Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Obama and Communists: Communist Cuba, and Similar Citizens of the World, Support Obama (But Donald Trump Supports Romney)

Raul Castro's daughter (Communist in the United States to support "gay rights" --lol, when Cuba does not even have human rights):  "As a citizen of the world, I want President Obama to be elected."

"Mr. President, do youy think it is a distractioin, and sends voters the wrong message, for the daughter of the Communist dictator of Cuba to support yu, using your own terminology/"

No. You will NOT hear that uestini from any one at CN, or porobably anyone in the mainstream media.  They are too busy asking Mitt Romney over and over again whehter it embarrasses Romney that his supporter, Donald Trump, still has questions about whehter Barack Obama was born in the United States (an opinion which hurts no one, and has no policy implications, no matter how kooky it may be). 

"Mr. President, the U. S. Communist Party endorsed the 'Occupy' movement you support in your home base of Chicago, and now the daughter of the Communist dictgator of Cuba has endoresed you for President.  Do you repudiate that kind of support?  Does it bother you that Communists seem to consider yhou one of them,?"

Again, these are not questions yu are going to hear asked of President Obama, eevn as lou hear Romney BADGERED about much less relevant questions.  That is because mainstream media "journalists", like those of CNNN (The Liar Network), are DISHOENST, and some of the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four. 

Oh. The daughter of the Comunist dictator of Cuba, who would not say anything unless she thought it would be acceptable to that dictatorship, said this in an interview featured on CNN.  The interviewer obviously thought it was a GOOD thing for Obama that he has the 'support" of Communist Cuba, and similar "citizens of the world".  This daughter, by the way is hardly a democratic 'activist", despite pushing "gay rights" (in OUR country).  She pretty much went along with the Communist party line, and the CNN line, that any "repression" in Cuba is really the fault of U. S. sanctions.  That, indeed, was lthe PURPOSE of the CNN interview:  to push the idea that the embargo against Communist Cuba has "failed", and that President Obama would end the embargo if there were not so many BENIGHTED HICKS (like The Maverick Conservative) in the United States who won't let him do it without oo muc political cost.

Yep.  I kid you not.  CNN wa PUSHING the idea that President Obama will CHANGE the position of the United States on Cuba, once he gets a second term.  This blog already has agreed with James Carville that Persident Obama was DISHOENST about his real position on gay marriage in the f2008 campaign, for POLITICAL reasons.  Did CNN just inform you that Presidetnt Obama is being DISHOENST in his positon on Cuba, for POLITICAL reason?  I think so.  And I AGREE with CNN, just as I agreed with James Carville that Presiden't Obama's present positin on gay marriage (which Joe Biden forced him into) has ALWAYS been his real position.  Did I jsut call the President of the United States DISHONEST.  of course I did, but so did CNN.  CNN, however, is too dishonest too own up to it. 

Then there is the fact that the daughter of the Communist Cuba dictator used the phrase , "citizen of the world".  You will remember that President Obama PROLCAIMED himself a "citizen of the world"  in his first overseas trip, suggesting that Americans have previusly been too ARROGANT and self-centered to realize that they needed to conxssder the l"international community" in everything we believe, say and do.  This always was the kind of meaninglesss cant used by the FAR LEFT.  President Obama has always been a creature of  the far left, and this merely proves it once again.  That Obama considers himself a "citizen of the world", rather than a citizen of the United States, is just one more reason to vote AGAINST HIM (who to vote for being another question).  If yu think about this "citizen of the world" bunk long enough, yu can begin to sympathize with peole like Donald Trump (and my 90 year old mother) agreeing with Presidetnt Obama that he is not rally a citizen of the United State (kooky though that position is, in terms of the actual evidence, even though there is no reason it could not have been true, under different evidence).

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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