Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Autism: Leftist Kook Thinking

Continuing my policy of importing comments under AOL stories to make a point, here is an AOL comment under the "premature birth/autism" story which was the subject of my previous entry:

"There have been recent studies potentially linking autism to prenatal pesticide exposures. Do a search on google for more info. Over the past 100 years in the United States, there have been dramatic increases in the percentage of the population affected by various diseases. There has also been dramatic increases in the amount of pesticides used to grow and produce our food over the last century. The toxins in our food from pesticides are compounded when preservatives, additives, food coloring, and hundreds of other different chemicals are added to our food. at the turn of the century (around 1900) about 3 deaths out of 1000 were attributed to cancer. currently, i believe 1 out of 3 people is expected to die from cancer. scary. diet for a poisoned planet by David Steinman - great book with ALOT of information. i'm just an individual who accidentally discovered this book at the library and was shocked by the information in it (and the amount of disinformation from the government)"

Did I not tell you that autism is now a "fad" diagnosis?  Don't doubt be again.

It is SAD when diagnosis of a disease is driven by POLITICAL AGENDA, as are the "studies" about the "causes" of the disease.  The above is leftist pap.  Note that life expectancy in the United States, over that last century, went up by 30 years.

Note that this scare story (which I am convinced has its own agenda) CONFLICTS with that kook movement/leftist propaganda out there trying to link "autism" to every leftist target known to man: From vaccines (evil drug companies) to pesticides.

Has there been any increase in autism? Who knows? The DIAGNOSIS has increased, but there is little real evidence of a real increase (as distinguished from an expaned/increased diagnosis). This story indicates that there may well by logical reeasons for whatever actual increase in autism that has occurred whcih have nothing to do with leftist "causes". IF premature babies do result in increased risk of autism, then that would be at least one source of an increase in autism.

Still doubt me that there are leftist kooks (or is that a redundancy?) out there.  Well, consider this further AOL comment (maybe by the same person) AFTER my response (WARNING:  This is a SCREENING TEST as to whether you are a leftist kook; If you agree that the followming makes some good points you are AT RISH for being diagnosed as a LEFTIST):

"Well, due the connection of the food sources and importing Chinese garbage for last years, does this surprise me? Not only pet foods, poisonous aspartame, splenda, all made from by products of gasoline by Monsanto,, but, the gluten used in gravies, bullion, and fast food enhancements, MSG, Over 70% of contents of prescription drugs and vitamins are more crap from china.

Easter gifts, with candy made from China, even Hershey kisses now outsourced to China, and, the water there, some places orange black with contaminations.
What about the 6,000 people here with leperosy? And, I read where over 70% of all the birth control pills sold since 1960 are still in the water, Now, with more hormones from those viagra folks. Water cannot be purified from drugs.
Food chain, first small animals, then the human babies"




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