Monday, July 28, 2008

World B. Free, Barack "Spanish" Obama, and Barack "World" Obama

If you read this blog, you know that Barack Obama has earned the nickname of "Spanish" Obama.  That nickname was earned when Obama answered a question from a person concerned about illegal immigrants/immigrants not speaking English by saying:  "Parents should not worry as much about immigrants learning English--they'll learn--as they should about their (the parents') children learning SPANISH."  (Entire, Exact quote is in entry noting Obama's new, earned nickname).

But is "Spanish" Obama an adequate anymore, now that Obama belongs to the WORLD (see last week's entries)?  I don't think so.
Obama went to Berlin and called himself a "citizen of the world"--telling the "people of the World":  "This is our moment.  This is our time"  (This was the same meaningless stuff that Obama had previously told the "people of America").  If Obama is going to become the Messiah for the WORLD, and not just America, to the point of going to Berlin to talk about our faults and how we need to tear down all barriers excluding other "citizens of the world" from the U.S. (barriers between "natives"--those savage Native Americans--and immigrants), how can "Spanish" possibly be adequate as a nickname for Obama?  That nickname might have been adequate when Obama was only telling people IN AMERICA that they needed to "unite" with illegal immigrants by learning Spanish, but not when he is telling the whole WORLD that Obama can tell them how to live together as one, united people.  While the "Spanish" comment was consistent with the later transition by Obama to become a "citizen of the world"--even though Obama himself does not seem to speak a foreign language.   After all, what Obama's "Spanish" comment really was meant to say is that Americans were not sufficiently OPEN to the world (languages, "open borders" and all the rest).  But once the transition is fully made, and Obama is full fledged Savior of the world, the transitional nickname is just no longer adequate.
Obama has EARNED the new nickname, recognizing that Obama now belongs to the WORLD, as is now Savior of the entire WORLD:  Barack "World" Obmaa.  That is the nickname that this blog will not apply to "citizen of the world" Obama.
Now I have to make apologies to "World B. Free" (Lloyd B. Free).  "World" Free was a pretty darn good NBA player.  At times, he was an "unconscious" scorer with unlimited range.  I don't quite know where he got the nickname "World".  I suspect it is a cute play on his name, and it also suggests "all world".  Now my limited knowledge of World B. Free is that he was not especially humble.   Few prolific scorers are.  You have to have a certain arrogance to believe you can score 50 points a game, and go out and shoot to make it happen. 
Nevertheless, World B Free could NEVER have been as arrogant as Barack "World" Obama.  I would further guess that World B. Free would never have gone to Berlin for the apparent purpose of "talking trash" about America.  I imagine World B. Free was capable of talking trash in the NBA.  I don't know enough about him to know whether he ever did the same about his country, but I really doubt he would go overseas and do it (ven if he supports Obama).  In any event, I certainly don't mean to diminish World B. Free by assigning the same nickname to Barack "World" Obama--meaning it sarcastically.
Is there a danger that Obama supporters could ADOPT this nickname--construing it to mean "all world"?  I guess so, but I think people willing to believe that are beyond help anyway. 
Anyone who thinks that it is a desirable thing for Americas to regard themselves as "citizens of the world", rather than Americans, has a brain made of mush.  So there reaction to the nickname matters not.  Others will take the nickname in the spirit it is meant--as a sarcastic commentary on the willingness of Barack "World" Obama to consider being a "citizen of the world" as superior to being a citizen of the United States.
In reality, of course there is no such thing as a "citizen of the world".  In fact, the very concept is the essence of leftism:  a "feel good" phrase with NO meaning beyond the ridiculous, and even dangerous.
With apologies to World B. Free, all hail to Barack "World" Obama, as he shall forever after be known to this blog.

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