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Health Care, the Associated Press and Yahoo: Propaganda Central (Boycott Yahoo and AT&T: I BEG YOU)

Current PROPAGANDA headline from the Anti-Ameircan, Desicable Associted Press (complete, offcial name) featured on Yahoo "News"/AT&T:

"Undoing health care law could have messy ripple effects"

Remember how the LIARS of the maisntream media (some of the msot dishoenst people who have ever lived, along with Preident Obama (Liar-in-Chief, and honorary 'journalists") tod you that ObamaCare did not really represent a Federal "takeover" of health care in this country?  Forget it.  The whole PORPAGANDA "pont" of the abo ve cited PROPAGANDA article (nther purpose except pure, unaldurated proopaganda) is that ObamaCare affects so MANY components of ur health care system that it cannot be undone. You may remember what conservatives originally told you about ObamaCare (the reason that Romney is right, despite the fact he probably does not really believe it, when he sasy a sTATE law is very much better). The whole INTENT of ObamaCare was to create a new Federal entitlement so pervasive and extensive that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to "undo" it--even if it is destroying this country (as ObamaCare will). Were we right, or were we right.  The DISHOENST people of teh AP, and Yahoo, are not not only "admitting" we were right, but trying toUSE this as a "reason" ObamaCare should not be 'undone". .......................................................................................................................Sorry. I vowed to myself that I would stop ending up on the floor laughing/crying, in taht fetal positin, but this was too much for me....................................................................................................I can't help it...........Sob........................hahahahahahahaha.................................sob. You remember Nancy Pelosi: we won't know what is in the bill until we pass it."  Well, the despicable AP, and Yahoo, are trying to tell you that that is why we shoiuld not "undo" it, because it 'affects" so many things of which the pubic is not even aware.  Note what thedespicable AP is NOT doing:  explaining the MESSY "reipple effets" of LEAVING OBAMACARE in place. Rather,  what the PORPAGANDISTS of the AP, and Yahoo/AT&T, are trying to do is treat ObamaCare--before it even really goes into effect-as already an ENTITLEMENT.

Thus, the AP , in the first PROPAGANDA paragraph, starts off with the startling admission that employers can cover "young adults" on their parents' health coverage--if it is trly popular--WITHOUT A FEDERAL LAW.  All we would lose would be the FROCE: requring that health coverage extend to children up to age 26 (which SOMEONE has to pay for).  As the AP now admits, if that is such a "good idea", then that health coverage can be easily obtained WITHOUT A FEDERAL LAW.  Nor is it that expensive, although it is a LIE to suggest it is "free", as young people no older than 26 tend not to "use" a lot of health care (unless we make it "free", and virtually FORCE them to use it--as lpart of a campaign against "obesity", for example, or because FREE "contraception" is REQUIRED). 

I can't gell you how ANGRY this article makes me.  This is noting but propaganda, without any "redeeming social value" (again using that old standrad in the definition of pornography).  After that first paragrah, admitting that this whole "benefit" f ObamaCare of covering "children" up to age 26 is OVERBLOWN, the despicalbe AP throws in the "but": "But the parents' taxes will go up."  Who says?  Now if Obama is re-elected, taxes are GOING to go up.  And there probably is some "tax breaks" built into ObamaCare.  So what. If CONGRESS wants to keep parents' taxes from going up, they can do it.  The same is true of ALL "desirable" provisions of ObamaCare. Instead of a 2700 page bill that wil transform the entire country in ways we can't even anticipate, this is what we should hhave done in the first place:  pass INDIVIDUAL bills as oto things where we THINK we know the "ripple effecs".  Instad, Obama and the Democrats passed this MONSTER of a bil (now admitted by the AP--not admitted at the time of the health care debatte) with "ripple effects" that will DESTROY this country.

