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Barack "World" Obama and Race: Stuck in the Past

"I personally would want to see our tragic history, or the tragic elements of our history, acknowledged," the Democratic presidential hopeful said.

"I consistently believe that when it comes to whether it's Native Americans or African-American issues or reparations, the most important thing for the U.S. government to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds."

Obama said the above to a meeting of "minority" journalists, to a "warm" reception.  Have you noticed that Obama tells each group what he thinks they want to hear, and then virtually denies saying it ("I meant..") if he is quoted to his face?
Let us go to the Hawaiian Star Bulletin coverage of the above speech.  Why?  Because my younger daughter (the one taking the New York bar exam as this is written)  went to the University of Hawaii, and the left wing loons there have some relevance to the above, as indicated by what the Honolulu Star Bulletin had to say.
Yes, almost at the beginning of its article on the above Obama speech, BEFORE even quoting the above, the Honolulu Star Bulletin brought up something called the "Native Hawaiian Recognition Act" dratted by, and being pushed in Congress by, a Democratic Senator from Hawaii.  The Star Bulletin noted that Obama had told "local reporters" that he FAVORED the Act. 
You might well ask what is going on here, if your daughter did not attend the University of Hawaii.  There is actually a movement in Hawaii to SECEDE from the United States (first expelling people who are not "native Hawaiians, or at least giving them no power)--returning Hawaii to the old government (monarchy) that existed before the United States annexed the Hawaiian Islands.  Now Hawaii VOTED to become a state in the late 1950's, but I have told you before that leftists do NOT believe in democracy.  Make no mistake about it:  these kooks are hard core leftists selling the idea that America is an evil country destroying the native Hawaiian culture.  A good number of these people are RACIST.
Do you think I am exaggerating here?  You FOOL you!  One of my daughter's professors in college brought in one of these nuts in the Hawaiian independence movement to speak to the class, with a POSITIVE endorsement from the professor.  These are first class kooks, as even my daughter recognized (remember, she is a pretty leftist feminist, and NOT a disciple of mine), and they have the ear of leftist academic and political kooks in Hawaii.  
Question:  If Hawaii becomes independent does Barack "World" Obama become a non-citizen?  Lest you forget, he was born in Hawaii.  I digress.
No, I am sure that the Native Hawaiian Recognition Act does NOT grant independence to Hawaii.  Abraham Lincoln fought a war over that, and the majority of the people in Hawaii want no such thing.  However, it is a major LEFTIST GUILT CAUSE to make up for the destruction "we" have caused to the native Hawaiian culture, to the point that the Honolulu Star Bulletin felt it necessary to point out that Obama had not listed native Hawaiians as part of the oppressed "people of color" that we are ALL supposed to feel real bad about--whether we individually oppressed anyone or not and whether any individual "of color" was actually "oppressed".  This is "group rights" run amok and out of control.
Note that Obama virtually endorsed the RIDICULOUS idea of "reparations", and said that it was not enough for the U.S. government to "offer words", but that it needed to offer DEEDS.  Like most of what Obama says, note that no one has any idea what that MENAS.  WHAT "deeds".
Under all circumstances, the words of Obama are NOT the words of a "post-racial" candidate. They are the words of a candidate STUCK IN THE PAST on race, and who is willing to buy into the idea that the whole country needs to wear a hair shirt, and live in a monk cell for a few decades to ATONE for "our" past sins.
The problem, of course, is that they are not OUR past "sins".  As I have said before, should the ancestors of those men who DIED in the Civil War to end slavery have to pay reparation?  Should ONE HALF of Barack Obama have to pay reparations to the other half?  There is NO SUCH THING as idenfitifiable racial or ethnic groups in this country.  Are people that never discriminated against anyone supposed to pay "reparations" to people (individuals in the "racial" group) who have never been discriminated against?  What about all of the WELFARE that has been paid all of these years to SOME members of these oppressed minorites.
Dirty little secret:  the U.S. Government is ALL OF US.  The U.S. Government does NOT "pay" money.  WE, through the vehicle of the U.S. Government, pay money.  Should Mexican-Americans (and many others) who were not even IN this country when the most serious oppression occurred be required to pay "reparations" to African-Americans?  Should Mexican-Americans be entitled to receive reparations, when perhaps MOST of them did not even have ancestors in this country when most serious discrimination occurred?  Chinese (certainly discriminated against, and even treated as slaves, at one time)? Italians?  Native Hawaiians?  Native Americans?  When does the list ever end?  
It DOESN'T, once you start talking about GROUP rights, and going back in history.  What about the JEWS? 
Not the least problem here is that defining people (FALSELY) as members of racial and ethnic groups is RACIST in itself.  It is an assertion that ALL "minorities" (which may total a majority) are VICTIMS of, well, WHITE MALES.  I haven't even mentioned WOMEN, who feminists regard as virtual slaves in the past.  Are THEY to pay reparations to "other" oppressed "minorities"?  But individual WHITE EUROPEAN MALES (to use the terminology of Reverend Wright, which Obama has clearly not forgotten)  did not necessarily oppress anyone.  Certainly, their present ancestors did not.
It has been ILLEGAL in this country to LEGALLY (government action) discriminate on the basis of race since the Civil War, and the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments..  It has been illegal for ANYONE to discriminate on the basis of race (in employment, housing, or other areas) since the civil rights legislation circa 1964-5.  That is more than FORTY YEARS ago.  These are OLD grievances.  Most of the villains are DEAD, or old.  Most of the heroes are dead, or old.  Most of the VICTIMS (individual victims) are dead, or old.  ALL of the victims of slavery and transgressions against Native Americans are DEAD.  To say that you can assign MODERN "members" of the same racial groups, usually with MIXED "blood", to receive "reparations" for offenses against their ANCESTORS is absurd.  As stated, by defining people as members of racial and ethnic groups, rather than individuals, it is also RACIST. 
Nope.  As usual, Obama has no idea what he is saying.  Have "we" not "acknowledged" the past evils of racial discrimination, slavery, and the way "we" treated the Indians?  Of course we have. This whole idea is a STUNT. 
The idea is first to get an "official" apology of the U.S. GOVERNMENT for past sins, and then to USE that "apology" to EXTORT money from ALL OF US.  To the extent it is not all about money, and POWER, it really is about the "hair shirt".  The idea is that "we" are supposed to be wailing about our past sins forever and ever. 
You know what?  That is not even good for the minorities themselves, who are being HELD BACK by remaining stuck in the grievances of the past.  Plus, I (and those like me) have NO GUILT.  WE did not discriminate.  WE did not have slaves.  As I have said before, family history indicates I am 1/8 Native American.  It is likely I have SOME Indian "blood", and that almost ALL people in the U.S. are of mixed heritage.  This idea of "collective GUILT" is STUPID.  It does no one any good.  It is nothing more than an excuse for EXTORTION (the kind Jesse Jackson engaged in so well over all of these years).
Obama buys into all of this stuff because he is an extreme leftist, who would probably have been cozy with those HAWAIIAN independence LOONS if he had grown up there instead of Chicago.  Of course, as actual events showed, he became aligned/cozy with CHICAGO extreme left loons instead.  The mind se it basicaly the same, and Obama makes clear almost every day that he shares that mind set (whenever he is not deliberately trying to DECEIVE with POLITICAL speeches to non-leftist groups).   



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