Friday, July 25, 2008

Barack "Spanish" Obama: PROUD To Be a......Citizen of the World

I don't know why the media, and even supposed conservatives, keep saying Obama's speeches are so good  To me they are embarrassingly bad--at least I would be embarrassed to give them.  Yes, I am still talking about that Berlin speech that much of the media seemed to swoon over (albeit they would swoon over Obama reading the telephone book or "Mein Kampf").
Obama said that he was PROUD to be a citizen of the world in that speech.  He did NOT say he was PROUD to be an American.  No Lee Greenwood he.  Yes, after TRASHING this country (talking about torture, immigrants and imperfections in a way that emphasized ONLY the alleged faults of this country, and in fact referring to the many faults that we have instead of talking about our virtues), Obama said that he "loved America."  Now that is NOT the same as being PROUD of your country is it.   The body of the speech certainly gave no indication that Obama is PROUD of this country.  In fact, the whole point of the speech (which had no real point except to sound good) was that Americans need to think of themselves as "citizens of the world" seeking the approval of the entire world, rather than thinking of themselves as Americans.
You know what?  IT MAKES NO SENSE TO REFER TO A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD.  But then Obama never makes any sense.
The world is not a political entity.  When you say you are a "citizen of the world", are you saying you are a citizen of Iran?  of Syria?  of Zimbabwe?  of the Sudan?  of Russia?  of China?  of Cuba?  of Venezuela? of North Korea  What sense does that make.  The world is made up of various political entities--many of which are EVIL.
Yes, I well know what Obama MEANT, and it scares me.  Obama meant, and SAID in this speech, that we all need to regard it as our responsibility to remake the entire world, and tear down all walls between nations.  That is leftist, feel good stuff with no objective meaning.  I am NOT a "citizen of the world", and the United States cannot remake the entire world--in the sense of SAVING and taking care of the entire world (which is what Obama said, although I fully realize he was saying that we "all" need to work together for this.  I am sure the people of IRAN and NORTH KOREA would be amazed to know that they had any CHOICE.
Okay, let us say that we are "citizens of the world".  Say we know about a vicious dictator who is killing MASSES of his own people and threatening his neighbors (as well as the United States, although that part does not matter to a "citizen of the world").  What do you do about such an EVIL dictator committing genocide, destroying his own people, and exporting terrorism to neighbors (even paying a BOUNTY for attacks on Israel)? 
Well, we did it.  We got rid of Saddam Hussein, which was the real purpose of the Iraq War.  Isn't that what a good "citizen of the world" would do? 

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