Monday, June 11, 2012

Too Busy to Help Wisconsin's Democrats in Recall Election

Take THAT, you unions.  Don't you realize that it is MY electin that is improtant, and not your stupid recall.  (channeling my innter Obama)

Oh, this is not even my hedline.  It is lifted right off the "featrued" "top stories" on Yahoo "News", from something called "The Ticket".

Does this mean that our leftist media is beginning to get real nervous about Obama--like rats deserting a sinking ship?  I don't think you can come to that conclusin YET, but there is definitely somethkng like PANIC in the ai, whch started with that Wisconsin recall.  That was a SHOCK t the media,.  And it has only gotten worse for Obama since then.

The latet thing is this LAWSUIT by Florida against the Obama Administratin, and teh Obama Jutice Department's answering lawsuit against Florida, over VOTER ID and attempts to protect againt electin fraud. 

Is the Obama Administratin setting a new RECORD over LAWSUITS WITH STATES. Does Obama really think this is the way to win elections:  SUE ALL OF OUR STATES?  I wonder.

This, of course, comes after Bill Clintn's undercutting of Obama, and numerous criticisms of Oba'a's attack on venture capital firms like Romney's old firm.  Then there was Obama's GAFFE saying that the private economy is "doing fine'.  Then there is that flap over LEAKS of classified informatin, and the continuing sonealling of the Obama Administreatin on "Operation Fast and Furious": that disgraceful program that  encouraged GUNS to be provided to teh Mexican drug cartels..  This is only to name sOME of the things that have gone wrong, or appear to be going wrong, in the past week  The House is evidently about to issue a CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS citation against Attorney Gneral Holder.

You can almost SEE the mainstream media getting more DEPRESSED, as things have gone doownhill  for Obama , accelerating since that night of teh Wisconsin recall electin. 

No, I don't think MOST of the rats are yet deserting the sinking ship, but I think they are preparing the lifeboats.  You might forgive the UNINOS, and especially the unin people in Wisconsin, if they deicide that THEY are "too busy" to "help' OBAMA this fall. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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