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CNN: Racists (Continued)

See Tuesday's entry and the upcoming Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate prsentation in this blog later today.

However, you will note that CNN has the gall to be running one of those over-the-top, hysterical series called "Black in America"--the point of which is to denigrate all of the progess made on racial discrimination in this country.  The very network that is quoting all of those statistics to show what they do not show (see my entry analyzing the AP attempt to do that very same thing with regard to blacks in the military), printed an article from the AP with the following sentence:

"The arid landscape around El Paso, and the dark-skinned Hispanic
population, reminded him of Iraq."
Yes, CNN is RACIST.  "Dark skinned" indeed!!!!  Yes, the above was in what was meant to be an anti-military, anti-American, anti-Iraq War article.  That is the point, isn't it?  Racism shows up most clearly when race is NOT specifically the issue.
Let us go to Soledad O'Brien.  She is one of the major CNN "anchors" for "Black in America."  She is also a RACIST.  Yes, I stand by that statement.
She called Reverend Wright's speech before the NAACP a "great speech."  It was no such thing.  It was a RACIST speech, as Reverend Wright tried to suggest that blacks and whites should be taught differently becaus they learn differently, using different parts of their brain (straight out of the WHITE BIGOT manual, except that Revered Wright is a BLACK BIGOT).  CNN gave an "analysis" of that disgraceful NAACP speech that was as RACIST as it gets--approving the racism of REverend Wright by hardly mentioning it.  You don't even have to get into Reverend Wright's endorsement of the DISCRETDITED idea of "Black English" (as some sort of separate language, instead of simply a variation of standard English, like SOUTHERN English) to know that he was speaking the language of bigotry. 
So what is RACIST CNN trying to do with "Black in America"?  There is no doubt.  CNN is trying to do that which will DESTROY African-Aericans more certrainly that any other thing.  CNN is trying to convince Black Aermicans, and "White" Americans (There is NO adequate definition of "black" or "white" here; Is Barack Obama "white" or "black" when he is 50% each) that Black Americans are VICTIMS ofwhite opprssion.  No wonder Soledad O'Brien chose to defend Reverend Wright just as Barack Obama was about to throw him under the bus (in the hope that people would forget Obma's 20 year support of a RACIST philosophy).  Soledad O'Brien, and CNN, believe exactly what Reverend Wright believes, and they are willing to help DESTROY the lives of African-Americans to advance that racist agenda. 
It is now more than FORTY YEARS since the passage of the Civil Rights laws that gave black Americans full, legal protection in this country.  It has been more than FIFTY YEARS since the Supreme Court gave African-Americans full protection against GOVERNMENT discrimination in this country (Brown v. Booard of Education and similar decision).  Does it really HELP black people to tell them that their lives are hopeless because statistically they are not even with "white" people?  of course it does not. 
If there are any SPECIFIC kinds of DISCRIMINATION that still need to be addressed, CNN could look at that with some pretense to value.  It does NO good to merely cry that African-Americans have it tough in this country.  "Tough" is a relative term.  Short of Marxism (in which Soledad O'Brien and CNN fully believe), the government is NOT going to be able to waive a magic wand and improve the lives of black people.  After FORTY and FIFTY YEARS of legal equality, and protection against overt, and a lot of covert, discrimination, "blacks in America" are going to have to realize that it is up to INDIVIDUALS to take advantage of the opportunities they have.
Now CNN carried a "commentary" by a black professor that shows just how deadly to individual African-Americans this "victim" propaganda is.
This professor has a brother serving LIFE for MURDER.  Now the professor admits his brother made "bad choices" (like being in drugs and a violent subculture?).  But he says that his brother is innocent, and that Black Males have little chance in today's America.  There is a case, by the way, that MALES are being disserved by our present educational system, as we cater to a FEMININIST/Chick view of the world.  But let us examine this case of black males in prison.
Are this professor, and CNN, saying that black males should not be sent to jail for life for MURDER?  Actually, despite protestations, they ARE (see below for quote). However, under what insane logic is it discrimination against black males for this professor's brother to be sent to prison for life for murder?  No one can possibly be saying that black males should not be sent to prison for MURDER, but these people ARE saying that.
Now the professor says that his brother is innnocent.  Not under the law he isn't.  He was DCONVICTED.  But say he is innocent. We can't take the professor's word for that, can we?  More importantly, it almost surely has nothing to do with incarceration of too many black males.  If the professor's brother did not do this particular killing (did he do others?), some OTHER black male likely did.  Black on black crime is MUCH more prevalent than black on "white" crime.  When you excuse black criminals, yuou merely consign law abiding African-Americans to HELL.  It is not a matter of only black males committing murder.   It is a matter that if the professor's brother was convicted of committing a murder, and did not do it, those statisics so beloved of CNN would indicate that another black male probably did it (simply because of the circumstances of the murder). In short, if the professor's brother was wrongly convicted, it is an injustice against him as an INDIVIDUAL, and not against that mythical "blacks in Amreica". 
What are juries and prosecutors supposed to do (dealing with INDIVIDUAL crimes, rather than racial GROUPS)?  Are they supposed to excuse black males from serious crimes because they are black males, and never had a chance?  For this professor, AND CNN, I think the answer to that is a clear, and stupid, affirmative.  To be blunt:  Whether the professor's scumbag brother committed murder is a case of INDIVIDUAL FACT, and shows nothing about being "black in America". 
Here, from this black professor's commentary, is the really terrible, even evil--certainly racist--philosophy behind "Black in America":
"Everett is a highly intelligent young man who made grievous errors in his life, but none that deserve the fate he presently suffers. It pains me deeply -- often, by myself, to tears -- to see him suffering so long for a crime that he didn't commit. It hurts as well to know that prisons are being built to fit the failures and struggles of other young black and brown men just like him.

