Thursday, July 24, 2008

San Francisco and Illegal Immigrants: Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate Confirmed

Not that there was ever any doubt, but that San Francisco more than fully deserved Saturday's Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate award (see Saturday's entry) has again been confirmed:

"The deaths immediately drew public outrage, which intensified when authorities revealed that Ramos, 21, is an illegal immigrant who managed to avoid deportation despite previous brushes with the law.

The case has put San Francisco's liberal politics to the test, setting off a debate over its sanctuary law that shields undocumented immigrants from deportation."

The above AP story is now linked on Drudge (although not, as far as I can tell, featured on AOL--AOL generally mainly featuring stories advancing a LEFTIST agenda).  It is about an illegal immigrant who got stuck in traffic, and pulled out an AK-47 and killed a man and his two sons, even though he had been in trouble with the law before and would long ago have been deported in any RATIONAL city (which would have reported him to immigration authorities).  Not, of course, in San Francisco.  San Francisco is dominated by IRRATIONAL leftists who DECEIVE routinely on the question of illegal immigration (note the deceptive "undocumented" in the AP{ story, as if the problem was merely one of losing documents, or picking up the appropriate documents from a clerk).

The may of San Francisco, of course, has assured illegal immigrants that they are welcome, and safe, in San Francisco--with the leftist dominated city even passing a LAW that makes it a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

There is already speculation about whether the city can be SUED by relatives of the DEAD MEN (leftists ROUTINELY have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, although they don't seem to realize it).  That lawsuit is somewhat questionable, because of the doctrine of government immunity (a doctrine that leftists tend not to like except when they hide behind it).

What there is no doubt about is that illegal immigrants are MUCH more welcome in San Francisco than the U.S. military.  The city has tried to EXCLUDE the U.S. military (while trashing it), at the same time it welcomes illegal immigrants.

Q.E.D.   San Francisco deserved "the Finger".  It probably even deserves to win it again, if not for the reluctance of "the Finger" to stay pointed at the same deserving target for two consecutive weeks.

P.S.  Not to worry.  Barack "Spanish" Obama (see last week's entry for explanation oft he nickname) says "they'll learn" (referring to illegal immigrants--only slightly out of context:   see those entries last week again).  Obama suggests that you worry about your children learning Spanish, rather than about illegal immigrants fitting in here.

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