Saturday, July 26, 2008

Native Americans and Immigration

Did you notice how Barack "Spanish" Obama TRASHED Native Americans (some of my ancestors) in Berlin.
Yep.  What else can you call it?  Obama talked about the need to break down "walls" between NATIVES and immigrants.
As we are told tie and again, who are the only true "natives" in North America?  It is the INDIANS.  Yet, Obama's comments were clearly aimed at the United States--actually one of several parts of the speech that TRASHED the United States (and those "natives").
There is no doubt that there WERE immigration problems between immigrants and Native Americans (of whom very few "pure" blood examples still exist, giving interbreeding which has produced people like me).  It is true that Native Americans did not have a "comprehensive immigration policy", when faced with all of those ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.  In fact, Native Americans could have used a much more RESTRICTIVE immigration policy.  The influx of all of those people who did not share their values doomed their way of life, as the sheer number of immigrants overwhelmed their culture (and would have, no matter how "enlightened" the immigrants tried to be). 
In his ridiculous formulation of a "wall" between natives and immigrants, was Obama trashing Native Americans or was he really calling attention to the analogy between Native Americans letting illegal immigrants overwhelm their culture, as we are in danger of doing on our Southern border?
Enough whimsy.  I am fully aware of what Obama intended to say--stupidly, as usual, unless you are a media person or leftist Democrat who thinks in the same, feel good terms instead of with real logic and reason.
Do we really have a problem with "immigrants" in this country, or in welcoming immigrants who legally enter tis country?  Not so you would notice.  Arnold Scharzenegger would not say so.  The many Cubans who fled Castro would not say so. My daughters' ancestors (on their mother's side) would not say so.  Hispanics who are here LEGALLY are evidently successful enough that MILLIONS want to come here ILLEGALLY.  Obama aside, there has NEVER been a country in the history of the world that has successfully integrated so many immigrants, after that initial problem with the original natives (the Native Americans DID, by the way, massacre the immigrants from time to time, as well as the other way around). 
That is what bothers me about Obama.  He says things that do not make sense, unless you know the code.  Yet, no one calls him on it.  Yes, there is an element of "brotherhood of man" claptrap in that Berlin sppech, and the reference to tearing down imaginary walls.  However, that is NOT the real message of this part of the speech.
Obama was talking about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.  Again, there is simply little problem with LEGAL immigrants in this country.  It is a leftist deception, and a deception of Obma's, to refer to "immigrants", when you really mean "illegal immigrants". 
Okay, you say.  So what.  We know leftists like to deceive on this issue in that particular way, but what is wrong with Obama urging compassion for illegal immigrants?
Now we get to what is most DISTURBING about this part of Obama's Berlin speech.  Was it not, without any stretch at all, a call for OPEN BORDERS--unrestricted immigration?  How else can you construe it, if you take what he SAID seriously? 
Obama called for tearing down all walls between "natives" and "immigrants" (when he clearly meant ALL immigrants, legal and illegal).  He called for "welcoming" immigrants, and for everone to be regarded as "citizens of the world".  How can you say things like that and favor ANY restrictions on immigration, except the obvious exclusion of felons (not in San Francisco--see entry this week)? 
Nope.  This seems to have gone right by people, but Obama was definitely calling for "open borders" more directly than he previously has.  Yes, I know he would say something different if any sacrilegious media person were persistent enough to make him answer the question, because the leftist Democrat entire strategy on the issue of illegal immigration is to DECEIVE.  Nevertheless, it is true that Obama is, in fact, for "open borders" (unrestricted immigration), as he stated in Berlin. 
Now this would not be a problem if we could afford unrestricted immigration.  We can't.  Despite Obama's ridiculous rhetoric about "citizens of the world", we absolutely cannot take care of the world's poor.  We cannot even take care of Mexico's poor (refugees from a failed country, in the process of being taken over by drug cartels).  I know what the Statue of Liberty says.  It doesn't matter.  We can't do it.  We would be overwhelmed, and are being overwhelmed--to a degree--like the Native Americans of old. 
There are too many poor people in the world who want to come her, and not enough of us (or space--talk about damage to the ENVIRONMENT).  It is not a matter of ethnic discrimination (I would have to discriminate against my own daughters--don't tempt me!).  It is a matter of survival.  We cannot survive a policy of unrestricted immigration, including a DECEPTIVE policy of unrestricted immigration by encouraging illegal immigration.   Sure, we can and should encourage immigrants who can contribute to our society, in reasonable numbers and with a change of that ridiculous "policy" that children born on U.S. soil are automatically American citizens, even if their parents were not even legal, permanent residents.  But before we worry too much about hat, we MUST control our borders and make it impossible/difficult for illegal immigrants to exist here (deporting them all is unnecssary--they all GOT HERE, did they not?). 
How did Barack "Spanish" Obama get his nickname?  It came from his answer to a question about illegal immigrants/immigrants not speaking/reading English.  Obama brushed the question aside with the same "citizen of the world" claptrap he spouted in Berlin.  He said that parents should not worry about immigrants (remember translation:  "illegal immigrants, although there is some RECENT problem with too many legal immigrants not learning to speak English as the sheer number of Spanish speaking immigrants, legal and illegal, explodes)--parents should not worry about immigrants learning English--THEY'LL LEARN--but should worry about their children learning SPANISH (which Obama does not speak).
It is all the same thing.  Obama simply refuses to see illegal immigration as a problem, except as a problem of "discrimination" as the unenlightened "natives" refuse to recognize us all as "citizens of the world" like Obama does.
This is one dangerous man.  It is scary to think this arrogant, unqualified man, who prefers the European view of America, might be President of the United States. 
I know.  Don't remind me.  It is scary, mainly for CONSERVTIVES, that John McCain might be President of the United States.  Conservatives may NEED Obama to win to return from the wilderness.  Problem:  Will the CONTRY survive an Obama victory?

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