I feel an obligation to raise my voice in defense of millions of young black and brown men and women who may one day follow his path. I want to warn them away from the destructive personal habits that make them vulnerable to prison.

But I must also cry out against a society that would punish them in such unforgiving fashion while extending mercy to millions more who aren't poor or black."

First, it is STUPID (I use the word advisedly, and with absolute confidence) to suggest "mercy" as a basis for a criminal justice system.  What CAUSES "disparity" in sentencing? It is failure to punish people UNIFORMLY for the acts that they do (prefereably with as LITTLE discretion in sentencing as possible).  "Mercy" is a concept with no place.  Now you can argue over the APPROPRIATE sentence for individual acts, and that we incarcerate too many people for acts that do not justify it.  But that means concentrating on the APPROPRIATE PUNISHMENT, and why acts are not deserving of prison. That is NOT what this professor does, or what leftists do.

This professor, and extreme leftists in general (like in Vermont land San Francisco) do not want ANY people to go to prison  That is one of the many reasons I favor the death penalty, especially if it were actually applied.  You can't have "bleeding hearts" crying for a "rehabilitated" MURDERER to get out of prison if he has been executed. 

As I have said before, leftists want to incarcerate people for thieir ILLNESS, and want those people released as soon as the "illness" is cured or "rehabilitation" has occurred.   This ignores that if we COULD do this (tell who has been "cured" or "rehabilitated"), we could SCREEN people in advance.  What this really means is that people are bing incarcerated for their CHARACTER, and not for what they have done.

That does not bother true leftists, like the professor above, because they fully intend to determine that EVERYONE is "cured" within a quick period of time.  After all, if they are not lcured, it is OUR FAULT. "Indeterminate" sentences are just a leftist way of trying to make sure, DECEPTIVELY, that no one spends much time in prison.

Read that statement from the professor again, and tell me where I am wrong.  Is he really arguing that "black and brown" INDIVIDUALS should suffer the INDIVIDUAL consquences of their crimes, so long as they are treated as individuals rather than part of a racist or ethnic GROUP?  Of course not.  He is a RACIST, as is CNN.  They WANT to treat people as being defined by their racial and ethnic group.  However, they also don't want ANYONE to go to prison. 
That is why "building prisons" is "fighting words" to leftists.  Yes, those leftists HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.  That is because overcrowded prisons, and bad conditions because of old construction, KILLS PEOPLE.  But leftists regularly have blood on their hands (see the mayor of San Francisco--responsible for an illegal immigrant FELON killing three people).

This same professor quoted above (go to says that drug dealing is a "nonviolent" crime.  Who says?  Is armed robbery a "nonviolent" crime because no one is killed?  NO--except to leftists and the mainstream media.  Drug dealing is one of the most violent crimes there is.  It KILLS people.  It has created a WAR in Mexico, with GUNFIGHTS right across the border from where I am typing this.  And if you have 100 pounds of cocaine in your possession, you are a DEALER (or part of the dealer network of distribution).  Yes, drug dealing ha killed more people than all of the armed robbers who ever lived.

Finally, that same professor says his brother never had a chance because there is a favoritism in society for "light skinned" "black" people over darker skinned black people.  That brings us full circle, does it not?  Yes, we are back to the RACISTS at CNN and the Associated Press essentially calling the population of El Paso (ME!!!!) "darkies".  Here is the quote again:
"The arid landscape around El Paso, and the dark-skinned Hispanic
population, reminded him of Iraq."
All "dark skinned" people look alike, right?

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