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Obama: Out of Touch with the American People, as He Goes for the Illegal Immigrant Vote

You remember the CNN poll, which Erin Burnett (on CNN) told yoiu was consistent with her research into ALL polls on the subject:  75% of  Americans SUPPPORT the 'harsh" Arizona law on iillegal immigratin.  The same poll showed that62% of NON-WHITES support the Arizona law.

Obama's reactin:  to try to BRIBE "Hispancis" with an ILLEGAL gesture.  How do I know it is ILLEGAL?  President Obama tol me so, hwnn he said a year ago that hh did not have the authroity to unilaterally IMPOSE the "Dream Act" on the country.  Well, he has done it anyway, becuse the LAW does not matter to Obama.  The limits of his "authortiy" do not matter to Obama.  ALL that matters to Obama is the 2-12 electioin, which gives lyou a good idea of how OUT OF CONTROL an Obama will be who gets re-elected. There are no limits to the UNILATERAL "authority" he may claim for himself.

But talk about being oOUT OF TOUCH with the American people!!!   75% of the American people clearly have a big PROBLEM with illegal immigration in this country . First, Obama SUES to subvert democracy and sTOP the Arizoan law that is supported by that 75% of the American peole . Then he acts like the 75% don't even exist, by acting like the CRITICIAL "problem" in this country is the LIMITED number of people. who might be "covered" by the "Dream Act" that Obama now says he has IMPOSED by dictatorial fiat.  See the prvius article, about how the "Dream Act" is a LIE, designed to get popular support for 'innocent children", while DELIBERATING ignoring the problem of STOPPING both illegal immigration and illegal immigrants staying in this country once they get here (encouraging more to come). Arizona addressed the what the American people perceive as the REAL PROBLEM.  Obama merely addressed his false, manufactured, ideology-driven idea of how to "frame" the "argument" in a way that he, himself, is suggesting wil only affect a LIMITED number of people.    Yu just can't get any more OUT OF TOUCH with the American people as this. 

President Obama is as much as saying to Hispanics:  "I know that ILLEGAL immigratin is your main concern, and the way I am going to HELP you (lol) is to ASSOCIATE you entirely with illegal immigrants."  Yep.  Among other thinngs this is RACIST and FALSE. (the idea that most Hispanic Americans in this country either are associated with illegal immigrants or want to be). This is the "tail wagging the dog."  Obama, and leftist Democrats, want to turn tkhe entire debate on illegal immigration into a debate about the SIDESHOW of how we should handle "innocent children" brought here by their parents (as distinguished by "innocent children" in Mexico, or elesewhere, whose parents are playing by the rules.  Mayor Blloomberg, of course, has told us that this is alomst NO ONE, since most illeal imigrants LEAVE THEIR CHILDREN AT HOME when they come here to work.  But Mayor Bloomberg, of course , is an ass. But  I digress (sort of--although Bloomberg indicates the sheer, blatant diishonesty of proponents of illegal immigratin in this country).  To whom is Obama intending to appeal?  The STUPID (willing to be deflected with talk of "innocent children" from the real issues of illegal immigration)?  The 25% of the American people who do not support the Arizona law on illegal immigration?   He certainly is not trying to appeal to the 75% of the people who SUPPORT the Arizona law, except with DECEPTION.

The media, of course, is ready and willing--dishonest partisan hacks that they mostly are--to "carry the water" for Obama by turning the whole "debate" on illegal immigratin into a "debate" on this SIDWSHOW.  Obama has UNITLATERRALLLY changed the LAW that has existed in this country FOREVER, even though the Reagan "amnesty" in 1986 was supposed to "solve" the problem for all future time. That was before Obama and the Democrats saw a POLITICAL opportunity to try to use 'illegal immigratin as a "wedge issue" to "get" the "Hispanci vote' (again, RACIST in itself, in the expanded version of the term, even though Hispanics aare really "white"). But our media is perfectly willing to accept the Obama theesis that what matters here is POLITICAL PANDERING to illegal immigrants in a way that DECEIVES the American people as to just how OUT OF TUCH Obama is. 

The problem is that Mitt Romney, and GOP establishment peole, play into this Obam/media narrative.  They ACT like the narrative CHOSEN by Obama and the media is the ground on which this "battle" should be fought.  You can't get any dumber than that.  Talk about trying to THOW AWAY a WINING issue!!!!  Here is what Romney , and his surrogates, should be saying EVERY time they aree asked about Obama and tehe "Dream Act":  "Our President has no respect for the law, and is willing to do and say anything that he thinks will help his electin: including what he said he had no authority to do merely a year ago.  Worse than that, President Obama is totally out of touch with the American peole, who understand the real problem of stopping illegal imigratin.  75% of the American people support the Arizona law on illegal immigratin  Taht tells you that the American peole understand that we have a real prolbem here.  President Obama shows no such understanding, and merely wants to defect people away from the real problem. Mitt Romney certainly supports the idea of giving a path to citizenship for a person who honorably serves a ful term in the U.S. military. , Indeed, it is DMOECRAS and President Obama who effectively BLOCK that change in the law bly insisting upon it being tied to more extensive changes for totally political reasons.  Mitt Romney has certainly indicated that he has an oopen mind on very narrow changes in or immigratin laws to address limited cases of injustice.  But, as is true on thhe econmy, Mitt Romney is keeping his eye on the main problem.  We need to STOP illegal immigration, and we need to enofrce the law.  We need to discourage illegal immigrants form coming here, and form saying here--not encourage them.  And we need to get the eocnomy going, instaead of making husge uissues out of things that are mnor aspects of bigger problems we face. Mitt Romney is not going to treat the Dream Act as the main problem in illegal immigratin , or some excuse for Presdientt Obama's refulsa to eenforce the law-even to the pint of sing Arizona for merely trying to help enforce the law.  Mitt Romney is with 75% of the American people on this.  Barack Obama evidently wants the illegal immigrant vote.  You will remember that Obama's Homeland Security department has said that they will essentially ignore illegal immigrants who have committed no crime, since it is supposedly a waste of resources to deport them. So this new political stunt of Obama is actually a rETREAT from the positn his administration has already taken:  that illegal immigrants in this country should only be deported if they commit a eserius crime.  Mitt Romney is not going to turn the serius debatgte abut how to stop illegal immigratin into a false debate abut trying to fin some limited area of the law that we might want to consider changing in a narrow way, using the correct legal process by which we do things in this country. First , we need to get a real handle on our problem of illegal immigratin   Then we can worry abut the side issues."

Are Romney and hsis people taing this aproach of accusing OBAMA of being out of touch? I don't think so.  See the planned article, to be posted soon, abut my reactin to the Romney camlpGO estalbishment reactin.  But the pint of this article is that it is President Obama who is out of touch with the American people.  EVERY single time that the subject of illegal immigratin is brought up, any Romney spokesman needs to bring up the poolls showing that 75% of the Amercan people agree with Rmney tat thePresident Obama had no business suing Arizona, but should have thanked Arizona for making a raleffort to deal with the prolem, as distinguished from an Obama political stunt. It is a MISTAKE not to doe this , and I have seen Romney surrogates anxous to make that mistake.  Well, lwait for the article on that. 

Thus, thkere is no doubt that President OIbama is OUT OF TOUCH with the American people on illegal immigration, and merely wants to conceal that with political stunts.  If Mitt Romney loses this issue by letting tObama and the emdia frame it their way, then he deserves to lose the election.  President Obama should not get anywhere appealing to the illegal immigrant vote, even if the Democrats are tyring their best to make it possible for illlegal immigrants to vote--by trying to block all attempts to prevent voter fraud.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  

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