Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ted Turner: Terrorist Patriot

Ted Turner has primarily made the news, in the past two days, for his ridiculous statements that most of the human race will die, and the rest be reduced to being CANNIBALS, unless we DO SOMETHING about "global warming--with this descent to cannabalism occurring within 30 to 40 years. (Hey!!!  Count your blessings.  He first said TEN years).

Yes, that comment was STUPID, but it was not much different from the over-the-top rhetoric of "global warming" fanatics--frothing at the mouth loons that most of them are. It was only the "cannabalism" that separates Ted Turner from the herd.  Otherwise, he is right there with the rest of them.  For example, Al Gore has said that those who do not believe that the cause of "global warming" is man are no better than people who believe the Earth is flat.  Now, there is no indication that Gore was even ASKED what he thinks about global warming (whether because o fman or not--albeit this would indicate that it was NOT) having STOPPED (see entries in this blog over the past few weeks).  Maybe lthe Earth IS flat!!!!!!  Or is it Gore that is flat.  No  I have seen him.  He is about as round as the Earth.  Not depriving himself of corbon, is he!!! I digress.

The above described comments of Ted Turener were really stupid.  And it is those comments that received the headlines, especially in mainstream media outlets like AOL.  However, Turner lmade some more DESPICABLE comments that showed what a terrible human being--not to mention American--that he is.

In that same interview, Turner GLOATED that, despite a 500 billion dollar budget, the U.S. military could not defeat insurgents in Iraq who do not even have tanks.  That is a comment MORE STUPID than the "cannabalism" comment, but WORSE in that it shows Turner's CONTEMPT for the U.S. military.  Like his former wife, "Hanoi" Jane, Turner is showing his true colors:  ROOTING for the U.S. military to LOSE in Iraq.  Too bad for him that we have actually DEFEATED the "insurgents" in Iraq  (converting many of them to our side--many of the Sunnis, that is).  Iraq's main problem now is MILITIAS under control of sectarian factions.  They may not especially like us, but their MAIN target is other Iraqis.  It gets worse.

Turner went on to say that the Iraqi insurgents killing our soldiers are PATIROTS fighting an enemy that has (wrongfully) occupied their country.   Remember Jane Fonda posing with an anti-aircraft gun in North Vietnam, applauding the effort to shoot down AMERICAN planes?

I have discuseed the leftist view of the word "patriotism" in a previous entry.  According to Alan Colmes, people like Ted Turner are "patriots" because they are standing up for what they believe is right.  It does not matter, under this view, how much you may be hurting this country or the military fighting for us.  That definition of "patriotism", of course, removes all meaning fromt he word (the intent, I think).  It is a word, as I said in my previous entry, with little objective meaning in the first place.

However, it is clear that Ted Turner IS a "patriot", even under the long established meaning--a "patriot" for al-Qaida.  Yes, Turner has allied himself with the "freedom fighters" of Iraq--those "patriots" who have killed tens of thousands of innocent people in terrorist attacks.

See the prvious entry, and what I said about Hell.  Then consider where you would really like to see Ted Turner reside for all eternity.  So help me, I may become religious again just because I WANT to believe in Hell so much.

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