Thursday, June 14, 2012

Voter ID Laws and Leftist Insanity

The left, includnig the Obama Adminnistration, has somehow gotten on this "crusade" AGAINST voter ID laws.  As best I can figure, leftist Democrats WANT to encourage VOTER FRAUD in this county.  Tal abuout OUT OF TOUCH.  Look at these items upon which Presddient Obama has put himself in OPPOSTION to at least 71% of the American peole:

1. IIllegal immigratin, and especaily the "harsH' Arizona law (gets 75% indorsement from the Amercian people, accourding to those right wing fanatics at CNN, who conducted the poll)).

2.  Health Care individual mandate (whole law doesn't do much better), which is oposed by about 70% of the American peole.

3. These voter ID laws, supported, again, by abut 70% of the American people.

I know the (TOTALLY INSANE) "argument":  that "minority" voters are much more likely to not have a governmet issue d picture ID than others.  Now I can almost buy this as to ILLEGL IMMIRANTS, who leftist Democrats really do want to VOTE.. But if you are an American citizen, and do not have some kind of goovernment issued ID (I have a mere ID, and not a driver's license, because I can't see, and it cost me all of $8)., you have what normal eople would regard as much more SERIOUS (for an individual) problems than not being "allowed" to vote. Tink of the things you CANNOT DO if you don't ahvve a government ID:

1.  Drive a car.

2. Drink, or even buy alcohol at the supermarket (unless you look OL, like me).

3.  Enter a Fedeeral BUILDING.  This is not jsut the Federal courthouse.  You can't even visit the IRS.  I know.  I TRIED (sort of), as I preented my EXPIRED Teas driver's license rather than my current ID.  All I wanted was to get a form from the IRS.  I was flatly told:  This ID is no good.  I  CAN'T LET YOIU IN.  No alternatives. No choices.  Just a flat:  "GO AWAY, unless you can present a proper ID" (which I eventually found).

4.  Enteer tthe El Paso Counnty Curthosuse, whihc holds lall of the courts of general jurisdiction AND the records office (vital statistics, deeds, births, deaths etc.). How do you even GET MARRIED without a government ID? You can't even get in the building to get a license, even if you dont have to present an ID there (which you probably do).

5.  Enter the MUNICIPAL CURT building in El Paso.  This means that you can't respond to a traffic ticket without a government ID, or even PAY a traffic ticket.  Now, of course, you don't really need to have a governmnet ID to be a DEFENDANT in a criminal proceeding, so there probably is a way to gte in without an ID.  But it is HARD.  There are BIG OBSTACLES.

6.  Get on a plane.  Heck.  You may have truble getting IN THE ARIPORT. 

7.  Use a CHECK., and maybe even a credit card (depending on the entity to which you present the card).

8. Even set up a bank account (unless you use on e of those banks that was SEEKING the business of ilegal immigrants--do such entities even exist anymore, and do they really accept NO GOVERNMENT ID?)

9.  You have a PROBBLEM if you are tstooped by the police for ANYTHING, unless--of course,--you are in a "sanctuary city", and they think you are protected as an illegal immigrant. 

10.  You try to get into any number of places, including some SPORTS EVENTS, without any Id. 

You get the idea.  The list couuld go on and on.  I am sorry.  It is jsut NO T A PROBLEM that more 'minorities" don't have an ID in this country.  The total NUMBER of peole that fit in this category, once you exclude WANTED FELONS and ILKLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, has to be a numbre you can cunt on yoiur fingers and toes (an exaggeratin, but not much of one). 

Look at how BAD letist Democrats aare.  I am sorry again, these are just nOT NICE PEOPLE.  Think of how much MORE "good" you would do for "ninorities" by HELPING THM GET AN ID.  I mean.  It realy is HARD to exist in this country without one.  And lok at all of this TIME and MONEY being spent to ENABLE VOTER FRAUD.  If you spent even a FRACTION of that time and money--the Justice Department is SUING, for God's sake--on makn gsure poeple HAD an ID, I really can't believe there wulld be AnYONE left who idd not have one.  You could BRIBE people to TAKE ONE, and come out ahead (in money and time)? What do I conclude fro this?

It is obvius.  Leftist Democrats,--as usual--are NOT INTERESTED in "minority" individuals.  What they are interested in is VOTES, and this strange mental aberration with regard to voter ID laws can ONLY be explained by tghe fact that leftist Democrats want the VOTES;--not so much the ovtes of those FEW peole who don't have an ID, and cnat' get one, but the votes that are FRAUDULENT.  Now you would thin a SIDE "motivation" here would be to assert a FALSE "outrage" at the GOP for "voter suppression".  However, look at those pll results again.  Do leftist Democrats really GAIN by going aginst 70% of the peole?  I just don't see it.

Then there is SEcURITY  Waht if a state ismply required an ID to GET INTO A POLING PLACE, as a matter of SECURITY?  Sounds lie a perfectly intelligent idea to me.  Hey. Is not a big ooling placde at least as likely a "target" as the El Paso Federal building that contains the IRS?  Well, maybe using the IRS is not such a good example.  But you get the idea.

No prooofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight, which is why I don't have a driver's licesne or a car). 

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