Wednesday, June 13, 2012

President Obama Is Not a Christian: Noted Agnostics Bill Maher and The Maverick Conservative Agree

Bill Maher supports Barack Obama so strongly taht he gabve 1 MILLIN dollars to an Obama Super PAC.  Bil Maher is one of the most militant, vehement, and even virulent atheists in this country.  It is not too harsh to call Maher one of the leading anti-Christian  biogts in this country (which is why he has been so often featured on CNN, The Antii-Christian Network". Maher has also used disgusting language toward individual (conservativ) women. 

Does this strong support by Bill Maher of Presdient Obama indicate that Maher thinks Obama is not a Christian?  I actually think it does mean that, but you don't have to rely on me.  You can listen to Bill Maher himself, who ahs said:  "President Obama is not a Christian.  He is a secular humanist".  Now I have said before that I would gues that Maher (who I dod not watch regularly) has 'explained" this comment to mean something than what it says. I actualy watched Maher on Piers Moragn for an entire hoiur or so (less time for commercials and filkelrs), wherein DISHONEST , PARTISAN HACK Morgan only gave softballquestins talking abut hhe GOP candidates as "insane", as Bill Maher got to esay why he hda given a millin dollars to Obama with no challenge at all (except a few muted criticisms of Obama FROM THE LEFT). What Morgan did nNOT do was even MENTIN that Bill Maher is the most militant atheist in the country, or ask whether Maher's militant atheism had anything to do with his suport of Obama.  Morgan of course, did not even come close to asking Maher abut Maher's statement that Obama was a "secular humanist", rather than a Christian.  That is acutaly the ONLY rfeason I watched Piers Morgan that ONE time: to see whether he eould ask abut that, expecting that he would not.  After all, Morgan is on The Anti-Christian Network. 

"Skip, you are an agnostic.  Why do you keep bringing up this idea that Presdient Obama is not a Christian, whether Bill Maher agrees with you or not?"  As I ahve said before, I, personally, have no problem wiht Barack Obama not being a Christian--both because I am an agnostic myself and because I think a candidate's religious beeliefs, as such, should NOT be the subject of POLITICAL debate in thsi country.  No, the HYPOCRITES of CNN , and the rest of the mainstream media, are NOT "wth me" on this.  For exmaple, they have made the THEOLOGY of Mitt Romney a subject of debate, and hhave ushed the idea taht Mormons are not "cChristians" (TOTALLY a matter of  THEOLOGY, and not a matter dealing with any real issue facing this country).  This attmept to make "religion" a one-edged sword in political debate has forced me to VOW to bring up, periodically, the fact (at least 95% certain) taht President Obama is not a Christian.  I agree with Bill Maher that Obama is a "secular humanist" (with leftist ideology as Obama's real religoni).  As an agnostic, I nkow a non-Christian when I see one.  Obama is ntot really a Christian  Yes, that makes him a hypocrite, but it is stil not an "issue" that I think shoulduld be subject to POLITICAL debate. However, that has not stopoped the anti0-Christian BIGOTS of  CNN and the rrest of the mainsnstream media.  Since I am not a Christian, and do not turn the other cheek, I have RESPONDED to this media evil with my own STATEMENT OF FACT. 

Note that I was at least RAISED Presbyterian, before deciding I was an agonostic at about the age of 13.  Obama, on tehr other had, admits that he was RAISED in a "non-religius" household.  Other than Obama's own statements (made from political self-interest, as is also true of his vaius statements on gay marriage over the years), ther is NO evidence that Obama is really a believinng Christian.  Belonging to the church of racist America hater, the Reverned Jeremiah Wright, certainly does not prove that Obama is a Christian.  That was a POLITICAL ovmove on the part of Obama, as was his DUMPING of Reverned Wright. The only question with regard to Obama aand Christianity is wether Obama is an ANTI_CHRISTIAN BIGOT like Bill Maher.  Obama's "waqr on religon" (such as this attempt to FORCE Cathlics to provide FREE contraception to women) would seem to indicate he is fully oon board with Maher's anti-Christian biogtry .  But I go back and forth on that.  Note that it does nto matter.  Obamas "wr on religin" is a LEGITIMATE ISSUE.  His motivation is irrelevant. 

What prompted me to renew this statment:  "Presdient Obama is not a Christia"  See the previous three articless posted on this blgo. Whenever, the mainstream media starts trying to "play the race card", or otherwise jush vicous, irrelevant propaganda, I regard that as a direct invitatin to me to again sate the FACT taht Obama is not a Christian . I expect a renewal of the "anti--Mormon propaganda--form the mMEDIA, and NOT mainly from evangelical Christians--at any time. I don't put up with any of this.  It tends to drive the media up the wall to hear the TRU:TH that Obama is not a Christian, and this blog will repeat the statement periodiclay between now and Novebmer--ussually after the mainstream media has done something I regard as outrageous. 

Notice haow WELL this fits in with the meida propaganda that "secret racists' aree opposing Obama because he is bla ck.  Maher is NOT a "secret" atheist.  He is a VOCAL athesit.  Is he SUPPORTING Obama because Obama is also an athiest (making Obama aalso a liear)?  Well, Maher, himself, has said this is the case.  I believe him (no matter whether he has tried to "explain" it away or not). 

P.S No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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Marylee said...

(Thanks, Skip. Saw this on the net.)

(and thinks children have a "right" to see it!)

Google “Zombietime” and click on “Up Your Alley Fair.” After recovering from the uncensored photos (!), Yahoo or Google “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up” on the “ucmpage” (even Jesus told Judas to hurry up – John 13:27). Also Yahoo “Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right.” View these before the predicted California earthquake happens a la Rev.16:19 (“the cities of the nations fell”) – and before meteorological "lows" like hurricanes and tornadoes which predictably reflect society's "lows." Gays have invented strange architecture - closets no longer opening on to bedrooms but on to public Main Streets where children can watch police-protected sex between naked men in "Madam" Nancy Pelosi's brothel district! I wonder how soon San Fransicko's underground saint - San Andreas - will get a big jolt out of what goes on above him and will suddenly change the political left into the EPICENTER-LEFT!
Since Luke 17's predicted "days of Lot" (see Genesis 19) immediately precede the Second Coming, gays and gay-loving SF politicians are hurrying up, and thus helping to fulfill, Christ's return as Judge and making the Bible even more believable! Not one to mince words, Jesus said in Mark 9:42 that anyone hurting a child in any way deserves to be hanged and have his body thrown into the ocean - and that includes any President whose favorite drink seems to be infanti-cider! It's far from coincidental that the more America elevates gays and other violence, the more the cost of gas, food etc. goes up! If America is smart, it will pick up the big dust-covered book everyone owns and almost never reads - no, not the Sears catalog - and find out that the One who made the universe has some rights too!
Also Google "Obama a Black-Slavery Avenger?," "Michelle Obama's Allah-day," and "Islam Will Purify Jews and Christians."
PS – New pro-life slogans: “Unborn babies should have the right to keep and bear arms – and legs and ears and eyes etc.!” & "Unborn babies should have the same right to be born alive that abortionists had!"

(Obama and his porn-protecting California friends - including Brown and Pelosi - did NOT approve of this message.)