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CNN and AP: Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate Points at YOU!

The coveted/dreaded Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate never wavered this week, once it came to rest on Monday pointing firmly at the RACISTS at the "Anti-American, Despicable Associated Press" (multiple "winner" of "the Finger") and CNN.  There was never any doubt after my Boston lawyer daughter called the attention of teh spinning "Finger" to the following quote from a featured article from the AP.  The article containted the following statement:
"The arid landscape around El Paso, and the dark-skinned Hispanic
population, reminded him of Iraq."
Kenda called the above "the most racist statement I have ever seen".  I won't go that far, but it is bad.  As I have said, the AP and CNN might as well have used the term "darkies", even though Hispanics are generally Caucasians. 
You know that all "dark skinned" people look alike, don't you?  Well, the AP and CNN evidently think so  I don't.  As I said in Tuesday's blog entry, repeated below, my experience is that Hispanics and Iraqis look very little alike--not to mention that El Paso looks pretty much like most Western American cities rather than like Iraq (even the Spanish--not Arabic--you hear is pretty much common now in American cities).
Yes, in most weeks there would have been stiff competition.  See yesterday's entries on the absolutely amazing statements of Barack "Spanish" Obama in Berlin.  Not only is Barack Obama a "citzen of the world" rather than an American (a "Man Without a Country"?), but as a "citizen of the world" he pretty much said there should be no borders--at least no barriers keeping out immigrants.  He was pretty clearly referring to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in the U.S.--putting him firmly in the "open borders" camp.  Obama evidently regards citizens of the U.S. and Mexico as all "citizens of the world", rather than of their respective countries.
Yes, Obama would have won in most weeks.  But, after all, it isn't like we had any doubt about where he stood on this--albeit the Berlin speech was almost a parody of leftist "internationalism", and of the desire of the effete, elite snobs in the U.S. to be "European".   How this man could even have been nominated--much less elected--remains a mystery. 
But "the Finger" remained unimpressed byObama--having obviously seen too much of him. 
The media overkill on Obama was also worthy of "the Finger", but also old "news".
In case you have been living under a rock, and not aware of it, "the Finger" is a statuette of an INDEX finger standing for conspicuous stupidity/evil in the past week. It is an unauthorized reincarnation of the old "Laugh In" award. 
Award ceremony:
As usual, you need to visualize (visual aid and not implying endorsement) Dick Martin presenting the award on "Laugh In" by presenting the statuette directly to the camera.
Imagine (you do have an imagination, right?) Dick Martin THRUSTING "the Finger" at the camera and saying:  "CNN and the Associated Press, this award is for YOU.  You DESERVE it.  No one else could have shown their racism in such a talented way."
Here is Tuesday's entry repeated, explaining the context of the "winning" statement: 
Racists:  CNN and the Associated Press

I have said it before, and they keep proving it:  The majority (obviously not all) of the racists in this country are leftists, including the mainstream media.
My attention was called to this latest example by my older daughter, Kenda (official, if rare, blog cartoonist and BOSTONIAN leftist of the mild sort herself).  She called this "the most racist statement I have ever seen."  I would not go that far, although it is pretty bad.
I need to explain the background.  This was an article on, but it is from the "Anti-American, Despicable Associated Press" (always use complete, official name in first reference).  The article was meant to be an anti-military article along the lines of those multiple attempts by the AP and rest of the mainstream media to suggest that most of our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are committing suicide and/or suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (which, as a former personal injury lawyer, I can tell you is a pretty subjective diagnosis which is hardly unique to soldiers, but can be caused by simple automobile accidents).
The article was a LONG article about this medic featured in a famous picture from Iraq helping people in Iraq.  You should understand WHY "anti-American is part of the official name of the AP.  The original picture (way back at beginning of the Iraq War) was supposed to reflect the BEST of America--in Iraq for a noble cause (removing Saddam Hussein, which WAS a noble cause) and HELPING people. The whole purpose of this CNN/AP article was to TRASH that image, as the mainstream media has been trying to do ever since Vietnam (now 40 years ago, although the AP EARNED its official name by bringing up, to trash the U.S., a South Korean machine gunning of prisoners FIFTY plus years ago).
It turns out that this medic has had a lot of problems.  He has been rushed to the hospital recently for "sniffing" or "huffing" substances.  The AP, of course, traces it all to Iraq, and the "demons" that have occupied this man's mind since Iraq (demons that the AP--see quote below AFTER racist quote--clearly wants to say were placed in the man's mind by the U.S. military, and which the U.S. military was responsible for exorcising).  The man has had emotional problems since returning from Iraq (translation:  The man was probably emotionally disturbed BEFORE going to Iraq, although there is no doubt men can crack under the stress of war, as under the stress of life). 
