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Race in America: The Not-so-Secret Racists of the Media Incite Racial Hatred (Yahoo and AT&T Racists Go Nuclear)

Here are the headlijnes on Monday from "the" "featured" picture story that greeted me from Yahoo 'News" as I signed on usng my AT&T intenet service (the "story" being from something called "Shine", or "The Shine"-does not matter as I am perfectly willing to give the racists at Yahoo and AT&T full credit for the story):

"Are Americans secretly racist?  (headline below "featured' PICTURE (lol--as if this story had anyting to do with a PICTURE. unless you posted a picture of a RACE RIOT incited by stories like this) on Yahoo 'News"

"Are we really more racist than we think?"  (headline on the actual story).

Notice that the Yahoo "News" headline was considerably worse than the heacdline on ths story itself.  The story headline did NOT actauly say that "Americans" are 'racist".  The story heaedline merely suggested that "we" (presumably including the people behnind the story) may not be as free of "racism" as "we think".  In other words, the people of Yahoo "News" were perfectly wiling to label ALL Americans as RACIST: to push the idea that this is still a RACIST COUNTRY (notwithstanding a black Presdient, who might be facing a bllack challenger if the RACISTS of the mainstream media had not sabotaged Herman Cain--supported by this blog until the mment he withdrew--partially based on the old stereotype that you need to lock WHITE WOMEN away from those sexualy predatory black men).

Am I being "unfair" to Yahoo "News" and the mainstream media. Not at all.  The actual "tease" (:text) under the picture and headline said this:  "When it comes to politics, and President Obama, the answer seems to be "yes"

What is this horrible 'racism" that Yahoo "News" has "discovered" in America?  nI kid you not.  I could never make this stuff up.  Our mainstream media is truly composed of EVIL people--not to mention partisan political hacks--trying to incite racial hatred whenever and whereever they can.  This whole story was based on a supposed "study" of WEB SEARCHES.  Say what?  Could any responsible "news" outlet really "feature"--as a THE "featured" picture story--some sort of "analysis" of "web search data" to conclude that "Americans' are "secretly racist"?  That is exactly what was done.  This bog has documented, for almsot 10 years, the journalistic crimes of our EVIL media.  But they keep topping themselves, as each mainstream media person tries to outdo the WORST of what the last mainstream media person has done.  Again, this may have set a new LOW for mainstream media stories.  If you actually believe that some agenda-driven" "study" of WEB SEARCHES tells you anything about "racism in America", or how Americans are secretly  racist" when it comes to politics and President Obama, then yu need to apply for work at Yahoo "news", or  CNN (The Racist Network), or the desicable Associated Press.  You will fit right in.

Why is there this total OBSESSION (to the pont of being pathological0 with RACE on the part of our mainstream media?  You nkow the answer to that as well as I do.  The whole purose of a story like this is to send two PROPAGANDA messages (no matter that the story INDICTS America as a "racist country", and all Americans as racist, or that the story inciters racial hatred for no legitimate upurpose):

1.  You shuld not criticize President Obama, because your criticism of President Obama's performance as Persident surely comes out of your own RACISM (even if it may be unconscius). 

2.  (The real pont, since even the stupid peole of our media can't believe that the ply cited in 1. above will actaully have any effect on people inclined to criticize President Obama's performance)::  You have to SUPPORT Presdient Obama for electin, since otherwise you are putting yourself on the same side as the RACISTS in this country(and maybe even showing an unconscius racism on yur part).  In other words, you need to support President Obama BECAUSE he is black, since it is only that way that you can FIGHT those evil racist impulses that still exist in America.  Yep.  It is straight POLITICAL PROPAGANDA--not 'news" at all.  In what univverse is it "news" that an analysis of "ewb searches" "shows" a "secret" "racial bias'? Only in the fantasy universe of the dishoenst, partisan political hacks of our mainstream media. 

Is ti not racism to say that we should not give President Obama the rESPECT of evaluating his PERFORMANCE as President, rather than suggest that we should apply a DIFFERENT standard because he is black?   Of course this is racims. The ISSUE in this coming election (which is what this story was al abut) is the PERFORMANCE of Presdient Obama, and where he would take this country.  No, it does not matter if the view of SOME people abut that performance is influenced by his race.  As Presdient Obama himself has said (dishoenstly, I think, as he is perfectly willing to have his surrogates in the media try to assert the opposite on his behalf):  "I don't think race is an important factor.  Some people may opppose e because I am black.  However, probably jsut as many support me mainly because I am black." 

