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Bloomberg and Illegal Immigration: Certifiable Idiot

You already know that Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, is a dictator and enemy of freedom at heart. He is the person who wants to BAN jumbo size soft drinks in New York City, while at the same tme making it "legal" to be caught with "small amounts" of marijuana.  I mean the headlie literally:  the man may be certifiably psychotic. He lives in a fantasy world of his own creation, totally divorced from reality, and wants to FORCE others to live in the same world of unreality.  Doubt me?  Never do that.  We now examine the truly INSANE "comments" of Mayro Bloomberg on illegal immigratin (influenced, as only an unbalanced mind would be, by the constant DECEPTKOIOIN of the pro-illegal immigratin forces in this country.

We are going to examine some excerpts from the "wit and wisdom" (recurring sarcasm disease) of Maryo Bloomberg on illegal immigratin.  First, there is this astounding statement:  "Illegal immigrants do not use the ublic schools, because they leave tgheir children at homw." ...............................................................Sorry...................Sorry............................................Sorry.............................I am trying to get control of myself here...........................I did not even go into my usual fetal positin on the ffloor, faced with this kind of absurdity...................................I am too stunned, merely thinking about how absurd this statement is...............................................I'll get myself under control here.......................

Mayor Bloomberg made that up, or he is so certifiably psychotic that he is incapable of distinguishing between fantasy and rreality.  Problem: where to start on this truly insane statement.  Well, let us start with California and Texas.  California, especially, has long complained--alng with Texas and other "border" states, that the Federal Government should "reimburse" them for the extra cost of "educating" al of those children of illegal immigrants. Then there is the HORROR when some of us suggest that we should not LET illegal immigrants attend U.S. schools.  You may remember how Rick Perry, governor of texas, got in trouble for the Texas bill that gave IN-STAT tuition to illegal immigrant "children" who graduate from Texas high schools and go on to a Texas state university--while, of course, denying in-state tuition to people LEGALLY in this country, but whose parents happen to live in another state. Then there is the Dream Act.  You remember the Dream Act, don't you, despite the fact that there have been vaiours VERSIONS of it as the LEFT has tried desperatgtelyl to get a START on AMNESTY?  The idea of the Dream Act is that there is a HUGE "problem" in this country of illegal immigrant children who were brought to this country when they wrere yung, and who have graduated, or will graduat, from high schools in the United States. The Dream Act would give all of these chldren, who have to be a SMALL portion of the ttotal illeal immigrant children in this country, "legal status", and a path to citizenship (so long, maybe, as they go on to ollege, and maybe they wuld receive HELP to do that). Is Mayro Bloomberg saying that the lefit in this country is DISHONEST?  Well, he should,be, because they are--especially on illegal imigration--but I don't get the feeling that Bloomberg has enough connectin to reaity to distinguish truth from fictin.  My source for this ISANE "position" of Mary Bloomberg: Fareed Zakaria of CNN (I know: CNN is The Liar network, but Bloomberg says these kinds of things on illegal immigration all of the time, and so I believe he said this one). You know, by the way, that CNN is The Liar Network, because Zakaria accepted this absurd statement without challenge while making sure to challenge any statements by tghe single person Zakaria quoted in opposition to Bloomberg.

No. I am not lthrough.  So illegal immigrants "leave their children in their home country (I really can't get over how absurd this statement really is--as I PERSONALLY know, having lived in the El Paso area for more than 50 years).  What abuot all of the PUBLICITY about these "raids" where illegal immigrant women and children were roundecd up and deported (raids on employers, which Obama has STOPPED). THE POOR CHILDREN.  Taht was the focus of EVERY mainsteam media story on the subject.  Hey. Talk to the hand.  Or, rather, talk to Mayor Bloomberg (as "inteligent" as the hand).  Mayro Bloomberg says those children do not exist.  Then there is that insane policy of our country that children of illegal immigrants born in this country are automatically U.S citizens.  Is Mayor Bloomberg really saying that illegal immigrants have all of these children born in the U.S , but leave their other children in their home country?  Give me a greak.  Illegal  immigrant/open borders people just throw thees ABSURD things out in the hpes that there are peole as insane (or dishoenst) as Bloomberg to push these oxymoronic inconsistencies. 

