Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vice President Cheney and "Global Warming"

Vice President Cheney, at the White House correspondent's dinner last night (approximate, rather than verbatim, quote):

"Al Gore has been sore at me for not sufficiently appreciating 'global warming'.  However, I have noticed a clear warming trend.  I have recently noticed CLEAR EVIDENCE of 'global warming', or as I call it:  SPRING.  Further, it seems obvious that it is going to get WARMER before it gets colder.  And I have decided to reduce my own personal 'carbon footprint'.  From now on, when I am rushed to the hospital, it is going to be in a HYBRID ambulance."

I like the above not just because it is funny.  Too bad the Bush Administration is not taking it to heart.  Warming DOES occur as a natural phoenomenon.  So does cooling.  Further, the evidence is that the recent warming (from whatever cause) trend of the Earth has STOPPED (for a full decade),  indicating that greenhouse gases were never the cause of the warming period that occurred after 1970 (following a COOLING trend from about 1940 to appoximately 1970).

NONE of these trends applied to the United States, where the WARMEST year is still 1936, and temperatures have gone up and down, with no real trend, since the 19th Century (see the chart in Michael Crichton's "State of Fear").


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