Is it really "hard" to undo ObamaCare?  Of oucrse not.  We would merely go back to the situatin that existed in 2009, when the bill wwas passed. NO NEW TAXES.  NO NEW FEEES. Just "undoing" what was done, so we sttart back at square one.  That is what I mean when I say that the despicable AP is treating AlL of ObamaCare as already an "entitlement", since it rally can't be that difficult to go back to where we were a mere two years (plus a little) ago.  The AP article DOES tell you eveerything you need to know abut "ripple effects", though (an unintended consequence because aP repo9rters are SSTUPID).  The AP article tells lyou this:  By design, if ObamaCare remains in effect until it is fully implemented, it will be effectivelyl IMPOSSIBLE to 'undo". The AP article is TELLING you that, while trying to put out propaganda to achieve that every thing BEFOREW ObamaCare really goes into effect.  In other words, no matter how much ObamaCare DAMAGES this country, if we don't STOP IT NOW, the intent is that we will NEVER be able to "undo" it.  This election is probably the LAST chance we have to STOP ObamaCare (if the Supreme Court does not do it).  That is certainly the INTENT.  The desicable AP has just told you so.

You want to know how STUPID AP reporters are?  This article was put out under a picture of the Supreme Cuort.  And the article itself, talks abut the "ripple effectgs" of the SUPREME CURT "undoing" ObamaCare.  What purpose can this have?  From all appearances, it is a LOBBYING attempt to influence the Supreme Court. However, surely the AP reportes know that the Supreme Court decision--whatever it is--is ALREADY MADE.  The only thing not yet doe is PUBISHINING THE OPININOm, and ANNOUNCING the decisin.  Taht may come as son as this MONDAY, but HAS to come in June.  The justies have ALREADY VOTED.  The opinin is ALREADY ASSIGNED.  The decision is MADE.  Sure, the Supreme Cuort, on very RARE occasions, has reversed itself at the last moment.  But it ain't ging to happen on something as high profile as ObamaCare, and certainly is not going to happen because of a PROPAGANDA AP article.  No.  I don't know WHAT the decision is.  I jsut know--as the dishoenst AP has to know--that the decisioin HAS BEEN MADE.  It is only the announcement, and the actual opininos, that have not yet occurred.  Sure, there can even be a request for "rehearing" after the decisin is announced, but such "motions for rehearing" are almsot never granted--espeically in a case where everyoine has been exposed to the argumetns for a LONG time. 

Nope.  Tis decisin is made (although the Supreme Court decisin may not tell us what will happen with all of ObamaCare, if the Supreme Court were only to"strike down" the "individual mandate").  Notice jstu how bovius the PROPAGANDA intent of the AP is.  It really is gong to be "messy" to deal with a Supreme Court decisoin that ONLY strikes down the indiviudal mandate.  Obama, Democrats and teh media will then probably try to "save" ObamaCare.  After all, Obama originally OPPOSED an 'individual mandate", in his debates with Hillary Clinton--yet he has ALWAYS faovered a Federal "takeover" of our health care system.  Thus,  Supreme Court decisin like that will leave us with even more "uncertaainty"--almost as much as leaving ObamaCare in place (upholding it entirely, and leaving its fate to the elecitn and future events, as we 'find out what is in the bill").  I HOPE, without predicting, that the Supreme Court will strike down the WHOLE BILL.  It is the only way to start clean and fresth. 

P.S.  No profreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). You people with decent eyesight shuld READ that headline I quote at the beginning a few timnes (not just onece). If you do not understand wy this AP article was PURE PROPAGANDA, then apply to work at the aP.  You are a natural. Keep reading this blog, however, so that you can find out, from time to time, what I think of you (as an AP person).  It will keep you humble to know that I think of you as one of the most dishoenst persons who ever lieved, which I have shown is true of AP reporters in my articles over a DECADE (mor extensive analysis of individual AP articles and headlines than ANY other person on this planet).  It is not for noting that He chose ME to do that futile, Sodom and Gomorrah search for an honest, competent AP reporter: a creature that does not exist. 

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