Is it ONLY soldiers who have emotional problems and substance abuse problems ("demons").  Of course not.  That would be news to Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and half of Hollywood.  It is NOT a soldier who went berserk at Virginia Tech, although it was an ex-marine who was the "Texas Tower" shooter at the University of Texas a few years before I was at law school there.  Unfortunately for the mainstream media, however, he was NEITHER a traumatized Vietnam War soldier nor a time traveling veteran of Iraq.
Of course, Barack Obama intends to traumatize MORE of our soldiers by sending them to Afghanistan--a place MORE inhospitable to foreigners than Iraq.  In fact, I think the AP is perfectly willing to trash the Afghanistan War, and certainly the military in Afghanistan (see archives of this blog).  It is a dirty little secret that the far left does not like the War in Afghanistan any more than the War in Iraq.  They simply regard ti as useful, as does Barack Obama, to attack the Bush Administration and Republicans ("why have you not concentrated on the "real" war in Afghanistan?")
The above background IS relevant.  The left, and the mainstream media, are RACIST because they--much more than, say, rednecks--insist on treating people as part of GROUPS, instead of individuals.  How do they justify it in their own minds?  How do they justify this LABELING of people based on their race?  Easy.  For leftists, it is justified by their INTENTIONS.  Their intentions are always good, even if they say things that are RACIST.  Thus, Jesse Jackson and Reverend Wright have good intentions (generally), and therefore their outrageous conduct can be excused.  It is the same with the racist/geographically bigoted statement in the AP story.  The INTENTION is good:  to TRASH the U.S. military and the Iraq War.  Therefore, they don't even notice the RACIST statement.  Leftists want everyone to be wards of the government, and want everyone to be part of a "victim" group taken care of by the government--even as they trash the government for not being capable of solving everyone's problems (as it never will be).  Racism, of the leftist kind, is actually a necessary part of this "identity politics" aimed at getting people to regard themselves as part of a victim group to be taken care of by leftists.  That explains how you get racist statements like this one:
"The arid landscape around El Paso, and the dark-skinned Hispanic
population, reminded him of Iraq."
The above is the attempt by the AP and CNN to explain why this soldier/medic had difficulty in El Paso, where he was evidently sent by the military after Iraq (although he is out of the military now).  Horse manure.  RACIST horse manure. 
Why not just use the term "darkies"?    "Dark skinned Hispanic population" indeed!!!
You have to realize that my daughter, Kenda, was born in El Paso, and spent the first 18 years of her life here.  She is 50% Mexican-American, with some Native American "blood" on my side (even though I have blue eyes and was born with blonde hair that gradually darkened to light/medium brown, before becoming white).  In other words, Kenda is just as much Hispanic as Barack "Spanish" Obama (see last week's explanation of nickname) is African-American.  Does "Spanish" know that the mainstream media--at least CNN and the AP wire to most mainstream media outlets--is LABELING people this way?  Someone should ask him this kind of question. 
It goes without saying that my "Hispanic" daughter looks like a CALIFORNIA GIRL.  My other daughter is darker, except when she dyes her hair blonde, but still is never taken for Hispanic outside of El Paso.   Further, Hispanics are generally CAUCASIAN ("white", with usually some mixed Indian--American kind--"blood").   My ex-wife, for example (100% Mexican-American) has WHITER skin than I do (although not the "pink white" of the typical Aryan "master race" type that is surely one category recognized by the racist AP and CNN;  my mouthy younger daughter--"border girl" that she is--offended a co-worker of Kenda by referring to the blonde haired, blue eyed guy as an "Aryan").   Italians, and many other non-Aryan Europeans, have skin just as "dark" as Hispanics. 
I have not been to Iraq, but my son-in-law was there as a marine.  He has been to El Paso.  While I am sure he considers it more like Iraq than, say, Seattle, I am also sure he would tell you it is nothing like Iraq.  El Paso is NOT a real desert.  It is NOT as 'arid" and hot as Tucson, Phoenix, or the California desert west.  It is true that areas around El Paso look like the Colorado prairie on which Fort Carson sits (Colorado east of the Rocky Mountains is pretty much exactly like the "arid" areas around El Paso;  I was stationed at Ft.Carson. Colorado in the army, as well as Ft. Bliss in El Paso).
