Monday, June 11, 2012

Obama, Arizona and Illegal Immigration: Obama Out of Touch with the American People

Obama, of course, has gotten himself in trouble for being obviusly out of touch (thinking he can say anything, and have the mainstream media support him). Thus, Obama said the private economy is "doing fine", and then he said the economy is "absbsolutely not doing fine" (because of the FLAK over the first comment--not because of any real contrition for the original absurdity). But Obama has shown himself out of tougch with the American people throughout his Presidency, and the mainstream media peole themselves are as far out of touch as dishoenst peole can get. 

You know all abut Barack Obama's fanatic campaign against Arizona.  If President Obama had taken on Iran as fanatically as he has attacked Arizona, espeically in connection with that Arizona law on illegal immigratin, we might well have stopped Iran in its tracks.  But, for Obama and the mainstream media, it is ARIZONA that is the real enemy.  And the mainstream media has been with Obama all of teh way.  In fact, the media keeps asking whether Mitt Romney's position on the Arizona law, and illegal immigratin in general, needs to be "changed" if he expectsd to win the election. 

Problem:  It is President Obama and the mainstream media who are out of touch with the American people--not Arizona. This blog recently posted an article ("Erin Burnett:  Liar on the Liar Network") referencing CNN's polll on the American people's opinn of the Arizona law on illegal immigratin.  The mainsteam media "narrative" (propaganda positoin), of course, is that the Arizona law is "controversial".  Not true.  The CNN poll showed that the President's positoin on gay marriage is "controversial".  The Arizona illegal immigratin law is NOT (ecept on the far left).  The CNN poll showed that 75% of the American peole SUPPORT the Arizona law on illegal immigratin.  You may remember that this is supposedly a "polarized" country.  75% of the peole hardly agree on ANYTHING.  In fact, the 20% or so of the people who evidently oppose the Arizona law represents the percentage of Americans who basically identify themselves with the FAR LEFT in this country.  There is an American CONCENSUS supporting the Arizona law on illegal immigratin. You will remember that Obama only got 53% of the vote for President, running against a japless John McCain in a collapsing economy (under a GOP President and a Democratic c Congress which included Obama himself--a Washington INSIDER who helped bring the economy to that state) where teh peole were ready for a change.  Now a 53% President has set himself agasint 75% of the American peole.  Talk abut being "ut of touch".  And the CNN poll found that 62% of NON-WHITES support the Arizona law on illegal immigratin!!!!!   Obama is even UT OF TUOCH with "people of color".

Why is Mitt Romney not making a bigger point out of this obvius example of President Obama being totally out of touch with the American people?  Yes, Mitt Romney suppports the Arizona law, but he (and his surrogates, who tend to give you a better idea of Romney's cowardice on the issue) tend to accept the mainstream media "narrative" thqat Romney somehow has a "problem" because of his positon on the Arizona law and illegal immigratin.  Obviuisly, it is Obama nnd teh maisntream media who have the "problem" of being totally out of touch with the American people, including "non-whites".  Why SHOULD Hispanics, for example, want to be IDENTIFIED solely with illegal immigrans, are the peole who dEFINE Hiispanics in this country (such as my own two daughters, "big time" lawyers in Boston and New York City). Again, it is obviusly Obama, the mainstream media, and the rest of the left who are OUT OF TOUCH with the Amerian peole in these constant attacks on Arizoan.  Note, again, that 75% of the American people SUPPORT ARIZONA, despite the overwhelming media PROPAGANDA the other way.  This shows that tehe GOP establishement is almost as out of touch with the American people as Obama and the mainstream media, as the GOP establishment has refused to really endorse the Arizona law (exept with the greatest reluctnace, and "nervousness" about the "Hispanci vote"--the GOP estalbishment buyhng into this RACIST idea that Hspanic CITIZENS somehow lcan be identified with illegal immigrants). 

Readers of this blog know that I correctly believe that polls are evil and misleading thngs.  But the support of the American peole for the Arizona law has been PROVEN in vote after vote, and poll after poll.  Nothing shows just how out of touch Obama is than his continued CRUSADE against Arizona, and any other state who follows Arizona.  As stated above, the Obama postion (not a matter of "courage", but FORCED by Joe Biden upon Obama) on ay marriage can be regarded as "controversial".  His position on the Arizona law on illegal immigratin is NOT "controversial". It is merely OUT OF TOUCH.  The American people have reached a CONCENSUS on the issue--an issue much more important to most of them than gay marriage. 

Will members of teh American media start ASKING Obama, and his surrogates, about being out of touch with the American peole on the Arizoan law on illegal immigratin, and on illegal immigratino in general?   As it is now, it is ONLY Romney surrogates that are asked about whether Romney has a political problem because of his expressed views on the Arizona law and illegal immigratin.  Yet, it is OBAMA that is out of touch with ALL of the American peole on the issue:  not Romney (although Romney is strangely reluctant to say exactly this) . This is a case where Romney, and his surrogates, need to bring up this poll EVERY TIME they are asked abut this subject, and to make the point that it is Obama who is "out of touch" on this issue:  Obama who does not care what the American peole think because he has his far left agenda/narrrative that Arizona (and msot Americans, for that matter) are BIGOTS just waiting for any chance to stick it to illegal immigrants because of the inherent bigotry of the people who support the Arizona law on illegal immigratin (a mere 75% of the American people, including 62% of "non-wites"). 

This is a case where Romney and his surrogates need to make this pont, and cite these polls, EVERY TIME they are asked whetehr Romne's positoin on illegal immigratin does not give =him a problem for the general electin.  Romney needs to now be POUNDING the point that Obama is ut of touch with the American peole. 

Take ObamaCare.  Really the polls (depending on how biased they are toward the left) are becoming consistent shwoing that about 2/3's of teh American people don't like ObamaCare.  From the very beginning, there has consistently been a MAJORITY of Americans against it, even when it was passed.  Again, Obamma has shown himself totally out of touch with the American peole (along, again, with the mainstream media).  Bovernment spending, and government out of control? Obama out of touch.  I as at an Albersons supermarket in El Paso yesterday, and theCHECKER/CASHIER was talking with a customer in a loud voice abut how he cant' believe how the Federal Government has become so big an out of control.  Obviously one of those "top 1% (lol) that are out of touch with Obama.  In reality Obama is out of touch with MOST people in America.  In fact, he is probably MORE in touch with the "top 1%" (who he and Bailout Ben Bernanke keep bailing out) than he is with the American people in general.  The LAST thing many of the top 1% want is someone--or a lot of someones--like ME upsetting their little apple carts; their concept of a "partnership" between Big Government, Big Business and Wall Street to CONTOROL your lives that used to be known as "economic fascism".

Does Obama really believe that what the American peole want is more ffabously expensive HIGH SPEED RAIL.?  Does that help El Paso?  No. You jsut don't get any more out of touch than President Obama,. And the GOP needs to start making that pont SERIOUISLY--even if it means using the polls by which the leftist media lives and dies.  If only the GOP establishment were not so out of touch themselves. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (NO eidting or revision), because of bad eyesight which makes it imossible for me to read the kind of detail necessary t effectively do those things. At best, I may sometimes notice a bad mistake in a headline, or a mistake as I am typing.  Otherwise, you get exactly what I originaly type, warts and all. 

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