Thursday, July 24, 2008

Soy: Darwinism at Work

Does this explain why leftists want an endless supply of NEW "poor" people by means of illegal immigration (or opening the border so that there is no such thing as "illegal" immigration)?

Do leftists realize that DARWIN may spell their doom.

Darwinism is somewhhat inaccurately sescribed as "survival of the tittest".  It is more accurately described as "natural selection", where certain genes are selected against and others are favored, in terms of passing on the genes to living offspring.

Leftists are VOLUNTARILY selecting against themselves (I know:  this ignores that my TWO DAUGHTERS are TRAITORS to their conservative upbringing--obviously not inheriting my "conservative gene")/  Think ABORTION here, which may partly explain the decline of "feminism" (Hillary LOST). 

Well, the BBC is now reporting that a diet high in SOY cuts a male's sperm count IN HALF.  Is it not true that leftists are the ones attracted to vegetarina fads like soy?  Oh, there are exceptions.  But, as a generality, that is true.

No wonder leftists NEED illegal immigrants.  They need RECRUITS, and they are naturally selecting against themselves.

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