Saturday, June 9, 2012

Obama, His Own Oxymoron: "Doing Fine"; "Not Doing Fine" ("It's Good"; "it's Bad")

Did yu know that you can say an "oxymoron" with a single word?  An oxymoron, you will recall, is usually a PHRASE that is internally contradictory (like 'military intelligence", or "media intelligence"). However, Obama has shown that ONE WORD can be an oxymoron (internally contradictory):  OBAMA. 

I really loved Drudge's banner headlines yesterday. Sometimes Drudge misfires (, but his headlines can be really clever.  Yesterday, Drudge featured the banner headline in the morning, under Obama's picture: "Doing Fine" (or words to that effect).  Then in the late afternoon  Drudge featured the headline, again under Obama's picture:  "It's Bad". Priceless.  The only thing that changed, of course, was Obama's WRODS. 

Obama's words were actaully direct contradictins yesterday.  I kid yo not.  First, Obama said that our "private sectro" economy is "doing fine".  Then, after criticism, President Obama said that:  "The economy is not doing fine.".  In the morning, in fact, Obama had said that the private ecomy was doing "fine" TWICE.  You can see how "Obama' is a one-word oxymoron.  But this does NOT set a new record for Obama on the oxymoron front. Obama has often contradicted himself WITHIN A PARAGRAPH.  I have often mentined the Obama (Stte of teh Unin speech if I remember the ocasion correctly) applause line: NO MORE BAILOUTS. This ws given as Obama was PRAISING himself for previus bailouts, and giving every indicatin he would do the same thing agan--if given tghe opportunity (as,indeed, he and Bernanke have esssentially done, and will do if they can get away with it). 

Try to avoid whilash.  That is the real message of the Drudge headlines. "It's Good."  No, 'it's bad". "I am proud of my bailouts.'  "no more bailouts".  "We have to live within our means, like ordinary families".  "We can't cut back on spending now" (no matter what "ordinary families" have to do). "Obama": an oxymoron.  "We have to give terrorist murderers full civilian trials in the United States, to show the world how we live by our principles."  "Give me that KILL LIST:  I want to add some names of people to be killed without any trila at all.".  I could go on, but you get the idea.  "Obama" IS an oxymoron:  a word that itself stands for internally contradictory things. 

Oh.  The present Drudge banner headline is:  "Obama is watching you."  The linked story is from the LEFT WING Politico, which GRAGS abut how the Obama" team" hs this extensive DATABASE on almost every American, which gives Obama an "advantage" in the coming electin.  If yoiu can stand it, let your imaginatin consider what Politico, and the rest of teh mainstream media, would have said abut a BUSH database this extensive. 

That raises the questin: Does Obama have a FILE on The Maverick Coonservative?  I would be disappointed if he does not.  I will say that I think yu will now when and if this blog were considered a "real" threat to Obama.  uddenly, you will see MAY comments (instead of just a few) talking abut how my "spelling' is so bad, and my articles so garbled, that no one could possibly beieve a word I say (in other words, not attacking the substance, but only the form of how mmy ideas are presented). I am disapppointed that I do not get enough of these desparaging "form-type" commetns to indicate that Obama and the left are paying any real attention to me.  Still, I would be disappointed in the extreme if I am not in this "extensive database".   Obama, of course, might regard me as something of a HELP to him, since I try to siphon off votes for Romney ON THE RIGHT.  Nope.  I still do not support Romney,k even as I know what a disaster Obama is, and I nver will support Romney (or Obama). A help to Obama? Maybe.  So be it.  Yuo have to be honest to yourself.   But if I am a "help" to Obama, I think Obama should do something to PROMOTE this blog.  I will be glad to "promote' any SUPPORT Obama would like to give this blog.   The more people on the right who read this blog, the more who may "advice" on refusing to support Romney may influence.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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