Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Barack "World" Obama

If Barack "World" Obama had not already earned the nickname (with continued apologies to former NBA star "World" B. Free), he would have done so this week.

"This is the moment the world has been waiting for.  I have become a symbol of America returning to the traditions that made her great."

The aboove is an approximate quote of what Barack "World" Obama said in a meeting with Democrats in the House. 

Then came the usual "explanation" that the above quote was not as arrogant as it sound (even though it pretty much merely REPEATS the Berlin arrogant speech:  "People of the world.  This is our moment.  This is our time.").  Rather, Obama is supposed to have made clear that it is not about "him", but that he has merely become a symbol of the aspirations of the entire world looking for a Messiah--OOPS!!!  I meant looking for a symbol to express what they want.

Think about that a little bit. Is not the "explanation" MORE arrogant than the words themselves.  So Obama is a SYMBOL upon which the entire WORLD is placing their hopes.  Gee.  Americans are bad (as Obama keeps telling us; see previous entry). Best iindications are that HALF of us believe McCain is a better, and safer, vehicle for our hopes and aspirations. 

Is Obama sayimg the WORLD would be justified in rejecting the United States totally, or even RIOTING, if we rejected the SYMBOL that the whole world now believes in?  That is what the "explanation" suggests.  The more simple, straight forward interpretaion is that Obama has come to believe his own rhetoric--to believe that he really is the Messiah read to save the world, and lead us all to the Promised Land.

For a man with almost NO accomplishments, and little experience, Obama is full of himself.  Again, this blog told you FIRST that this is one DANGEROUS man, beyond being a creature of the far left.

P.S.  Let us go back to that non-visit to the troops in Germany--a visit that had been SCHEDULED.  What did Obama say in LONDON, after the first tactic of blaming it on the Pentagon fell apart?  He said that he was told that one of his CAMPAIGN ADVISORS could not go with him, because it would make the visit "too political", and that therefore he cancelled the visit (rather than the campaign advisor, for the time of the visit).  Now it is unclear whether Obama could really have thought that media and/or cameras could go with him on this visit.  He may be ARROGANT enough to have though so.  But my previous comment about cameras being more important to Obama than soldiers stands, because it is obvious he chose his CAMPAIGN over the soldiers.  It is further obvious that PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES (cameras) were what were IMPORTANT to Obama on the trip.  Again, the "explanation" hardly makes Obama look any better.  Everyone agrees that he could have visited the soldiers privately, or even with a Senate aide or two.  He was just not allowed to involve his campaign in the visit.  Did Obama, in his arrogance, merely get ANNOYED that he could not take whom he wanted?  Did he really think the media could somehow be involved?  Who knows, and who cares.  The man is all about portraying himself as the Messiah to the MEDIA, and it is hard to be "unfair" to a man enamored of himself and his own image to that degree.  Contrary to the "explanation" about the statement quoted above at the beginning of this entry, for Obama it obviously IS all about HIM.  If ever anyone deserved a sarcastic nickname, Barack "World" Obama does.

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