There are some Arabic people in El Paso.  They don't look that much like Mexican-Americans.  Oh, some may.  But mostly they look both "lighter" and "duskier" than Mexican-Americans, with rather distinctive Arabic features.  Note that I am deliberately following in the RACIST footsteps of CNN and the AP by trying to characterize Arabs as a GROUP.  My ex-wife, on trips, was generally NOT taken for either Arab or Mexican-American, but for something more exotic (like Greek or Mediterranean). 
A RIVER runs through it.  Yes, the Rio Grande runs along the entire south side of El Paso.  There is a MOUNTAIN in the middle.  Both the Lower Valley and Upper Valley (where the Rio Grande flows) of El Paso are hardly "arid".   They are pretty green, and get MUCH more rainfall that the "official" rainfall for El Paso.  The airport, where the official rain gauge is located, was placed in one of the most "arid" areas of El Paso County.  It is true that is where Ft. Bliss is also located, but that brings up another point.
If you want to live in a "green" area in El Paso, you can.  Further, if you WANT to avoid all of those "dark skinned" people in El Paso, you pretty much can.  El Paso may be 85% Hispanic.  However, the SOLDIERS at Ft. Bliss are NOT.  If you are in the military, you can stay on post.  Further, as long as you don't go downtown (right across the bridge from Mexico), or to Wal-Mart (where I shop),  the people in the MALLS in El Paso hardly look like a mob of poor Arabs. They look pretty much like people in the malls in BOSTON.  Oh, I guess you will see more "dark skinned" people, but it hardly looks like Iraq.  It looks like the U.S.A.  So long as Barack "Spanish" Obama does not have its way, El Paso may continue to look and "feel" like the U.S.A.    As I have pointed out, the main problem in El Paso is that Spanish seems to be gradually taking over as "the" language of the city, despite "Spanish" Obama's assertion that "they'll learn" English, and that parents should worry about their children learning Spanish.   You will NOT hear Arabic in El Paso, except in very isolated places.  You WILL hear Spanish (sounds not at all like Arabic).  I would emphasize that I don't think El Paso has yet become a Spanish language equivalent of French speaking Quebec.  But if people like leftist Barack "Spanish" Obama get their way, it will.
Presently, however, you can live in El Paso and feel just like living elsewhere in the U.S.--so long as you don't have Home Depot arrange to install a water heaater, resulting in plubers who speak not a word of English.    You see just as many "dark skinned" people in the non-tourist areas of Honolulu and the ethnic areas everywhere (:not to mention African-American areas).  If it reminds you of Iraq, the problem is in YOU.
In short, I AMsaying that the CNN/AP story was a bunch of BULL.  It was a story about a man with problems that the AP and CNN tried to USE for their own AGENDA.  In the process, they exposed themselves for the leftist RACISTS and geographic bigots that they are.  Here is another direct quote from the story that tells you all you need to know about the anti-military AGENDA here: 
"This broken, frightened man had once been the embodiment of American might and compassion. If the military couldn't save him, Knapp thought, what hope was there for the thousands suffering in anonymity?"
I won't even bother to tear apart the above. If you don't see it as a ridiculous statement that illustrates where the whole article was coming from, I can't help you.  Your mind is too far gone.
P.S.  Yes, the above shows that CNN and the AP (again) are way ahead for this week's Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate.  "The Finger" (see Saturday's entry for the previous week's presentation to San Francisco) is now firmly pointing at CNN and the AP.  It will take a lot to move "the Finger" at this point.
P.S.2:  Virtually my only (no surprise to readers of this blog) woman friend I have (notorious in this blog as Sylvia), is 100% (I think) Mexican-American.  She is NOT that "dark".  She lived for almost 2 decades in the Portland and Seattle areas.  She has a (long story--don't ask) non-Hispanic last name.  No one really recognized her as Mexican -American.  Again, she was thought t be something more exotic.  Note also that the AP/CNN racist quote above is really racist as to TWO "populations" of people.  I have told you, correctly, that Iraqis and El Pasoans do not look that much alike, and that El Paso and Bagdad do not look that much alike.  However, they share a characteristic.  Both populations are mainly WHITE (Caucasian).  Arabs are WHITE.  CHRIST (for everyone but Reverend Wright) was WHITE (Semitic rather than directly Arab, although Semitic is part of Arab too).  Was Christ "dark skinned"?  It is a question that matters only to BIGOTS.  "Races", as Barack "Spanish" Obama proves, are matters of "convenient" description rather than fundamental.  That is true because the "races" BREED together.  One of the reasons we are all of the same species is that we can INTERBREED.  Basically ALL of humanity are MUTTS (good thing).


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