Bloomberg is not thrugh.  In one brath (in hes bestg immitatin of President Obama saying the private economy is "fine", and then saying it is OBVIUSLY "not fine") Bloomberg says that illegal immigrants "work", but mainly do so in the "cash economy" (where taxes are NOT WITHHELD).  In the next breath, Blooomberg says that illegal immigrants "do pay taxes" (even as they violate the law, if they earn enough money, by failing to file tax returns), and can't even get the refunds or Social Security credit to which they should be "entitled".  Again the DECEPTION here is overwhelming . Bloomberg has directly contradicted himeslf, within a few breeaths, by first suggesting taht illegal immigrants are "working" totally in the "underground" economy, and then suggesting that they steal ordinary jobs (and maybe identities), but don't get 'credit" for the taxes they pay. This all makes no sense at all, but it is not intended to make any sense. It is intended to confuse the issue.  IF we were able to operate, as a country, on the LIMITED taxes that illegal immigrants "pay", then wy are wwe talking about raising taxes on American citizens?  It is absolutely absurd to suggest that illegal immigrants are paying their 'fair share' of taxes in this country.  Note, by the way, taht Bloombeg would make illegal immigrants LEGA, which would mean they would get FULL Social Security benefits (on the same basis as American citizens who have not worked all of their adult lives). 

Sure, many illegal immigarants "work".  But let me tell you a story, which comes from personal knwledge of my brotehr (whose wife has property in North Carolina).  There is a man in North Carolina who MAKES MONEY off of illegal immigrants ON WELFARE.  How does he do that?  H e rents out trailers to illegal imigrants, and tells them HOW to get th eomney to pay him.  They can get beneifts--despite all of tehe lies to tghe contrary, because no one INVESTIGATES whether they are illegal immigrants (raciall "profiling", you know).  Thus, this man with the trailer basicaly gets paid by the government for providing housing for illeagl immigrants. Good "work", if you can get it.  Then, of course, there are the welfare lpaymetns, food stamps and benefits for "anchor babies" (babies of iillegal immigrants born in the United States). 

Bloomberg was not through with his lis and red herrings.  He then said that we did not have to worry about illlegal immigrants using American health care, because they are mainly "young" (without much need for health care).  Again, what can you say about a statement like that?  Sure, Bloomberg made it up.  Who knows how "young' most illegal immigrants are.  But say they ARE "young".  What does that MEAN?  It would mean that almost ALL of them are RECENT illegal immigrants, who have not "lived in this country for many years".  Does Blooomberg really want to say that?  Again, it does not matter to Bloombergn, or the dishonest pro-illegal immigration people.  The idea is to CONFUSE the issue, and jsut go on to howw "harsh" it is to deny people the "good life" here in the United States.  Why should we provide health care to illegal immigrants, no matter how much they "use" it?  And if we HAVE to, because we can't turn away people who need emegency medical care, then that is more than enough reason to make sure illegal immigrantgs are FORCED to go home, and DISCOURAGED from coming here in the first place (because they are not REWARDED for their illegfal actions). 

Nope.  Maryo Bloomberg is either certifiably disaccociated from reality, or he is one of the most dishoenst peole hwo ahave ever lived. As usual, I vote for BOTH.

What is rally going on here/  Note the Orwellian Big Lie that Bloomberg is putting forth:  the basis of all of teh otehr lies.  The Big Lie, which Bloomberg is to o DISHOENST to asssert directly, is that ILLEGAL immigrants are GOOD for the United States, and sould nto be discouraged at all ("open borders").  What else can you conclude fro these statements of Bloomberg, if taken to their logical concusion? 

