Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kyra Phillips, Joe Johns and L.Z. Granderson: Some of the Worst Hypocrities and Liars to Ever Walk the Earth, on The Liar Network

What is the official CNN "position" on the controversy over "Operatin Fast and Furious", where officials of the United Stats essentially HANDED weapons to the Mexcian drug carterls--at least two of which weapons ended up near the BODY of a MURDERED border patrol agent?    In other words, what is the CNN PROPAGANDA postion, in support of Eric Holder and the Obama Administration?  (Yes, the first Orwellian Big Liew here is that CNN is a "neutral" "nes" organization, when that is flatly, objectively NOT TURE--as CNN has EARNED its official name of "The Liar Network").

This official positin of CNN--permeating ALL of its references to the subject, is lthat this is a NOTHING story being "hyped" for political reasons.  Thu;s, I saw HYPOCRITES extraordinaire Kyra Philiups and Joe Johns hold this "discusission"--repreating a discusson that Phillips said she had with Johns off air, as they coordinated the TALKING POINTS for this propaganda (this last being my accurate interpretaton of this admitted off-air "discussion"), about how the proposed "Contempt of Congress" citatin againt Attorney General Holder is ALL POLITICS. Granderson was even worse, in an article on CNN's website, as he bascially proposed that "times have changed", and that we just have "no business' POLING OUR NOSES where it does not belong (such as into the oerpation of the Justice Department and the Obama Adminstration)).  Message to Phillips, Johns and Granderson: You are HYPOCRITES, and BAD PEOPLE. Nope.  I have gone way past the idea that lyou people lhave "good intentions'.  No, you don't.  You are BAD, DISHOENST people:  nothing but partisan,.political hacks lPRFETENDING to be "journalists". 

Doubt me?  Never do that.  Remeber Alberto Gonzalez, and his successor as Attorney General under the Bush Administration?  Gonzalez was CRUCIFIED, incuding by Senator Obama and the BVAD people of CNN, because he "went along" with the "firing" of eight U.S. attorneys (which the Bush Administratin had a perfect right to do, as Bill Clinton had FIRED ALL 93 usch attorneys when he too office). POLITCAL/ Dman right it was ALL political.  But Gonzalez was essentiallly FORCED OUT OF OFFICE because dishoenst media peole like those on CNN would not let the story die. Note there was NO MURDER. There was NO CRIME.  There were not 200 people being killed by guns in Mexico that WE "let walk" into Mexico as part of a Justice Department program.  The U.S. Attorney "firing controversy" was ALL POLITICAL.  However, "times have changed".  Oh, you BAD, DISHOENT people.  Yes, "times have changed".  What has CHANGED is that OBAMA IS PRESIDENT AND HOLDER ATTORNEY GENERAL.  Grnaderson, you are one of the WORST PEOP:LE I have verr ben heard about.  Lest peole doubt me on this, Granderson called lthe DEATHS (murders) of OUR border patrol agent, and the hundreds of people in Mexico with the gunss WE LET WALk, as mere "collateral damage" not "justifying" this kind of "interference" with the jobs of officals that let this atrocity (the policy) take place.  Granderson said that Congress should not even be TRING to get to the botoom of it, because "times have changed".  Again, Granderson, anyone who would refer to "collateral damage" in this manner, and be this HYPOCRITICAL, is a BAD PERSON (another person I have NO desire to ever know, and whose hadn I would SPURN if offered to me in handshake).  Tell the family of the DEAD border patrol agent, Granderson, the HE was "collateral damage" not "justifying' "sticking ur noses" into something that is "not our business".  As yu can see, I am again worrying that I am HOLDING BACK my real feelings here, and not adequately expressing my CONTEMPT for Phillips, Johns and Granderson (not to mentin ALL of CNN).

If lyou remember that ridiculous POLITICAL "fight' over the firing of thiose U.S. attonreys, the MEDIA kept demanding EVERy EMAIL, and every other doucment having anything to do with it. Democrats in Congrss were much more aggressive than the GOP in the "Fast and Furious" matter, and they were fully supported by CNN.  CNN dismissed the idea, then that it was ALL about POLITICS.  yet, again, noe one DIED then, and there was NO CRIME by anyone. 

Still doubt me?  Remember Valier Plame--another NON-SCANDAL about the mere "naming" of a CIA EMPLOYEEE (with NO effect on any actual US. operation, o creating any danger to CIA covert operatives).  Contrast that with the OBAMA ADMINSTRATIN LEAKS, which have turly ENDANGERED NATINAL SECURITY.  Again, it lturned out that NO CRIME occurred.  Yet, CNN HOUNDED Karl Romve., A "special prosecutor" waas appointed. Again, EVErY email was demanded. Indeed, the MEDIA even ABANDONED its idea that "leaks" are FINE, because they provide the peole with what they "need to know", all in the intereest of GETTING KARL ROVE.  How can you even BE this much of a hypocirte and live with yourself?  I odn't know.  You have to ask the people of CNN, an the mainstream media, tat.  All "politics"?  Of coure it was, and even Thje Washington Post eventually called it a MANUFACTURED "scandal", whcih was never important.  But the media did not talk about being "nosy", or letting peole do their jobs.  They did not talk about the "evils' of "interfering" with internal developmnet of policy.  They did not talk about POLITICS.   President Bush, and Karl Rove, were expected to PRODUCE EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT, and endure a full criminal investigatin by a lspecial prosecutor.  The "result'?  NO CRIME HADF BEEN COMMITTED (other than the "crime" being committed by ERIC HOLDER and many others in the Obama Administratin: "obsturctin of justice" in "lying" to the special prosecutor who should never have been apointed). 

Now the above examples of MEDIA and DEMOCRAT POLITICAL WITHCH HUNTS were obviusly POLITICAL.  "Politics", of course, affects everything that happens in Washington.  But in the case of "Fast and Furius", PEOLE DIED (and, really, are still dying) because of weapons WE GAVE (by the program) to the drug cartels n Mexico.  You can oviusly artgue taht this shuld not be a "fishong exxpediton" to attack the Obama Adminstratin rather than seek the "truth" in a rasonable way.  But CNN did not accept that "argument" in the MORE OBVIUSLY POLITICAL witch hunts of the Democrats in the Bush Administratin.  Again, in this case PEOLE HAVE DIED.  That can hardly be "all politics", or even mainly politics. 

That did not stop Kyra Phillips and Joe Johns.  Thes BAD PEOPLE--dishonest to their very core--"discussed" how EVERYONE realizes lhis is basically all political. Philiops and Johns dismissed the entire thing as being ONLY a matter of politics, as the SHILLS for the Obama Adminsitratin that they are.  No.  Phillips and Johns did NOT even use the usual excuse that 'Democrats" assert that this is "political".  Rather, they tried to say that there is not even any queeion abut it.  This goes beyond mere "bias".  This is the kind of thing you do if you are one of the wrost hypocrites and liars to ever exist on this Earth, and that is my ACCURATE description of Phillips and Jons. 

Oh. This is not the first time you have heard about Kyra Phillips, and I think even Joe Hons, on tis blog.  This is not an isolated incident for these peole, or for CNN.  It is actually the way they usually ooperate.  BAD PEOLE.  DISHOENST PEOPLE.  HYPOCRITES. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  CNN tried to IGNORE the controverrsy over "Fast and Furious", which has really been gong on all of this year.  Wehn they finallly could not continue to IGNORE it, they are trying to DISMISS it as "mere politics".  Truly, this is The Liar Network, and it si comopaosed of some of the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four.   These peole are worthy only of contempt, and that is what I give them. 

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