Thursday, June 7, 2012

Japan Economy Not Growing, as the U. S. BECOMES Japan (or Greece or Italy or Spain or France)

Have any of yu ever doubted me as I hav shown yu how DISHONEST the 'jurnalists" of the minatream media eally are:  a documentged crusade of tghis blog for about a decade?  Never doubt me. Hee is tonight's headline from the truly dishoenst people of the Associatged Press, as featured byt he equally dishonest people of Yahoo/AT&T:

"Japan raises January-March growth estimate"

You will notice that Yahoo and the Anti-American Associated Press now "feature" more "news" outside of teh United States than inside of thge United States.  They, like our President, are "citizens of the world" who WANT us to be like Europe or Japan: anybody else so long as it means abandoning the qualities that have previusly allowed us to SAVE the wrold, and become the engine that runs the world economy.  But that is actually the least of the lies here.:  this idea that we should become jsut like the rest of the world, because they know better than the HICKS who represent the previous American spirit.

You will remember, because this blog told you abut a week ago, that the U. S. "growth estimate" for January-March was REDUCED by .3%:  to a pitiful 1.9%. Yahoo, CNN and the rest paid almost no attention.  CNN actaully padid little attention even to the PITIFUL "jobs data" announced last Firday.  They, the AP, and Yahoo pretty much ignored the REDUCTION in the "growth estimate" for the first quarter. "Skip, if there is "accelerating=" growth in Japan, than may be imiortant.  After all, thereductin in our growth estimate was pretty small: only to 1.9% from 2.2%. Sure, that is pretty bad, buat Japan might be an early indicatin that the world economy is truning around, or that we shuld be like Japan."

Uh-huh.  You poor, delusisional sap.  Ha ve you not yet learned from this blog that these mainstream media people are DISHOENST?  What, exactly was this "important" "raise" in Japan's "growth rate  estimate"?  Guess. I dare you. I could never make lup just how bad these "journalists" really are.  Japan "raised" its "frowth estimate" for the quarter that has already happened from 1% to 1.2%. 

Say what?  Japan is actually "growing " LESS than we are, and the AP (not to mentin the headline writers of the despicable Yahoo "news") thinks this is "goood" news?  It is NO "growth.  And, remember, Japan is "rebuilding" from that earthquake last year.  Japan shoulkd be BOOMING.  It is not. 

But, of cure, it is worse than that.  The U. S. "growth rate estimate" FELL by MORE than the less imortant Japanese "growth rae estimate" rose.  Yet, the AP and Yahoo are acting like this is "important".  It is not.  It is meaingless (other tha, I guess, it "could have been worse"). .The U. S. is the most IMPRTANT economy in the world, and our growth is SLOWING.  Chiunna is the SECOND most impoirtant economy in the wold, and its growth is sLOWING. India once seemed like it would beecome the thrid most improtatn econmy n the world, and its "growth" is falling apart.  Then, of course, there is Europe, which is either the second or third most important econmy in the world--depedning on hhow you realy view China.  Most of Europe is in RECESSION.  Yet, the despicable AP, and Yahoo "News", think that it is "news" that Japan has raised its NOTHING "growth rate estimate" by a mere .2% (welll within anyone's idea of a margin of error). If yho think we should BECOME Japan, you might want to consider that the Dapanese economy has STAGNATED for more than a decade. We, of course, are headed in that same directin. 

No. Every "news" story I see confirms this blog's documented (over a decade) conclusion that today's "journalists" are some of the most dishonest peole who have ever lived.  The only alternative is to believe that they are about the most stupid people who have ever lived. As usual, The Maverick Conservati eve believes that both of these statements are correct. 

P.S. No proofreaind or spell checking (bad eyeesight).  Think of how you would feel if your boss' "estimate" of your RAISE for next year was i"increased" from 1% to 1.2%--an "increase of .002 (an increase of TWO dollars for every THOUSAND dollars you earn). I repeat:  This is NOTHING.  It is not "news" at all.  Even for a "citizen of the world, like Presidennt Obama and almost all of our "jurnalists-, this just cannnot be imprtant "world news" (except as propaganda).  Evn for Rau Castor's  (dictator of Cuba) daughter, who announced tghat she was supporting President Obama "as a citizen of the world", this cannot be "news".  I bet it is not even "reported" in Cuba.  Why should it be?  The astounding thing is that it is reorted in THIS country as if it is "important".  Oh. the "growth" of your OWN country decelerated by THREE dollars for every THOUSAND.  No.  That is not much either.  The proble is that the "growth" is so PITIFUL.  What does it say about our media that a miniscule revision of JAPAN'S "growth rate" is viewed as more important than a slightly LARGER revisino in our own "growth rate" (in the opposite direction)?  It would be one thing if thise were an aberratin.  It is not.  It is the regular way these peole, in our media, are now doing business.   They ar worthy of NO respect:  none at all.  That is exactly the amoount of "respect" this blog gives them.

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