Saturday, June 9, 2012

Race and Yahoo: Race-Obsessed Racists of Our Media (Boycott Yahoo/AT&T)--as The Maverick Conservative Is Betrayed by His Computer

Here is the hopeless mainsteam media story "featured" on Yahoo last night:

"Fears of racism mar Euro 2012 kick-off"

Talk about being OBSESSED with RACE, because you are so racist that yur world is all abut race!!!!!!!  This blog has shown yu, time and time again, that the PRIMARY RACISTS in society today are in the mainstream media, and elsewhere on the left. Those are the people who DEFINE people and events in terms of RACE; the very definition of racism.

Just look at that disgraceful headline.  Notice that the headine is another citizen of the world' headline.  Do yu really think that FEARS of racism at a European event should be a 'featured" story in the United States?  Give me a break.  But why is this a "story" ("news") at all--anywhere outside of maybe the local area where they are trying to caution people on how to act (probably a bad idea, by the way)?  Notice that the story does not say that any actual RACIST EVENT has occurred.  No. The disgracefu story is about ANTICIPATING "racism".  This may be the worst Yahoo "featured" headline of all time, and the most revealing abut the RACISTS of Yahoo and the mainstream media. 

As this headline shows, Yahoo does regard itself as a leftist "citizen of teh world".  I have noted this Yahooo obsession with Euro 2012, before it even opens, that has now gone so far as to ANTICPATE "racsims" (lol--that is absurd).  When I say this may be the worst Yahoo headline of all time, that means it may be the worst headline ever published in this or any other universe, at any time. But Yahoo and today's "journalists" are sure to top it again tomorrow.  But read my article yesterday abut Yahoo as a "citizen of teh world".  Tha areticle is absolutely accurage, especailly as to that pitiful collection of stoires from around the world, where the ONLY U.S. related story is abut an APOLOGY.  However, my computer betrayed me--along with my eyesight--in one respect.  I indicated that the specific "world-oriented" stories came from the "top stories" "featured" on Yahoo.  Unknown to me, my computer--on its own, without any intent on my part (lol)--had switched from Yahoo 'featured" stories to Yahoo "world" stories.  Even more strange (to me, anyway), this setting STAYED even after the computer was turned off and restarted.  There was no "resetting" back to "featrued" top sttories.  And I can't see.  Thi smeans that I did not notice that this had happened, as any "bolding' as to the "choice" of section was not apparent to me.  What happened was that I just could not believe that Yahhoo--even though it has always been clear that Yahoo  and our mainstream media regard themselves as leftist "citizens of the world--really had gone so insane as to ignore ALL U.S. stories (other than an apology) in its "featured" section. Therefore, I looked at my computer much more carefully, and discovered that I was getting the "world" stories on my default page rather tahan the featured" stories, and would keep getting them until I consciusly clicked on the 'featured" story sectin (even though I had never "clicked it off", and "clicked on" the "world' sectin in the first place.

Okay. So last night this light bulb when on in my head, after I had a phone conversation with my bortehr where I mentioned my article about Yahoo as a "citizen of the world" and suddenly wondered if I had somehow I had gotten into a different section of Yahoo "News", I found the "problem" and "clicked" back into the "featured" section of "top stories" instead of the "world" sectin.  I almost switched right back.  The "world" stories had been pitiful examples of what Yahoo considers "important" " "top stories" in the world today;  an indictment of the world of modern "jurnalims".  But the "eatured" stories were way beyond "pitiful". 

