Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cow/Human Hybrids: Scientist Monsters

Ome of the stories today, I think out of Britain, is the succesful creation of human/cow hyprbid embryoes.  This monstrous "accomplishment" was evidently intended to produce embryonic stem cells for research:

This shows two things:

1.  The U.S. is RIGHT to ban GOVERNMENT MONEY being used for embryonic stem cell research, and it is ridiculous to say that such research is stifled by the failure to get U.S. Federal money.  The FAILURE of embryonic stem cell research to provide any RESULTS is because the whole thing is OVERHYPED bull.

2.   These "scientists" are MONSTERS.  I mean that.  I am not trying to engage in hyperbole for effect.  I regard them as acutual MONSTERS.

Now do these scientists care that I regard them as MONSTERS (of the Adolf Hitler, Nazi kind--the Nazis performed experiments on human beings with a similar motivation).?

I am sure they do not.  But this is why I really wished I believed in Hell (as I have said repeatedly, I am an agnostic).   It would be worth going to Hell myself to watch these scientists suffering for all eternity.  

If anyone has any communication pipeline with these scientists (I don't consider them important enough to try to find a way to get in touch with them myself), then I would appreciate it if you would forward this entry to them.  Even if they don't care, I would like them to know my opinion:  You are MONSTERS, on a level with the most despicable monsters in history. (Jack the Ripper pales in comparison.)

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