Friday, June 8, 2012

Erin Burnett: Liar on The Liar Network (CNN)

Remember how our Liar-ij-Chief lied abut the Arizona law on illegal immigration?  Our Liar-in-Chief (Barack Obama) told the natin that any Hispanic who even took his family to get ice cream would be in imminent danger of being picked up by the plice on 'suspicion" of being an illegal immigrant.  The LIE was that the law allowed/directed olice to "stop anyone who they SUSPECTED of being an illegal immigratnt.  That was smply a LIE, as the Arizona law merely provided that a law enforcement office who stopped a person for some OTHER violation of the law was uspposed to try to check on immigration status IF the officer had reasonable grounds for suspicion that the person already stopped was an illegal immigrant. For the longest time, CNN (The Liar Network), and the ret of the mainstream media, maintained the Obama LIE that the Arizona law allowed law enforcement officers to pick up Hispanics on mere 'suspicion" that they might be illegal immigrants. The law specifically says otherwise, but we know that our Liar-in-Chief will say ANYTHIMNG that he thinks sounds good--as he did today when he TWICE said that the "private sector" economy was doing "fine" (trying to suggest that it is the "public sector" that really needs HELP). No.  The "private sector" is NOT doing "fine", and the Arizona illegal immigratin law NEVER allowed Hispanics to be "rounded up" on "suspicion" of being illegal immigrants. 

Segue to Erin Burnett tonight.  CNN did a poll on whether Amercans approve of Arizona's illegal immigratin law.  Now this poll ws EMBARRASSING for the CNN narrative on illegal immigration . That narrative is that Mitt Romney needs to "adjust" his expressed ideas on illegal immigration, such as Romney's support for the Arizona law on illegal immigratin, because he can't improve his supposed dismal standing with Hispanic voters unless he convines them he is just as weak as Barack Obama as to enforcing the immigratin laws.  Problem for this narrative:  The CNN poll (consistent with other polls, even though all such polls are evil things) "showed" that 75% of Americans SUPPORT the Arizona illegal immigratin law.  Obviously, instead of CNN constantly asking why Mitt Romney does not "help" himself with Hisancis by identifying them with illegal immigrants, CNN should have been asking why President Obama is so UT OF TOUCH with the American people (as he was today when he called the "privatge sector" economy "fine").  Presdsident Obama, I remind you and CNN, has SUED (directed his Justice Department to sue) to STOP the Arizona law.  75% of the American peole DISAGREE with President Obama on an issue MORE IMPORTANT to them than "gay marraige" (as an example of another CNN obsession--appropriate for The Gay Network that believes gay marriage is the most important issue ijn America). 

"But, Skip", ispancis are still down on that Arizona law."  Ah, but are they?  The CNN poll said that 62% of NON-WHITES supported the Arizona law.  The poll even showed that MOST DEMOCRATS supported the Arizona law.  Forget, for now, abut the CNN RACISM in continually talking about the "hispanic vote", and continually identifying the "Hispanic vote" with illegal immigrants.  Yes, my sister-in-law in Arizona was momentarily panicked by the Obama LIE, even though she has been in this country legall since the age of 7. And basicallyl my only female friend, Sylvia (100% Mexican-American), keeps referring to 'you white peole", as if Hispancis are not "white".  They are, in fact, primarily Caucasian.  I, for example, have more "Native American" "blood" than Elizabeth Warren, who claimed to be Native American with (at most) 1/32 Native American heritage.  Most Mexican-Americans have some Native American "blood" (the blood of us all is red, in air), but so do I.  Sylive gets her ideas for the FAR LEFT Hispanic, Democratic activists in El Paso (with whom she has connectins).  El Paso is a Democratic city, but NOT because its people want to be identified with illegal immigrants (other than those "open border" activists).  El Paso is a Democratic city because El Paso is POOR (40% of El Pasoans being on food stamps).  This is another DELUSION (that you should be for Democrats because you are poor), but I will address that delusion another day.  I digress (not really). Obviusly, despite the CNN narrative over the past several months, Mitt Romney cannot GAIN voters by OPPOSING 75% of Americans.  Only CNN and President Obama can do that kind of math.  Mitt Romney cannot even gain votes with "people of color" that way, as 62% support the Arizona illegal immigratin law.  There is a reason CNN is The Liar Network (this Big Lie that the "key" to getting Hispanic votes is to SUPPORT ILLEAGAL IMMIGRANTS, and OPPOSE the Arizona law on illegal immigratin). Indeed, Romney should be able to make hay out of Obama being out of touch with 75% of the American people, as should msot of the GOP, except that the GOP politicians are mainly COWARDS.  CNN, The Liar Networ,k, and the restr of the mainstream media, have "convinced" establishment GOP types that they will "lose" the Hispanci vote by standing up for theirprinciples on illegal immigratin, and especailly by too vocal support for the Arizona law. 

To Erin Burnett's credt, she at least addressed this poll head on, rather than going with the standard CNN narrative that most Americans--especiallly "non-white" Americans--don't like the Arizona law.  That is actuallly the CNN Big Lie: to ignore these polls whille suggesting to GOP people that they will LOSE VOTES by supporting the Arizona law.  That makes no sense at all.  You can't possibly LOSE votes by being on the side of 75% of the American people.  Erin Burnett was obivusly not this blunt, but she did recognize the problem for the CNN narrative (without putting it that way).  So what is my problem?  How is Erin Burnett a liar on The Liar network? 