Faced with this obvius point, disshonest advocates of "open border" will usually argue--except for the real fanatic "open borders" people like Alan Colmes--that they are "all for' BORDER SECURITY.  They just don't want to be "harsh" to the hard working" peole who are "alerady here" (even if they arrived yesterday, or tomorrow). This may be the most IMMORAL positin of all.  So we are gong to do our best to STOP peole at the borer, and make it difficult for them to "gt in' (maybe at the cost of many lives), but IF they can make it, then that shows they are "wrothy" to stay here.  I leave it as an exercies for you--a tet of whether you are as insane and/or dihonset as Bloomberng--as to why this view of the border as an OBSTACLE COURSE to prove "wrothiness" to stay in the United Staes makes any sense at all. 

Note that this last absurdity makes it IMPOSSIBLE to "approve" a "guest worker" progra--along with that outdated "policy" that any baby born in the United States is an Aermican citizen . MANY peole come into this country legaly, on some kind of "temporaary" visa--even a shopping visa.  If all they have to do is GET INTO the United States, and then stay here because we refuse to ever deport them, then we can NEVER "solve" our illeegal immigratino policy.  The oNLY way to "solve" our illegal immigration policy is to make it HARD enough to STAY here illegally that people are unwilling to even try it.  And if they do try it, at least many of them will be forced t give up and go home because they face too many obstacles here.  If we do not do this, how do we FORCE "guest workers" to go back home?  And what about the baibes they have here?  I know that GOP "business types" want to continue to EXPLOIT illegal immigrants, but I will have no respect for them unless and until they recognize their own unreaity and hypocrisy.  ANY "guet worker" progaram MUST contain iron clad ENFORCEMENT provisions making it impossible for them to simply choose to remain in the United State, and have their children be United Staes citizens (as they, themselves, take advantage of each successive "amnesty" law).

No. Pro-illeal immigratin people really are some of the most dishoenst peole who have ever lived., and Bloomberg is abut the worst I have ever seen.  The man realy is both insane and dishoenst.  I know, by the way, that I have INSULTED "idiots" in the headline (or the peole who used to be identified by that category in the IQ scale).  No "idiot" could possibly be as bad as Mayor Bloomberg.  Even if you assume that some of them might have brain power just as bad, NONE of them I have ever even heard abut are as DISHONEST as Maryo Bloomberg. Terefor, I APOLOGIZE to any of you people who hapen to have a low IQ.  I jsut had no adequate word to fit Bloomberg.  But I apologize for my own lack of imagination in the headline.  I should have done better. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  I am now on Twitter, as The Mav Conservative under the skiip33666 email address.  I don't know if any peole wil lcome to this blog from Twitter. My intentin is to put only blog HEADLINES on Twitter, and direct peooople to this blog if they want the full article.  I o not intend to compose original "tweets" especially for Twitter.  If anyone does come to this blog from Twitter, be advised that I MEAN IT whn I say NO proofreading or spell checking. And I type badly.  I have an untreatable from of macular degeneratin that jsut makes it too time consuming for me to try to even spell check my articles.  Thus, what you get is a kind of "steam of consciusness" article, with bad typing.  No revisions.  Typos. Spelling "errors" (sometimes even real ones).  The compensatin you get for this aggravatin is that you get analysis here you get nowhere else,  You ahve to decide whether the aggravatin is worth it for you.  I am NOT paid for this, and I refuse to go through hoops to try to provide "clean" coy.  Accept it or don't.  It is up to you.  For tis very same reason, I do not "folow" other websites or "tweets". It is hard enough for me to "follow' the text "news" sources that I look at.  It takes me at least 15 minutes to "read" a single paragraph, and even then I may sometimes not see it completely correctly.  I try to read commetns to this blog, but have difficulty.  I actually used to be able to read very fast, and with fantastic comoprehensin. Can't really do that any more, which means I don't "read" much actual text beyond the minimal amount I hink I need to look at to keep up with what is going on. 

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