There ws that ridiculous, race-obsessed story described above, and which is the mains subject of this article.  Then there was a story (I could never make this up) headlined:  "Y big story: the politics of a slap."  Don't even ask. hthe story was as stupid as it sounds, and foreign based. There was a ridiculous story headlined:  "Web rant on verticl videos goes viral." No.  You could tie my hands and feet to ropes attached to four separate horses pointed in for different directins, and I would NOT try to read that story. There was the "photo of the day". Oh,. There were two domestic political stories.  One was abut the Obama "clarificatin" of how he did not really mean that the private economy was "doing fine" when he said that the private sector was "doing fine" (TWICE). The other was about Attorney General Eric Holder appointing "two prosecutors" to look into those "leaks" of classified infformatin that the New Yrok Times said came from  "current and former Obama Administratin sources". No othe 'news" from the entire United States, as there usually is not.  That is why I did not immediately realize that Yahoo and my computer had switched me to  the "world" sectin.  It really did not seem that much worse than usual, although--as I said--it did seem WORSE (not even the Obama-oriented political "news", although there NEVER has been in real factual "news" of things happening in the United States).  Notice that the two domestic political stories were all about the OBAMA ADMINISTRATIN REACTIN to criticism.  This blog has already told you the principle at work here: If a tree falls in a forest, and Obama does not deign to notice it, then it never happened.  The ONLY thing that matters to our mainstream media is protecting Obama, and "reporting" the OBAMA REACTION to adverse events and criticism.  The actual events and criticism are rarely 'featured".  As for fACTUAL "news", forget it. That is where my brief exposure to Yahoo "world"  "news" was useful. The 'world" "jurnalism' was pitiful, and agenda driven, but it was actually MORE FACTUAL (by a thin margin) than the 'featured" "news".  The "featured "news" is ALL abut OBVIUOS AGENDA. 

Thus, you had this morning. There were TWO meaningless stories abut SYRIA (one featureing RUSSIA).  I thought I was back in the "world' sectin again.  No. I was in the "featured" top stories (lol). There was a story abut how  Spain MAY "ask" next week for a BAILOUT OF BANKS.  Yu might remember, again, how our Lir-in-Chief (I think in his State of the Union address) LIED abut NO MORE BAILOUTS. This attempt to again BAIL OUT banks (this time European banks) actually is imporatn news.  However, notice the weird approach of the story.  The story is NOT abut the FAILURE of Spain's banks, or about a "debate" on whether they should be bailed out.  It is about how Spain "may" ASK for the bailout of its banks (with how much U.S. help?). No, there is no story about whether Bailout Ben Bernanke, and/or the U.S. , would be involved in any bailuot.  Rather, the whole pont of a pretty much MEANGINGLESS story (as written) is to 'prepare" the public fo rmore bailouts.  Wall Street, (our Wall Stret), of course, has been CAMPAIGNING for a complete BAIOUT of European banks for abut a YEAR.  And Wall Street is still looking to Bailout Ben Bernake for furhter BAILOUTS of WALL STREET (includnig making sure the Euroopean central bankers and politicians follow teh BAILOUT philosophy of Bailout Ben).

This is terrible stuff.  The story about Eric Holder appointing two prosecutors was rEPEATED this morning.  There was the "photo of the day".  And then there was an absurd story abut how "activists" (conservative and liberal) are takng "jabs" at both Obama and Romney on the economy. Note, again, that there is NO real factual "news" from the United States.  Nothing, for exmaple, about more states wanting to put a TAX on miles driven. Nothing about what has happened in Wisconsin since the victory of Governor Walker.  Nothing abut hte vaious NAZI-type actions of Mayor Bloomberg of NYC to try to CONTROL peole. Nothing abut the 75% of the public (even as our media over-reports polls that it LIKES) who SUPPORT the Arizona illegal immigratin law, and about how "out of touch" President Obama is with those 75%.  No.  This story abut "activists" taking a "jab" at both Obama and Romney on the economy is meant as COVER for the GAFFE of President Obama yesterday:  where Obama first said that the "private sector" economy is "doing fine", and then--after criticism--later said that the econmy is "not doing fine".  The mainstream media is desperately trying to COVER for Obama on that one, and that is the entire purpose of that NOTHING article about "activist jabs" at BOTH Obama and Romney.

You should be able to see how this brief exposure to Yahoo 'world" " top stories" has CONFIREMED my view of Yahoo and AT&T:  BOYCOTT YAHOO AND AT&T. They have NO "redeeming social value" (the old test for PORNOGRAPHY, as Yahoo and AT&T promot 'journalistic" pornography).

There is no excuse for "journalism" being this bad.  These are dishonest, stupid peole.  And yes, I mean essentially ALL modern "journalists".  There have to be SOME exceptins.  It has been a lng time since I have encuntered any. Modern "journalism" is simply not interested in FACS--especially facts of real importance.  See, again, the late Michael Crichton's novel,"Airframe", which caputered (more than a decade ago) the real "spirit" of what passes as modern "journalism".  It is ungly stuff, and modern "journalists" deserve nothing but total CONTEMPT. That is what I give them. 

P.S  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight--as evidence my inability to see what sectin of Yahoo my computer may stick me in). 

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