Monday, July 28, 2008

Charles Dickens, Reverend Wright, and Barack "World" Obama

Charles Dickens is probably the best writer who ever lived (at least in English), outside of Shakespeare.  I recently "read" (heard on tape) "Hard Times".  It is hardly Dickens' best (rating 53), because "message" consumes the characters.  Dickens always had a tendency to toward caricature, but usually made his people seem so real that the slightly larger than life characters merely added to the enjoyment of reading his novels.  In "Hard Times", the "social reformer" takes over and the characters are nothing but cartoons. They are nothing more than vehicles for conveying the message (fatal to fiction), and you never get the impression that you are reading about real people. But Dickens is still Dickens, and the WRITING--use of language--is still top drawer.  In fact, the writing makes the book worth reading, even though I think its flaws as a NOVEL are fatal.  It is a bitter, depressing book really pretty mean to its characters (including those Dickens meant to portray unfavorably.  However, in the impressive language, and individual sentences, is one that applies directly to the situation of Reverend Wright and Barack "World" Obama.
"What more could I do, even if I DID believe it".
That is the statement of bored aristocrat "Jim" to Louisa, explaining how it makes no difference whether he actually believes in the philosophy of her husband and her father, so long as he is willing to "buy" into it and ACT like he believes it.  Jim is one of those bored aristocrats who affected to be "bored" by life, and everything in it--to regard LL philosophies as meaningless in lives that are meaningless.  Thus, Jim professes to "buy" into the philosophy of others to entertain himself, on the basis that one philosophy is just as good as another, and so why not adopt the philosophy of others, so long as you "buy" into it to the extent of ACTING like it is true in all that you say and do. 
Defenders of Barack "World" Obama and Reverend Wright suggest that it is absurd to suggest that Obama believes what Reverend Wright believes.
Read that Dickens quote again.  What difference does it make what Obama believes?  Could he have done more if he DID believe in what Reverend Wright was saying?  For 20 years, Obama supported Reverend Wright with money and influence.  For those 20 years, Obamawas ACTING like he believed in the philosophy of Reverend Wright--a philosophy of HATE and racial separatism (see speech before the NAACP, and NOT just the speech the next day that finally caused Obama to disown his 20 year pastor). 
Again, could Obama have done MORE, if he DID believe in Reverend Wright's philosophy of hate?  I don't think so.
Then there are leftists in general.  I have tried to give you the same message--just not as succinctly as Dickens.  Do leftists hate this country?  I don't know--certainly not about all of them.  But could they do more if they DID hate this country?  Ir is not a matter of whether they are "patriots".  It is a matter of whether they ACT as patriots.  It is not a matter of whether they actually believe that the U.S. is the main force of evil in the world, and not Islamic extremists (or whoever else you might name)?  Could they do more if they DID believe it.  One thing this blog has done, more than any other source, for the past 4 years is SHOW you how the "Anti-American, Despicable Associated Presss" could not possibly do MORE, even if they were actual propagandists for al-Qaida and other anti-Americans in the world.
Look at the troop surge, which Obama now admits reduced violence and death MORE than he, or ANYBODY ELSE, expected--in other words, SAVED MORE LIVES.   Could Democrats have done MORE to stop the troop surge, or to undermine it?  They did the best they could, even to the point of trying to eliminate funding.  Barack "World" Obama did the best he could.  Could they have done MORE, even if they DID believe that the U.S. should LOSE in Iraq, or that violence should stay high?  Of course not.
It does not really matter what you believe, if you ACT like you believe certain things.  Dickens knew that in the 19th Century.  You should know that now. 
Caveat: It does not matter to the effect of your actions as to what you really believe.  It DOES, however, matter to your character, and to how dangerous you are.  As I have said before, who knows what Obama really believes, other than his ACTIONS, and words not intended for specific purposes in this election, indicate he is a creature of the extreme left.  That is why I regard him as so DANGEROUS.  He may be capable, like that Dickens character, of assuming ANY set of beliefs fully as convincingly as if he DID believe them. 


blondepennie02 said...

rev hagee

skip3366 said...

Reverend Hagee is by no means aanalogous.  McCain did not support him over 20 years, or even over 1 year.  McCain merely accepted his endorsement, and then overreacted (to my view) to "revelations" developed by enemies of Hagee that Hagee said some rather quirtky things about Jews (which could be construed that Dod deliberately inflicted suffering on the Jews--the whole theological point being not that clear to me, but the sermon SOUNDED bad in that part.  There was no indication that Hagee consistently preached hate ont he order of Reverend Wright.  More importantly, McCain was NPOT a part of Hagee's church, and did NOT support him over a period of years.  McCain simply accept the endorsement of a "leading" evangelical preacher who has said a few questionable things.  You are not being intellectually honest if you consider that the same thing as Obama's long relationship with Reverend Wright.