Friday, June 8, 2012

Justin Bieber and Mexico City: Media Fixation

When we last hard from Justin Bieber, he was wearing a t-shirt with this message:  "Doing real stuff sucks".  Yu will remember that the DISHONEST PRIGS of ur media thought that was a "crime" against Bieber's followers, which would "upset" them. That, alone, shuuld show you how cluieless our media really is.  You will also remember that what upset the COMMU:NITS of the media was not the wrod "sucks", but that "rich teen" Justin Bieber actually dared to suggest (on a t-shirt--lol) that he had any idea what "ral stuff" was all abut.  Yep.  The Maverick Conservative DEFENDED Justin Bieber against this ridiculous, priggish attack, even thugh I did not really have any idea of who he is.  I mentioned that I did not know who he is, which probably explains why I did not receive a "thnk you" on this blog for my defense of this new teen idol. 

Well, here is another example of both the media FIXATION with Justin Bieber, and the mediia people image of themselves as "citizens of the world" (another AP story FEATURED as a "top story" by the trulyl despicable people of Yahoo 'News", who had last tried to "hurt' Justin Beieber with his fans by makng that t-shirt its featured PICTURE STORY):

"Mexico City says Justin Bieber may outdraw Paul McCartney at free concert"

This is what pases as a "top story" for the modern media.  Paul McCartney, as we all know, is at least as old as I am.  That means he DIED several years ago, and that his concertse are presently being given using a hologram.  If I were a teen idol, I would be disappointed if I culd not "outdraw" a grandfather figure like Paul McCartney.

But what is this sudden medaia FIXATION with Justin Bieber--not to mentin this new fixation with everything NOT AMERICAN.?  I know.  Mexico is part of "America", but it does not have "America" as part of its country name (as we do). "American " is the ONLY convenient one word description of a person from the United States of America (you know, like "Mexican", or "German", or "Italian" or whatever). Why is our media HYPNG a concert in Mexico City before it even happens?  Why this total fixation with Justin Bieber? Or is this just YAHOO?  Is Yahoo DROWNING:  gong down for the ird time (as it richly deserves to do, as a company).  Is YAHOO trying ANYTHING to try to make a totally irrelevant company relevant again?  Maybe so.  I am at a loss for any other explanatin. Thus, Yahoo is even willing to risk turning off young people with that totally gratuitous SLAP at Justin Bieber's t-shirt, on the theory that raising "controversy" about Justin Bieber (even in the form of criticism) will attract an audience. 

Boycott Yahoo.  I beg yu.  Otherwise, yu can jsut be as bemused as I ham at the hypcrisy of a media trying to USE a "rich teen", even as the truly despicable peole (our media people) DSPISE rich people (unless it is themselves, or someone like Obama) and DESPISE the "fans" of such a  "rich teen" (good Communists that our media people are) . Message to you "fans" of Justin Bieber:  Yes, our media really DESPISE you for idolizing a young man like Justin Bieber, who the poople of our media are sure does not "deserve" being so much more rich and famous than they are. 

Nope.  It is not true that I desise Justin Bieber, or his fans.  I still don't even really know who he is.  True, I doubt I wwould like his music that much, but I am merely going on my past experience with modern p9o music.  I am still stuck back with "The Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, The Carpenters, and even "The Beatles". But I don't ENVY Justin Bieber his success.  More power to him.  Nor do I secretly despoise his "fans".  If our despicable media keeps up this fixatin with Bieber, I may even be FORFCEd to check out what all of teh fuss is about.  Only then will I form a real opinion of Bieber's musci.  My opinion of our media, of course, is alrady established.  These are some of the most DESPICABLE people who have ever lived. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checknig (bad eyesight).  I wonder if my daughters (now 29 and 31) like Justin Bieber?  I will have to ask them.  In th emeantime, I am gong to have to get a t-shirt that says:  "Doing real media sucks". 

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