I thought you would never ask.  Here is how Erin Burnett described the Arizona law at the beginning of her segment:  "The law allows law enforcement officers to pick people up on supicioin (the suggestin being "suspicion of beig an illegal imigrrant"), n order to check into theirimmigratin status.  Sorry Ms. Burnett, tht is a LIE.  Read my first paragraph again.  That is not only a LIE, but it is the very SAME LIE that our Liar-in-Chief tried tospread as he tried to attack the Ariaona law. In other words, it is the standard lie of a usual partisan political hack on CNN (The Liar Network).  Now, a considerable time later Ms. Burnett appeared to correct herself, and notte that the Arizona law required a person to be stopped or picked up for some OTHER reason before looking into the immigratino status of any such person based on the reasonable suspicions of the officer (not based on ethnicity).  I am not usure what triggered this "correction": wether it was on e of the "panelists" or someone else giving Ms. Burnett a "heads up"  I believe that SOMEONE had to have corrected her, as I don't believe she would have made the correctin on her own (just because she was thinnking abut what she had said). Notice how it does not matter.  Erin Burnett managed to toally CONFUSE what the Arizona law really provides.  That is what The Liar Network does, and I stand by the statement that Erin Burnett is a liar on The Liar Network. Still doubt me?  Never do that. 

Erin Burnett, liar on The Liar Network, was not done.  She then referred to those "11 mmillion" illegal imigrants inside of the United States (who Warack Obama wants to rEWARD for evanding our border security", and wants to prevent Arizona from identifying, even when they have brought themselves to police attention).  But Erin Burnett did NOT call these people "illegal imigrants".  That would violate what is obviusly CNN (The Liar Network) POLICY.  I have heard other CNN anchors use this teerminology, including another female anchor in the last week or so.  What Erin Burnett did was refer to the "11 million IMMIGRANTS here in the United States".  That is a LIE.  I am perfectly aware that MANY in the mainstream media have this POLICY (part of the DECEPTION of pro-illegal immigrant forces) of never distinguishing between illegal imigrants and legal immigrants.  Problem (makng this an obvius LIE) is that there are MANY more than 11 millin IMMIGRANTS in this country, when yu incllude LEGAL immigrants.  Again, yo uare simply, and deliberately, trying to CONFUSE the situatin by refusing to distinguish between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants.  It is simply a LIE to say that there are 11 millin "immigrants" in this country, and even a worse lie to suggest that Arizona has "targeted" "immigrants", without distinguishing between legal and illegal immigrrants.  This blog has referenced this LIE since at least 2006, in articles in this blog.  It is a DELIBERATE LIE, used totally for political purposes.  The Liar Network regularly uts out this particular LIE. 

This time, Erin Burnett did not exactly "correct herself (even to the vague extent she did on the other lie).  But the PANELISTS did inssist upon using the term "illegal immigrants":  aminly because yu simply cannot discuss the Arizona law without makng the distinction between legal immigarants and illegal immigrants.  Thus, Ms. Burnett was forced into using the term "illegal immigrants" herself, lest she look as STUPID as she really was in trying to lump legal immigrants and illegal immigrants together. 

Sorry, Ms. Burnett, you are a LIAR on The Liar Network. 

The questin remains: Would Erin Burnett be such a partisan political hack, and liar, on a network other than The Liar Network?  Of ocurse, she wuld be the same, or worse, on a netowrk such as MSNBC, or almsot any mainstreamm media network.  But if we could magically create a network for her that actuallyl did real "journalism", would Erin Burnett be so bad?  I am not sure.  I go back and forth on this one.  My "gut" tells me that Erin Burnett merely PRETENDS to have a "fair" streak in her, as when she expressed "doubts" abut the recall of Governor Walker (in Wisconsisn) for ideological reasons.  As I said in my article then, that had the "feel" of an EXCUSE:  a LEFTIST "talking point" to "explain" a win by Governor Walker.  Still, I was nto sure, and sitll am not sure.  Then there are these LIES on ilegal imigratin, and the Arizona law.  Again, however, Ms. Burnett at least was willing to directly FACE the "unfaovrable" (for the CNN narrativ) poll results, without really trying to sugarcoat them. She even talked forthrightly abut the "non-white" support for the Arizona law.  Note that the "non--white" result was nto that far from the "white" result, although the "white" percentage that "approves" the Arizona law wuld obvviously be MORE than 75% (but not a whole lot more, as 62^ is not that far off the 75%).  Would Erin Burnett have told these LIES if she were not part of the "culture" of The Liar Network"?  I am jsut not sure.  She is not as bad as Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, John King, or many other LIARS on The Liar Network.  I have not yet consigned Erin Burnett to the outer darkness, which makes her unique to the "evening" and 'afternoon" lineup of CNN.  Is she jsut a little more "clever" at putting out propaganda, while giving the APPEARANCE of being uncomforatable doing so?  I jsut don't know. But, tonight, Erin Burnett was a liar on The Liar Network--although not such a liar as to distort the actual CNN poll or suggest that the poll was somehow an aberratin.  Indeed, Burnett went out of her way to say that she ahe had "researched" OTHER polls, and that they all showed basically the same thing.  Maybe there is some hope for her, if she could only get away from CNN (but to WHERE? The unfair and unbalanced network?)

P.S., No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  Really, why are GOP politicians and strategists so SCARED of the ILLEGAL immigratin issue?  It boggles my mind.  They must be just ANTURAL COWRDS.  They have issues almsot handed to them, and cant seem to make the obvius case.  Compare this to the PEOPLE.  Notice how Obama and the left have FAILED to confuse the PEOPLE about the actual Arizona law, and about the distinctin between illegal immigrrants and legal immigrants.  Are the PEOPLE smarter than the GOP establishment?  This one is a "no brainer".  Of course, they are.  Chimpanzees are smarter than the GOP establishment (by whch I don't mean to compare the "peopele" to chimps, but DO intend to INSULT the GOP{ establishment (as if that were possible). 

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