Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jimmy Carter and the Associated Press: Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate WINNERS

Yes, the spinning "Finger" (statuette of an INDEX finger) has stopped spinning for another week, as this blog reincarnates the old Laugh In award for conspicious stupidity (often beyond stupidity into the realm of evil) in the past week.  

Once again, the "Finger" as not stopped completely, pointing at a single target, but has ceased spinning, only to osciallate, undecided, between two worthy targets.  In fact, the "Finger" first seemed to oscillate among THREE worthy recipients, but adjustments were made to try to MAKE the "Finger" point at a singel winner.  The judges hae become concerned that the "Finger" needs to become mre decisive, rather than do this imitation of Hamlet every week.  Despite the adjustments, the "Finger" continued to osciallate between this week's two winners, unable to choose between them.  However, Planned Parenthood, worthy of the award though that evi organization is, managed to be eliminated by the final adjustments to the "Finger".   See the previous entry today as wo why the "Finger" kept TRYING to point at Planned Parenthood as a third co-winner. 

The pull of both actual co-qinners was too strong for the "Finger" to ignore.  It ended up osciallating frantically between them.

First is the Axxociated Press--another repeat winner of the coveted "Finger", and almost weekly nominee.  The bar keeps being raised, as each time there is a "winner" of the Finger, that winner receives a certain amount of immunity from the "Finger" pointing in that direction again.  But the despicable Associated Press keeps clearing the raised bar with eas.  This week, the Finger was unable to escapte the conclusvie, final proof that the Associated Press is a "news" organization totally without journalistic honor or integrity.

How many thousand good men and women joined the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marines the previous year?  We are supposed to be increasing the number of men and women in the military, to reduce the pressure on those already serving their country, and to meet the increased challenges in the world (not just Iraq, although Iraq has obviously put some pressure our military resources).  From all indications, patriotic men and women have stepped up to the challenge, and joined themilitary (despite KNOWING that they may end up in Iraq, Afghanistan, or some similar war zone).   These men and women, many of whom surely had alternatives like Pat Tillman had (if maybe not quite so dramatic), are among the best America has to offer (not the stupid, brainwashed, hopeless people portrayed by Johh Kerry and the left--including, of course, the Associated Press). You doubt me on this (oh, you really are a FOOL this time)?

Consider the reaction of the Associated Press to the story of the thousands fo men and women who voluntarily joined the military last year (a reaction in the grand traditon of those stories about "veteran" suicides and combat veteran "mental health problems"). 

For the Associated Press (and the equally despicable AOL), the story was NOT the thousands of men and women who joined the military last year to serve their country.  In fact, you had to dig deeply into the AP story to even find how many people joined the military last year, and whether it was an increase from the previous year (if you could find that information at all).  For the Associated Press, the "news" was that the number of convicted felons "jumped" from 249 to 511 in U.S. Army recruits, and from 208 to 350 in U.S. Marine recruits, "because" of the pressure on the military to recruit new soldiers.  Then there was a reference to "some" (like maybe 3 or 4) of these being convicted of violent crimes like manslaughter (Ted Kennedy was convicted of this one--at least of involuntary manslaughter) or a sex crime (for which, of course, leftist judges out there are RELEASING people with minimal sentences, with no peep from "news' organizations without honor like the AP).  Oh, the AP did not, after the hysterical headline and lead, that there are 180,000 mean and women in the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines (all of whom the Associated Press was knowingly smearing with this article).

Nope. This is NOT about whether the AP should have reported this insignificant rise in convicted felons.  You can argue that it was worth reporting, in the body of a story about the real news.  But to report this as the "important" "news' in military enlistments last year is the act of a "news" organization totally without honor an integrity--a "news" organization for which agenda trumps "journalistic" "integrity" every time   There is just no doubt as to why the Finger came to rest on the Associated Press again this week, and no doubt as to why it kept osciallating back to one other.

Jimmy Carter has a distinguished career of stupidities worthy of the Finger stopping on him.  His whole Presidency, in fact, was worthy of the Finger.  Remember those helicopters breaking down in the desert, as Carter dithered over what to do about our embassy held hostage in Iran?   Then there was the more recent event where a majority of the staff of Carter's own Careter Center protested the ANTI-ISRAEL statements in Carter's recent book (Carter has long been anti-Israel, to the point of being suspected of anti-semitism--which has not stopped him from compounding his errors and supitidities).

Well, this past week Carter met with Hamas (an anti-Israel, terorist organization).  This visit had no possible benefit, and its only effect was to give further "street cred" to the terrorist organization (and for Carter to give a further poke in the eye to Israel).  The man (Carter) is a continuing menace.

You can see the earlier entries this week for further descriptions of the stupities of this week's winnes of the coveted Finger, and why the Finger stopped on these two winners in particular.  But on to thw award ceremony:

This is a vriutal ceremony, where you need to visualize Dick Martin presenting the statuette of the Finger directly into the camera in an aggressive, thrusting motion:    "Jimmy Carter and the Associated Press, this award is for YOU;  you DESERVE it".

So they do.

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