Friday, June 1, 2012

Wisconsin and CNN: The Liar Network, and MSNBC, Put on a Full Court Press (Competing as PACs for the Left)

Ae there any of you out there stupid enough to actually believe that CNN is interested in "journalism"?  I hope not. If there is any such person, hwever, tis morning shuld have convinced you taht CNN is noting but a Political Action Committee for the left: seeming to have chosen to compete with MSNBC for that audience.

MSNBC, of course, ever since the original " movement started in Wisconsin against state legislators and Governor Scott Walker, has conducted a POLITICAL CAMPIAGN (abandoning all pretense of "objectivity") in favor of lthe unions in Wisconsin.  MSNBC held a VIGIL in Wisconsin the night that the unions FAILED to recall enough state senators to give Democrats control of the state senate.  MSNBC is now engaged in a final, buig push to try to ull out the recall election for Governor Walker's opponent on Tuesday in Wisconsin.

Enter CN this mornng.  See my previous article. That article did not even mentin what CNN chose as the MAIN "news" story this morning.  Nope. It wsa NOT the TERRIBLE job numbers, and economic numbers in general.  The stalling of the economy does not fit the CNN narrative, and CN will ony pay attentin to Prresident Obama's REACTION (l"spin") as to those numbers.  Nope.  What CNN regraded as THE major "news" this morning was former President Clinton's SPEECH in Wisconsin, trying to "ull out" this recall election for the Democrat.  CNN actually carried at least a part of the Clinton speech LIVE, and even a part of the speech of  Scott Walker's opponent. So much forANY claim that CNN is "neutral".  This is a FULL COURT PRESS to try to ull out the Wisconsin electin for the unions and Obama.  Again, it was not JUST Cliton. The MAJOR CNN focus all morning--every time I surfed--was how IMPORTANT this recall elecitn is to NATIONAL DEMOCRATS. 

What we now KNOW, of course, is that this recall electin is IMPORTANT TO CNN, but only from the Democratic side.  Sure, you can say this election is worthy of some coerage, although not nerarly as the most important story toda (where the national and international economic news is really the important story).  But CNN is "reporting" this from solely the DEMOCRAT/UNIOIN point of view, as if THAT (the interest of Democrats) is the only real story here. 

No. If you eVER believed that CNN ismore "objective" than MSNBC, this morning should have cured you of that delusion. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Scott Walker, lby the way, seems to have done a better job with the Eisconsin economy--not to mentin the Wisconsin DEFICIT--than President Obama has done with the natinal economy.  But CNN and MSNBC are not interested in the economy.  They are ONLY intrested in the DEMOCRAT/UNIONI NARRATIV. For CNN, The Liar Network, that is the most important "news" there is.  "Journalism" be damned.
And I am now refusing even to SURF CNN from bascially 4 p.m. to the end.  Imagine how much material I would have if this were not so:  to much material to ever note it all on this blog:. This is another god reason to have a complete BLACK OUT of CNN for a good part of the day . Merely surfing in the morning is becoming too much for me, as CNN competes with MSNBC for the far left audience.

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