Friday, April 25, 2008

Illegal Immigration Deception: Employer Sanctions (the DECEPTION Continues)

"The government's plan to crack down on illegal workers could cost employers more than $1 billion a year and legal workers billions in lost wages, a study commissioned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce says."

Do you see many stories by the despicable Associated Press (a "news" organization without journalistic honor) talking about the COST to business of "global warming", and other environmental, legislation?  Of course you don't.  Leftists will sometimes talk about punishing greedy employers as being the real "answer" to illegal immigration.  Don't believe a word of it.  This is all part of the deception of illegal immigration propaganda in this country.  Although leftists are perfectly willing to trash "big business" and capitalist employers (it is what they DO), leftists (of the committed kind who now run the Democratic Party, and this includes Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) do NOT really want a crackdown on employers of illegal aliens.  Leftists do not want to stop illegal immigration at all.  That is the real agenda behind this story, which on its face is supporting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (which would never get this kind of reasonably favorable press otherwise).  Note that this alleged "cost" to business merely means that business will have to pay HIGHER WAGES.  Does that not mean that leftists are BETRAYING the workers of this country with their agenda if favor of illegal immigrants?  Of course it does.  But we already know what leftists like Barack Obama think of the working men and women oof this country.  He told you in San Francisco.

 This story merely shows an unholy alliance between leftists and greedy corporate interests in the United States (exploiting illegal immigrants to keep wages down).

Of course it does.  Leftist want open borders, and NO enforcement of laws against illegal immigration.  Greedy corporate interests want that same thing.  The leftist media puts out the DECEPTIVE propaganda to support both, although the purpose is to support the leftists.

The is all about propaganda and DECEPTION   Can we afford "open borders"?  Nope.  We can't take care of Mexico's poor (or the world's poor).  Leftists, of course, think we have the RESPONSIBILITY not to be rich, while much of the world is poor (even though it is impossible for us to take care of all of the world's poor).  Then there is the drug cartel war going on along the Mexican border, threatening to spill over into this country.

It ia sll deception, all of the time, in the leftist/corporate propaganda war for open borders we can't afford.

Oh, occasionally you get honesty.  O'Reilly, for example, had a Catholic priest "explain" the Pope's apparent condemnation of enforcing our immigration laws exactly on the basis I (accuraely) set forth above:  That the United States has a RESPONSIBILITY to ALL of the world's poor, and should let into this country all who want in.   His response to the idea that it is NOT our responisibility (or capability) to solve the world's poverty problem, and that too many people want to come here:  "It IS our moral responsibility to solve poverty in the whole world, and it is only if we fail in that moral responsibility that they would rather come here than stay in their own country."

Consider that last, breathtaking, statement (I assure you it accurately reflects what this priest said, although it is not an exact quote, and accurately reflects the leftist view of illegal immigration).  

Can this country survive such a disconnect with reality?  Nope.  Not if leftists successfully implement their fantasy view of the world (that the USA is the primary force for evil in the world, which is responsible for all of the misery in the world because it is our responsibility to make sure that it does not exist).

Isn't it sad that John McCain is probably the best, rhetorically (although probably not in actual results if he is elected President) of the three serious candidtes still running for Presidnet, on the issue of illegal immigration and border security?   For that matter, is it not shameful the way that this deceptive propaganda in faovor of illegal immigration keeps spewing out without end?

The answers to the above questioins are obvious.  The solution (in other words, how we avoid disaster) is not so obvious, because illegal immigration has still not become a cutting edge voting issue in this country (despite the undercurrent of real anger out there).  Unless a LEADER can mobolize people, the illegal immigration deception--not to mention illegal immigration itself--is not going to end.  So far, the deception--the unholy alliance and deceptive propaganda I refer to above--has succeeded in preventing really effective action against illegal immigration.

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