Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lindsey Graham, A Conservative? LOL--AT&T and Yahoo: Some of the Wrost Liars Who Have Ever Liived

What can yu say abut propaganda this blatant, from the liars without conscience at AT&T and Yahhoo (picking out this ridiculoius "story" from something called "Power Players" as a "featured" "top stor"--itself an Orwellian Big Lie):

"Top Conservative says 'read my lips': don't signg "no new taxes" pledge"

Correct headline, if yu are a LIAR and consider this a "top story" for anyone not solelyinterested in PROPAGANDA AGAINST CONSERVATIVES:

"Lindsey Graham, long-time GOP moderate and target of conservatives, calls for GOP candidates to refuse to sign 'no new taxes' pledge"

This is all about th eAGENDA of the MEDIA.  It is the MEDIA who want Republicans to REPUDIATE CONSERVATIVES.  It is the MEDIA who search the globbe for stories like this, wheere they can put THEIR WORDS in the mought of someone else, and then LIE about that person.

For years, Rush Limbaugh (a real conservative) rad ridiculed Lindsey Graham.  This blog (the words of a real conservative, if a "maverick" in a way John mcCain never was) has LONG (for years, since before 2008) criticized Lindsey Graham as even more "moderate" than John McCain.  Lindsey Graham, in fact, kwas John McCain's main AlLY in the Senate back before 2008, when McCain was OPPOSING conservatives at every opportunity. 

Nope.  AT&T and Yahoo (I am glad to give them FULL CREDIT for this disgraceful article) some of the WORST LIEARS who have ever lived.  This is propaganda, lpure and simple, and an obvius LIE. 

I don't even know if Lindsey Graham is running for re-election, or when his Senage seat comes lup for elecitn again.  But, READ MY LIPS:  DEFEAT LINSEY GRAHAM, in ANY electin in which he ever rusn, and against ANY opponet.

Oh yes. And BOYCOTT AT&T and Yaho. 

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