Thursday, April 3, 2008

United Church of Christ: Discussion on Race

The United Church of Christ, the "parent" church of the Trinity Church of Christ to which Reverend Wright and Barack Obama belong, is  now calling for a month long "discussion on race".

What does this MEAN?

Does it mean that there is going to be a "conversatioin" about how HARMFUL and DIVISIVE it is to FALSELY state that white people in the U.S. Government "invented the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color?  Does it mean discussion about how DESTRUCTIVE it is, and how HARMFUL to African-Americans it is, to assert that the U.S. Government is providing drugs to black people in order to put black men in jail?  Does this mean their will be a discussion about blaming the ills of the world on "greedy white men"?  Does it mean there will be a discussion on racial/ethnic slurs against ITALIANS, and blaming Italians/white people for the crucifixion of Christ (who the "black liberation theology" of Reverend Wright would regard as a BLACK man--as if it mattered)?  How about blaming BOTH 9/11 and PEARL HARBOR--not to mention Hiroshima and Nagasaki--on the United States, presumably because we are such a long time oppressor of "people of color"? 

Somehow, I doubt it.

Maybe it means that there is going to be a discussion about how those lily white environmentalists have KILLED millions of "people of color" in Africa by their campaign against pesticides--including use of pesticides like DDT (dangers of which were OVERHYPED).  This left mosquitoes free to spread the ravages of malaria through a good part of Africa.

Or how about those same lily white environmentalists taking food out of the mouths of the poor "people of color" by this insane "global warmng" hoax, and promotiton of BIOFUELS.  One U.N. official has called this promotion of biofuels as a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.  Maybe Al Gore could look at his Nobel Prize while staring at the walls of a cell, after being convicted of being a criminal against humanity (especially "people of color")?

Oops!  I forgot.  This discussion is probably NOT about acutally HELPING African-Americans get beyond race.  It is probably intended to be about blacks as VICTIMS, forever doomed to be the dependents of white liberals pandering to both white guilt and black anger.

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