intgentin of enforcing the laws of the United Staets with which he disgarres (even if that meay be mainly for political purposes).  Imagine if President Bush had taken this positin--say on IRAQ? You will remember that President Bush DID take this positin, wtih MOE justificaitn, but still went to Congress for APORVAL anyaway.  Obama des the opposite.  The Supreme Cuort has decided, and Obama STiLL intends to follow onlly HIS view of the law and the Constitutin.  This is an incredibly ARROTANT, DANGEOUS man--not a "likable" man. 

No.  Arizona has followed the "law'.  It is Obama twho REFUSES not only to 'foloow" the law, but to do his DUTY to EXECUTE the law (indlucng parts of the law which which he disagrees). 

We owe Arizona a debt for exposing Prfesident Obama for the ARROGANT OATH BREAKER he is. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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