Saturday, July 26, 2008

Illegal Immigrants and Immigrants: The Deception Continues

"Teens Charged in Fatal Immigrant Beathing"
isn't the above a marvelous headline from the "Anti-American, Despicable Associated Press" (always use complete, official name in first reference) and the equally despicable AOL.
First, it is FALSE.  The AP would not know a factual story/headline if clubbed over the head with it. 
The victim of the beating was NOT an immigrant.  That was a LIE (typical of the DISHONEST people at the AP and AOL).  Yes, it was a deliberate lie.   See yesterday's entry about Barack "Spanish" Obama deliberately confusing immigrants and illegal immigrants.   This is NOT an accident. It is part of a long term campaign of DECEPTION by leftists (and the mainstream media--a redundany) on the issue of illegal immigration.
Yes, the victim here was NOT an "immigrant".  He was a FOREIGNER in this country illegally.
Now do "we" allow people to murder FOREIGNERS, or illegal immigrants ("illegal" meaning that they are NOT "immigrants" at all, since they have no right to stay here, but are the same, if more illegal, as a FOREIGN  tourist visiting the U.S.).  Of course we don't allow murder of foreigners here.  Hence the teens being "charged".
But why is this "news"?  It isn't. This is more ANTI-AMERICAN propaganda from the AP and AOL.  There were more than 16,000 murders in this country each year.  I see no reason at all that the murder of an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT is more worthy of "news" than the rest of those murders.  Are illegal immigrants entitled to SPECIAL protection in this country?   Don't be a silly leftist!  They are merely entitled to the SAME protection (against murder--not deportation) as any other human being in this country (including people in prison).
WHY is this non-story "news" to the AP and AOL?  The headline would tell you that, if you did not know.  This is PROPAGANDA intended to counter the stories about illegal immigrants committing murder, such as the illegal immigrant FELON who murdered a father and his two sons in San Francisco (see this week's entry). 
To show you how BAD the AP and AOOL are, this non-story about the beating death of a man who happened to be an illegal immigrant byteenage thugs has been given MORE coverage (deliberately) than the story about an illegal immigrant FELON taking advantage of a "sanctuary city" (San Francisco) to stay in this country and KILL Americans. The despicable AP and AOL are right in one sense:  they are NOT equivalent stories.  Where they are WRONG is in their anti-American , illogical view of which is the IMPORTANT national story.
Yes, this is the Obama "citizen of the world" (Is Obama a "Man Without a Country"?) attitude expressed in Berlin that we "natives" are being bad to illegal immigrants (see yesterday's entries).
This is the man who wudl be President and the "news" organizations that want you to give them credibility.  Neither has a snowball's chance in Hell (except, of course, for John McCain--as to Obama; NOTHING can save the AP and AOL).

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