Sunday, June 3, 2012

CNN Bullies a Teacher; A Bad Mother; and How to Ruin a Child: The Decline and Fall of America

Read the article posted on this blog last week about the 8 year old girl who received a "catastrophe award" for "most homework excuses". I still find this hard to believe. The girl's mother decided to make aNATIONAL STINK about this, and the EVIL people (I mean tht literally) of the mainstream media actually picked up upon it. Let me be as blunt as I can possibly be; This is a BAD MOTHER-one of the owrst mothers I have ever heard about--sesnding the wrong message to her child .And this is an EVIL mediak, BULLYING a poor teacher, and trying to turn our schools into nothing more than tools for politically ocrfrect brainwashing.

No. I do NOT "feel sorry" for this 8 year old girl because she was "humiliated" at shcool, and made to cry. I feel sorry (to the extent I have any "sympathy" in me, even though I often say all I was born with was used up by the age of 10) for any child who has a MOTHER THIS BAD. It has to be an almost insurmountable handicap to be raised by a mother like this, who gives a child the idea that it is some sort of major "crime" for a child to be "criticized", even in (somewhat sarcastic) fun. I just fininisted 'reading" the (audio) BOO

As I said, I was regularly "humiliated" in school. I have mentioned that my senior high school English teacher made me stay after school to READ my notebook to her (because the public school system had FAILED me--lol--and never taught me legible handwriting). I received at least one SWITCHING in high school. Then there was the sixth grade, where the class did a medley of "rock and roll" songs for the end-of-year schol pageant (a "competition" among the grades). My sith grrade teacher, in Mt. Ida, Arkansas ("modern" enough to suggest the class sing rock and roll songs), actually told me NOT TO SING (just sway back and forth with the other children and mouth the words), because my voice was messing up the whole harmony. This, of course, was SO HUMILIATING that I have never been able to sing since. In fact, wkhen I want to PUNISH my only female friend, Sylvia, I leave a SINGING messsage on her answering machine. She, like most cell phone users, hardly ever actually answers her phone. Now that I think about it, my ublic school days were alomst one humiliation after another. But it never even OCCURED TO ME that I had a "right" to COMPLAIN about these constant humiliations. My parents wre never going to go to the shcool and complain abut a teackher "bruising" my feelings. I never tthought of my father as "Atticus Finch", but I have to admit that he was a Hell of a lot better than this MOTHER of this poor eight year old girl. I will go further: I feel sorry for the children of the WOMEN of CN. No child should be foreced to go through life with a motehr like any of those women.

You think I am "overreactng" here? Think again. This "story" was FEATUREED on Yahoo "News" several days ago. It should NOT have been "featured" in the Mt. ida newspaper, and would not have been when I was growing up (if the town of less than 1,000 peple HAD a newspaper). But this BULLYING of a poor teacher--sending the WRONG message to children everywher---was REPEATED by one of the EViL WOMEN ANCHORS of CNN this Sunday morning. And this EVIL CNN WOMAN (redundancy there) went so far as to SAY that this tgeacher could be reegrarded as a BULLY. If I were this teacher, I would be tempted to SUE CNN. In CNN tterms, being a "buly" is WORSE than being a Musslim terrroirst. The real question, of course, is whether a Muslim terrorist is really worse than the "journalists" of CNN. Again, this bog has been PROVEN right, in the blog article (as long, now, as a year ago) that stated that CNN was PERVERTING the term "bully". If you are going to take the positoin that "bullyin g" is one of the worst problems in America, and then EXPAND the term "bully" to include basicaly ANY "criticism" of one person by another, then you have made the word USELESS. This is one of the many EvILS fromCNN, and the rest of our media, spreading EVIL whenever possilbe.

Did not the woman on CNN--all of the "journalists" of CNN--just CONVICT every single "journalists" of CNN of being a BULLY? Of course that is ture. What else can you call what CNN did to George Zimmerman---what the media in general did to George Zimmerman? What else can yu cal what CNN istrying to do to this TEACHER? Then there are the HYENAS of ALL of the media. Do they not CONSISTENTLY try to BULLY anyone who disagrees with them, or who is trying to excape intruseive questioning? Of course lthey do. "Journalists" are probabl the WROST "bullies" in al of America, as a profession, and much of their "bullying" is inexcusable.

You have often heard, unless lyou are in the modern pubic schol system, of the early signs of The Decline and Fall of the Romna Empire. Can there be any clearer sign of the Declline, and probable coming Fall, of America than this week long MESSAGE to children that they have a "right' to the NATIONAL HIMILIATION of any teacher who "bruises" their feelings? Talk abut "overreaction"!!!!????? This NOTHING story, which never should have been a stsory, has become a WEEK LONG "luynching" of this poor teacher.

Message to the "journalists" of CNN (already given to Yahoo and its mainstream media source): You are doing your best to DESTROY this country. No wonder this blog and you have the SAME number of regular reasers/viewers: TEN. I was further humiliated tis morning, by th way--to compound the humiliatino I suffered in shcool--to learn that "celebrities" like Lady GaGa (ow ae you supposed to write this) and Kim Kardasian (who cares on this spelling) have TENS OF MILLIONS of "followers" on Twitter, while my poor blog is now PROUD to have TEN (ten total, as "cunting on our fingers" ten). Maybe it is a sign of HOPE for America that both CNN and this blog have TEN "followers". Maybe the "fall" is not inevitable. History, of ocourse, wuld suggest otherwise. I just nkow that we have DECINED a long ways since "To Kill a Mockingbird" was writeen. If the "jurnalists" of CNN, and this BAD MOTHER< want to know what I am talking aobut, READ "To Kill a Mockingbird". What am I thinking? These peole are so CLUELESS that it will go right over their heads. The only "mesage" they will receive is that Amierca is a RACIST country. Don't doubt me on this. I know these people, like every inch of my glorious, naked body (to steal the line from Rush Limbaugh again).

P.S. No proofreading or sepll checkng (bad eyesight).

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