That last statement by Presdient Obama is absolutely turue, except the suggestin taht only "as many" support Presdient Obama BECAUSE he is black.  The primary racists in America are now on the left--supporters of Pesident Obama--using the DEFINITION of racism:  Fundamentally, "racism' means DEFINING people based on the color of their skin, rather than according them the respect of treating them as INDIVIDUALS as if their skin color is the same as that of everybody else. 

I have a caveat here.  Is our media really supporting President Obama, and trying to make him immune from all criticism, BECASUE he is black?  That is obviusly not quite true.  The RACISTS of our media wre perfectly willing to be UNFAIR to Herman Cain, based partly on that old racial stereotype about black men and white women.  It did not mater that Herman Cain is black.  The real point here is a little more subtle.  A LEFTIST media is perfectly willing to USE RACE as a WEAPON to try to accomplish their LEFTIST agenda. It is only criticism of LEFTIST BLACKS that is "racist".  Blacks that are "conseratrive" are "racists" themselvs, because they have put themselves on the "racist" (conservative) side of our political debate. yes, this is EVIL stuff.  But eny it if you can.  This is exactly what is going on.  Be honest,.  Did yu see ANY mainstream media articles about how "secret" racism was behind those attacks on Herman Cain?  Of ocurse not.  Th emedia, and leftists in general, are LEFTISTS FIRST.  They are so very racist that they are not only willing to use the usual leftist racism as a weapon to support their ideology, but they are perfectly willing to try to use OLD STYLE racism as a weapon against black conservativews, when it fits into their LEFTIST agenda.

This blog DISOWNED Presdient Bush in 2006.  If the maintream media thinks that I am going to "ull back" from myu criticism of President Obama because I am worried about "secret racism", then our media is operating in its own racist fantasy world.  Come to think of it, that is exaclty what our media is doing.  I hold Presdient Obama to the same standard to which I held President Obush, and that is the only NON-RACIST way to approach it.  Did SOME people oppose President Bush becaus he was so obviusly TGEXAN?  Of course they did.  So what?  Th eissue is NOT whether every voter needs to do an examination of his navel to try to figure out, and discount, every "unconscius" bias that might influence the vote of the voter.  The voter's duty is to look at the REAL ISUES, and decide who would be the best President of the United States.  The left, of course, would like to have you believe that we "must" re-elect President Obama, or 'prove' ourselves a "racist country".  That is RACIST, and OFFENSIVE to me.  But even that does nto tell you whether yo should vote AGAINST Presidetn Obama (because he has supporters like that, and MAY "secretly" feel that way himnself).  This country faces real challenges, and a real coice of how to meet those cahallenges. Does it make any sense to SELL OUT this country either because you don't like SOME of President Obama's supporters, or because you do't like SOME conservatives (say, Rush Limbaugh or ME--although I am "neutral", since I refuse to support Mitt Romney, even though I cannot support Presdient Obama). 

This is the ultimate failue of our mainstream media today.  They have totally REPUDIATED the idea of actually INFORMING peole, in favor of AGENDA.  And they are dishoenst abut it.  But these excursions into EViL are indefensible, even if ou accept the idea of my daughters that I have "to get over it, because everyone knows that CNN, Yahoo and the rest are political partisans--just accept it."  This kind of article makes it IMPOSSIBLE for us to get BEYOND RACE in this country.  This kid of article directly INCITES RACIAL HATRED,a nd sends the WRONG MESSAGE to balck peole in this country.  Should back people be obaseesssed with the idea that they face "racism" everywhere they turn, or should they be obsessed with the idea of showing their INDIVIDUAL MERIT (no matter what residual racial obstacles they may face).  To me, the answer to this questin is obvius.  My problem is that I think-forom their actinons--that the the mainstream media thinks the answer is obvius too.  However, the difference is that the mainsteream media is obsessed with the WRONG ANSWER the idea that the whole country, and especailly 'peole of color", shourd be OBSESSED with race in America, rather than attempting to get the whle country beyond race. As stated, our media has this OBSESSIN for PARTISAN POLITICAL PURPOSES.  In the process, however, they are doing their best to DESTROY "people of color" (like my tow daughters!!!!) in this country. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkkng (bad eyesight).  The next planned article will likely be entitled:  "Rush Limbaugh, Donovan McNab, quarterbakcs and Presidents:  Can We get Beyond Race inThis Country?"

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