Friday, June 1, 2012

Obama Fails on Jobs: The Maverick Conservative Gets It Right

If you read The Maverick Conservative, you KNEW what the monthly jobs report issued today HAD to be like, to be consistent with the other recent economic/jobs numbers. No.  This is NOT ture if you listened to, say, CNBBC, where they were still talking YESTERDAY as if this jobs number were truly "uncertain".  See the three articles yesterday  posted on this blog. 

It is not just that the Labor Department reported today that we only "added" 69,000 jobs in May. The number for APIL was REVISED DONWARD by 38,000 (well BELOW 100,000).  That means that the present infomration is that we have had two straight months of job "growth" BELOW 100,000. Now this blog has informed you that SEASONAL PATTERNS appear to have CHANGED, and the weather was unusually good this winter, which mihgt "distort" the seasonal adjustments.   Again, however, this means that the situation was never AS GOOD as the media was saying in January, February and March.  Further, OTHER economic numbers are BEGINNNING to show what might be a rEAL e conomic slowdown, instead of just a constant STAGNATION.  Europe osis lookng BAD.  But China is coming out with BAD numbers, and so is INDIA. What if this turns into MORE lthan the seasonal slowdown that occurred in both 2010 and 2011, in a STAGNATING economy?  Then, we are in REAL TROUBLE.  So is Obama, as this blog has already informed you (IN FORESIGHT, as usual).

Note on how MANY things The Maverick Conservative has been PROVEN right.  The Maveri ck Conservative already told lyou that numbers might well look considerably WORSE as we headed into the summer, even if the real economic situation  stayed about the same (STALLED).  This blog told yu that IN FEBBRUARY, when othe peolke wer talking aobut how the economy had "turned the corner".  This blog has already told you that emplyment and economic numbers over the past month have made it IMPOSSIBLE for their to have been a really good dmplyment reort this morning, unless it had been TOTAL FICTION.  And this blog has told lyou that these monthly numbers are so UNRELIABLE as to almost be meaningless (except, perhaps, over time).  Look at the Aril numbers. The number of "jobs created" was REVISED by about ONE THIRD.  The TOTAL NUMBER of jobs created for May is NOT a CONCRETE NUMBER, as this blog has told you for years, but an ESTIMATE, and that total number is actualy within the MARGIN OF ERROR>  That means that maybe NO jobs were "created" in May.  Or, of course, the number COULD even be revised upward substantially. But the overall numbers are just TOO CONSISTENT for this to be later turned into 'good" news.

We appear to be repeating the seasonal pattern of 2010 and 2011, where intitial "optimism" fades as the summer approaches.  But this time the DANGER appears to be much greater than in f2010 or 2011.  We are on the EDGE, here. We have been in STAGNATION, really for 3 years, but we now appear to be on the EDGE of getting REALLY WORSE.  Time will tell on that, but the DANGER appears to be real.  Europe is much WORSE than it was last year, and CHINA is being affectged. Meanwhile, ObamaCarfe is headed our way, and tax increases (along with al of the other Obama Big Government burdens on the economy).  This could wel lturn out to be a "perfect storm" for our econmy, despite the "sttimulus" of low interest rates. 

Meanwhhile, the people on Wall Street (The Stupidest People on Earth), at least as featkured on CNBC, are counting on BAILOUT BEN BERNANKE, and POLITICINAS , to BAIL OUT WALL STREET AND THE WORLD once aain.  I kid lyou not.  Ben Bernanke is The Worst Failure in the History of World Finance, but Wall Street is still looking at hiim (and the politicians and central bankers of Europe) to SAVE us iwth BAILOUT after BAILOUT.  Insane. 

No, it is absurd to take the positin of economic fascists and socialists that MERE MEN can control the entire world economy to "benefit" us all.  In the end, that is DISASTER.  What is the fatal defect of central planning?  It is NOT that every decision is "wrong".  It is that, eventually, SOME decisions will be wrong, and there is no self-correctingng mechanism.  What happens then?  You get a DEATH SPIRAL.  You reach a point where there is no way to recover from ANY materially wrong decision, and such wrong decisions are INEVITABLE for mere men.  There has been, arguably, only ONE perfect human being ever born on this eEarth. And Bailut Ben Bernanke is NOT that human being.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  But note how long it has been since this blog has been WRONG on substance (includng PREDICTINS that no one esle dares to make). I cna't even remember the last time this blog ws wrong. It is effectively impossible fore the accuracy rating to go up from its present 99.9%, but The Maverick Conservative is on a roll of PERFECTION (as to material things of substance, no matter how imperfect, or downright lousy, the typing and proofreading are).  I do have to live with the possibility that I have LET MY COUNTRY DOWN, by producing a blog that COULD HAVE SAVED US--except that it is so garbled that people cannot read it, or believe that it really is so right on substance.  Oh well.  I have to live with it maybe being MY FAULT that the country is going down the tubes because my analysis is too garbeled for peole to realize it could save them.  However, I have to say that I regard MORE LRESPONSIBILITY to lie with the people who are actually WRONG, and do not eve have the EXCUSE (lol) of being effectgively blind. 

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