Saturday, June 2, 2012

Uustin and a Nation of Prigs: Boycott Yahoo and AT&T (I'm beggng you)

"Skip, don't pretend you--a 65 year old  blind hermit who doesn'teven like hardly any movies, mmusic or books published since 1970--have any idea who Justin Bieber is.'

No.  I don't.   am not even sure I am spelling his name right, even though I basically read the speling right off of the Yahoo 'News" hadline (my eyesight sometimes plays tricks with letters like "i", "l" and other smaller cae letters).  Yahoo/AT&T identify him as a "pop star", which means that I doubt I agree with him on much.  Seill, one of those "featured" picture stories on my Yahoo/AT&T "weocome" page, as I logged on the internet, made me FEEL for Justin . Talk abut UNREABITY--total, objectionalbe fantasy. That sdescribes Yahoo "News" and the maainstream media making a big deal about this. We trualy have become, as I have said for a dcade or so, a NATION OF PRIGS 9and I am talking about the peole who say f--- everyother word, in their own real life, and not the Christian evangelists who may have a valid complaint about the coarseness that now permeates our culture). 

What did poor Justin DO? He wore a t-shirt that said:  "Doing Real Stuff Sucks".  I kid yuo not.  I could not make this up.  This was what Yahoo "News" FEATURED, under the premise that "fans" would NOTT LIKE his.  An this was under the heading, in the actaul article, of 'What were they thinking/".  That is my question.  WHAT, exactly, are the people of Yahoo "News' "thinking"?  The people of AT&T? The people of the media woi make a big deal out of something like this.   BOYCOTT THESE PEOPLE (not Justin).  I beg you. 

What was the Yahoo "News"/media "complaint"?  No, even these people--some of lthe worst hypocrites to ever walk thhe Earth (again not referring to Justin: may I call you "Justin", since I am defending you, even though I have never heard o fyou?)--could not think it apropriate to RIP a young guy for putting on a t-shirt upon which the word "sucks" appeas".  You now hear that word out of the mouths of 8 YEAR OLDS on family hour TV.  What could the TERRIBLE peole of Yahoo--tese INSUFFERABLE LPRIGS--possibly oject to, if it is not the word "sucks"?  Think about it, beefore I give you the answer.

Did you figure it out?  If you did, you should probably APPLY to work in the media. You are 'qualified".  The "Problem" was "RealStuff". I kid you not.  I culd never make this sutuff up.  The story, next to the PICTURE (THE featured "picture" story, remember), said someting like this:  What does a RICH teen like Justin Biever know about "real stuff"? 

Say what?  This is actuallly a CLASS WARFARE statement. You will note that this pop star is NOT takng money from the taxpayes, to get rich, like a "green" Obama compnay or a bailed out bank (or other Wal Street firm).  He MADE his money by doing something which MAKES PEOLE HAPPY (insane as I might find that thought).  Do yu have to be POOR to do have any experience with "reeal stuff"?  Of course, the ordinary detils of life (luandry, eating, etc.) are EASIER if you are "rich".  But the idea that ONLY the "poor" are REAL is son INSNE that I can't eve get my mind round. it.  Do "rich" guys have any EASIER time with their REAL relationship with women  (vicius creatures)?  I haven't noticed that.  Do not "rich" pop stars "bleed" real blood, like anyone else?  Look up Shakepeare's "Merchant of Venus, and read the famous speech of Shylock, the Jew, about how Jews are REAL people.  SOME of Justin's problems are DIFFERENT from the problems of the poor.  Some are theabout the same.  Beinng "rich" MAY help you GET women. I don't think it helps you DEAL WITH THEM.  Rich teen pop stars haeve REAL problems.  The have to do REAL stuff (sometimes more than people not so rcih, as so many people DEPEND on them/ leech off of them) . Do you remember al of thosse "child stars" whose lives have been DESTROYED by their early fame? Britney Spears?  Lindsay Lohan?  No, I don't guarantee the spelling of these names.  But I guarantee that they fave faced REAL STUFF, even if their way of dealing with it has often been INSANE. 

I am willing to put it bliuntluy;  Any "fan" of Justin's bothered by THIS t-hirt if NOT (a fan).  I will put it even more biunty:  NO ONE can be a "fan" of Yahoo "News", and the people who WRITE this kind of junk.  Thoe media people are some of the WORST PEOPLE who have ever existed on this Ealrth, closing in every day on mass murderers, serial killers, evil dictators, terrorists and the like.  These people of Yahoo OFFEND me.  Justin MAY do some things that  "offend" me. This t-shirt does not, even though he has hundreds of times the money that I ahve. 

Boycott Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Boycott AT&T (which puts its name right up there with Yahoo above everyone of these OFFESNIVE stories> 

I say again:  These people (Yahoo and our media) are PRIGS, and they are tyring to turn us into a nation of ENVIOUS, CLASS WARFARE PRINGS. 

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