Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spain Bank Bailout (125 Billion Dollars): How Much Wil It Cost US as Bailout Ben's Wall Street Bailouit Policy Takes Over the World

13 days ago, the Spanish prime minister denied that Spain (Spanish banks) needed a biout.  The Spanish prime minister LIED (as everyone knew he was ylying, even as his statements may have sometimes been HYP(ED by oher LIEARS to suggest the European situatin was not as bad as it was, and is).

Today, of course, we find hout that the Spnaish prime minister is declaring "victory" because the "eurozone" has given Sapkn a "lifeline" of up to 125BILLION dollars to rescue its banks.  Again, banks get bailedout--really a bail out of Wall Streeet types all around the blobe, as well as in Spain--while financial irresponsibility is REWARDED  That is why the Spanish prime minister decleared "victory" for obaining this bailout toward which he has obviusly been working the whole time.  Can you really base a "recovery' oconstant "bailouts"?  Ask Baiout Ben Bernanke and President Obama, who have presided over the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression AND over the WORST RECOVERY of the Great Depressiion (with NO other "policy" but bailouts).  No, by the way, this is not a "typo" caused by my eyesight and inability to proofread, or a "mistake" on my part.  Ben Benake was appointed chairman of the Federal Reserve in relatively early 2006, and Senator Obama was elected to the United Stats Senate in 2004.  Since January of 2007, until the electin in 20`0, lObama and his Democrats CONTROLLED both houses of Congress (and basically the POLICIES of the United States government--even as George W. Bush, a bailout guy himself, remained President doing only things APPROVED by Democrats controlling the government).  President Obama has, indeed, been part of the POWER STRUCTURE trying to direct our economy since at least January of 2007.  In the time from January of 2007 to the financial collapse in October of 2008 (and really untill today), NEITHER Obama nor Bailout Ben did ANYTHING to either prevent the collpase or set the sate for a real recovery. 

How much will these constant bailouts in Europe cost the AMERICAN taxpayer?  Who knows. Yu and I never will know, will we, unless some 'whistel blower" comes forward.  Our media is NOT INTERESTED in finding out . In fact, e ven a "whisttle blower" (acting no his own, wihout any prompting from a media that is NOT going to try to find him) may not be enugh, unless he makes it onto the internet.  Our media is only interested in the HYPE here. They are all for all of these bailouts, as are Obama (despsite his applause line abut "no more bailouts) and Bernanke.  Any "news" that comes out about U.S. "involvement" in these BAILUTS is going to come out DESP:ITE ur media. 

At best, even if the U.S. is not directly involved in a specific bailout, it is a DISASTER for every American for th eWORLD to adopt the Bailout Ben/Obama philosophy that they never met a bailout that they did not like.  The message is that NO ONE is ever held acccountable for FAILURE.  Instead, failure is constantly REWARDED.  Countries likje Spain are encouraged that that don't really have to "reform".  Banks LEARN that they don't really have to be responsible.  The specific bailuts are disasters because they just "kick the can down the road", and keep INCREASING the problems that we face in the future.  The "crisis" is just exteneded FOREVER (until the final collapse--worse than any interim "collapse" would have been).  But it is this idea that all we have to do is BAIL OUT any bank or COUNTRY in truble--iwth PRINTED MONEY and the CONTOROL of mere men of entire economies--that represents the FATAL flaw in this "baiout" mania (a policy PUSHED by the economic fascists on Wall Street). Once everyone EXPECTS to be "bailed out"--as I am afraid is already the case, as the Spanish prime minister declares "victory--we are DOOMED (no matter what the details of any individual bailut).

Will the stock market go way UP on Monday based on yet another bailout "deal"?  Will I be able to again SELLL my newlyl acquired stocks (acquired EXPECTING a KHYPED rally to occur before I LOSE my high risk game of musical chairs?  Or will enough details of the supposed Spanish 'miracle" come out to cause the computer gamers on Wall Street to HYPE this the other way?  Who nkows.  All we know is that none of this has anything to do with economic REALITY.  In fact the whole idea is to AVOID economic reality in the Ponzi shcme idea that we can forever "rob Peter to pay Paul"--wihout ever addressing economic reality or even facing it. 

Good luck. We will all need it.  Too bad President Obama is not a Christian (as noted agnostics Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative agree).  We are at the pint now where we could really use a MIRACLE. We might even have some hope of a miracle if Obama were a MUSLIM.  However, since Obama no more believes in any religion than I do--beyond Obama's real "religion" f leftist ideology--I don't think Obama has the choops with God to entervene (as a "citizen of the world", presumably) with God to produce a miracle. Now I understand if you believe that the "miracle" God is dangling before us is to GET RID OF Barack Obama as President. If only I looked upon Mitt Romney as amiracle workter (my doubts having nothing to do with the anti-Mormon BIGOTRY that the mainstream media, Obama and the left are really trying to foster).  Some of you, however, probably have more faith than I do. I guess it is up toyou to save us.  How is that for utting responsibility on YOUR shoulders, while I stand back and say it is hopeless (with our present "leaders")? 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  As stated above, it remains a pet peeve of mine that President Obama has gotten away with the idea that he "inherited" the problems in Washington, which were none of his doing.  If they actualy were 'none of his doing", that, alnoe, is more than aenough reason to CONDEMN HIM.  Obama was a POERFUL part of the RULING ELITE (as were the Democrats who took over Congress in January of 207) while ur economy BURNED. It is not too much to say that Obama FIDDLED (like Romn Emperor Nero) while AMERICA BURNED (if you accept his own contention that he DID NOTHING, and ADVOCATED NOTHING, to avert the economic collapse that DID NOT BEGIN until the Democrats had taken control of Congress). 

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